Sire publish k.d. lang’s second album ‘Ingénue’ (1992)

k.d. lang’s ‘Ingénue’ is her second solo album recorded in Vancouver, Canada and released on March 17, 1992 by Sire / Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.Save Me (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 04:33 . 2.The Mind Of Love (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 03:48 . 3.Miss Chatelaine (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 03:49 . 4.Wash Me Clean (K.D. Lang) – 03:17 . 5.So It Shall Be (K.D. Lang, Greg Penny) – 04:30 . 6.Still Thrives This Love (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 03:35 . 7.Season Of Hollow Soul (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 04:58 . 8.Outside Myself (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 04:57 . 9.Tears Of Love’S Recall (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 03:49 . 10.Constant Craving (K.D. Lang, Ben Mink) – 04:37

Mark Romanek

Musicians : K.D. Lang – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Tamboura, Tambourine, Percussion, Tma . Ben Mink – Guitars, Bass, Viola, Violin, Percussion, Beatboxing . Greg Penny – Percussion, Beatboxing . Greg Leisz – Steel, Steel Guitar . Teddy Borowiecki – Keyboards, Piano, Accordion, Santur . David Piltch – Acoustic, Electric And Fretless Bass . Randall Stoll – Drums . Graham Boyle – Percussion, Tympani, Tambourine . Gary Burton – Marimba, Vibraphone . Ingrid Friesen – Pizzicato Violin . Martin Laba – Pizzicato Violin . John Friesen – Cello . Mryon Schultz – Clarinet

Package : Glen Erler – Photography . Jeri Heiden – Art Direction . Greg Ross – Design

Recorded In 1991 At Vancouver Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Released On March 17, 1992 By Sire, Warner Bros..

Video Director(s) : Mark Romanek asterisques RVM for “Constant Craving”


onethink @ RateYourMusic
She’s very sultry and I understand why her admirers go weak at the knees and wet at the loins on hearing her, but I get a little bored after a while. Her songs are pleasant enough, but I don’t find them particularly memorable. […]

The Hackskeptic’s View
“Ingenue” is without doubt the most warmly tender album of k.d lang’s career, sweetly musical, at times brutally personal, but always memorable. […]

lang’s vocal style is noticeably more subtle on Ingénue than her previous albums, but her command of her instrument is still complete, and the cooler surroundings allowed her to emotionally accomplish more with less. […]


k.d. lang’s ‘Ingénue’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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