Joss Stone releases her seventh album : ‘Water for Your Soul’ (2015)

Joss Stone’s ‘Water for Your Soul’ is her seventh studio album released on July 31, 2015 by Stone’D.

Track Listing : 1.Love Me (Joss Stone) – 05:06 . 2.This Ain’T Love (Joss Stone) – 04:28 . 3.Stuck On You (Joss Stone) – 04:18 . 4.Star (Joss Stone) – 05:07 . 5.Let Me Breathe (Joss Stone) – 05:15 . 6.Cut The Line (Joss Stone) – 04:06 . 7.Wake Up Stone (Damian Marley, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves) – 04:44 . 8.Way Oh (Joss Stone) – 05:49 . 9.Underworld (Joss Stone) – 04:08 . 10.Molly Town (Joss Stone) – 03:34 . 11.Sensimilla (Joss Stone) – 04:17 . 12.Harry’S Symphony (Barrington Levy, Calvin George Scott, Matthew Mcanuff, Ian Lewis) – 03:54 . 13.Clean Water (Joss Stone) – 04:30 . 14.The Answer (Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Dennis Bovell) – 04:46

Musicians : Joss Stone – Vocals . Damian Marley – Vocals On (7)

Production : Produced By Steve Greenwell, Damian Marley, Conner Reeves, Jonathan Shorten, Joss Stone

Package : Aoife Hastings – cover art

Recorded 2012–2015.

Released On July 31, 2015 By Stone’D.


Pop Crush
Here, she doesn’t seek to merge her talents with an existing concept; she forfeits her skill completely in an attempt to duplicate reggae novelty. She suffers for it, and the result is undersalted and underwhelming. […]

Paste Magazine
But it’s “The Answer,” closing the project with a dervish whirl, bowed string instruments and syncopation, that provides both the fury of the questions that plague society, as well as and the resolution of surrender as an answer. […]

Stone knows she’s led a charmed life, from small-town teenager to overnight star surrounded by music royalty — and since she’s from England, some actual royalty, too. […]


Joss Stone’s ‘Water for Your Soul’


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