Julian Lage – Arclight

Released on March 11, 2016, “Arclight” is the fourth (and first on electric guitar and in a trio format) album by Julian Lage.

Track Listing : 1.Fortune Teller – 03:03 . 2.Persian Rug (Gus Kahn, Neil Moret) – 02:23 . 3.Nocturne (Spike Hughes) – 03:19 . 4.Supera – 04:01 . 5.Stop Go Start – 03:31 . 6.Activate – 02:08 . 7.Presley – 04:12 . 8.Prospero – 03:08 . 9.I’Ll Be Seeing You (Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal)- 03:31 . 10.Harlem Blues (Wc Handy) – 03:27 . 11.Ryland – 04:02

Musicians : Julian Lage – Guitar . Scott Colley – Bass . Kenny Wollesen – Drums

Production : Produced By Jesse Harris

Recorded .

Released On March 11, 2016 By Mack Avenue Records.

Julian Lage - Arclight


It’s not as if Lage is just discovering the electric guitar; he got his first one at six years old. In incorporating it into his public repertoire, Lage expands his tonal palette using the fluid and advanced guitar diction that had always existed in his toolbox, only now it gets conveyed via the biting tone of a Tele. […]

The Free Jazz Collective
I don’t think you can find a better example of flow then in the sinuous lines of Julian Lage‘s electric guitar. A razor thin Telecaster tone slithers out of the speakers at the start of ‘Fortune Teller’ and refuses to leave thereafter […]

London Jazz News
The album finishes on the moodiest and most languid of ballads in Ryland, with Lage alone with the six strings on his Telecaster, creating the most relaxing of introductions before his band drop in behind him almost apologetically, such is the starkness of the rhythm track […]




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