Three years after ‘The Epic,’ Kamasi Washington delivers a second masterpiece : ‘Heaven & Earth.’ What else did you expect?

Kamasi Washington’ s ‘Heaven & Earth’ is his second (and self-produced) album, recorded with bassists Miles Mosley & Thundercat, pianist Cameron Graves, trombonist Ryan Porter, etc. and released on June 22, 2018 by Young Turks


Rolling Stone
Kamasi Washington’s New ‘Heaven and Earth’ is Another Sprawling, Style-Hopping Epic The so-called spiritual jazz of Pharoah Sanders and other late-Sixties and early-Seventies seekers remains …. […]

The Guardian
You can hear portentous anger in everything from its track titles to its astonishing opening cover of the theme from 1972 kung fu movie… […]

Consequence of Sound
Kamasi Washington Earns Every Minute of Heaven and Earth Occasionally, the energy flags on the more contemplative (but no less engaging) Heaven, and the sheer volume…. […]


Kamasi Washington – Heaven & Earth


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