Kenny Burrell records ‘Midnight Blue’ with Stanley Turrentine and Ray Barretto (1963)

Kenny Burrell‘s ‘Midnight Blue’ is an album (and one of his best-known) recorded on January 8, 1963 with Stanley Turrentine & Ray Barretto among others and released in 1963 By Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Chitlins Con Carne (Kenny Burrell) – 05:30 . 2.Mule (Kenny Burrell, Major Holley, Jr.) – 06:56 . 3.Soul Lament (Kenny Burrell) – 02:43 . 4.Midnight Blue (Kenny Burrell) – 04:02 . 5.Wavy Gravy (Kenny Burrell) – 05:47 . 6.Gee, Baby, Ain’T I Good To You (Andy Razaf, Don Redman) – 04:25 . 7.Saturday Night Blues (Kenny Burrell) – 06:16

Francis Wolff

Musicians : Kenny Burrell – Guitar . Stanley Turrentine – Tenor Saxophone . Major Holley – Bass . Billy Gene English – Drums . Ray Barretto – Conga

Reid Miles

Production : Produced By Alfred Lion Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Reid Miles asterisques RVM – Cover Design, Typography . Francis Wolff asterisques RVM – Photography . Leonard Feather – Liner Notes

Recorded On January 8, 1963 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released In 1963 By Blue Note.

(Source Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue | Midnight Blue | Kenny Burrell @ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


I know a lot of folks with vinyl copies of this record who wore out the grooves. It’s the perfect “late night, neon light flashing outside of the window, cigarette smoke swirling up into nothing” […]

Analog Planet
Listening to the opener it’s easy to imagine it influenced Carlos Santana as well. Its similarity to “Black Magic Woman” might be a coincidence, but probably not. Jimi Hendrix was a fan. Hugh Romney, who was the “Voice of Woodstock” got his nickname from the song “Wavy Gravy” found on this album […]

These guys are in the room. The pluck and frame of the guitar, the whoosh of air through the horn, the sticks on the drumkit, the skin-slaps on the conga, the sense of space between and around the players—it’s amazing. I couldn’t believe it’s not a 45. […]


Kenny Burrell records  ‘Midnight Blue’ with  Stanley Turrentine and Ray Barretto (1963)

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