Kenny Garrett releases ‘Standard of Language’ co-produced with Marcus Miller (2003)

Kenny Garrett‘s ‘Standard of Language’ is an album co-produced with Marcus Miller and released on March 11, 2003 by Warner Bros.


Kenny Garrett releases ‘Standard of Language’ co-produced with Marcus Miller (2003)

1 . What Is This Thing Called Love (2003 )

2 . Chief Blackwater

Kenny Garrett – Standard of Language

Track Listing : 1.What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter) – 07:44 . 2.Kurita Sensei (Kenny Garrett) – 04:23 . 3.Xyz (Kenny Garrett, Johnson) – 06:17 . 4.Native Tounge (Kenny Garrett) – 05:09 . 5.Chief Blackwater (Kenny Garrett) – 04:52 . 6.Doc Tone’S Short Speech (Kenny Garrett) – 05:50 . 7.Just A Second To Catch My Breath (Kenny Garrett) – 04:44 . 8.Gendai (Kenny Garrett) – 07:57 . 9.Standard Of Language I Ii Iii (Kenny Garrett) – 11:11

Musicians : Kenny Garrett – Saxophone Alto Et Soprano . Vernell Brown, Jr. – Piano . Chris ‘Daddy’ Dave – Batterie . Eric Harland – Batterie Sur Standard Of Language . Charnett Moffett – Basse

Production : Produced By Marcus Miller , Kenny Garrett Greg Calbi – Mastering . Joe Ferla – Engineer, Mixing . Ross Petersen – Assistant Engineer . Bill Schnee – Engineer . Tom Sweeney – Assistant Engineer . Aya Takemura – Assistant Engineer

Package : David Grey – Graphic Design . Keith Major – Photography . Stephen Walker – Art Direction

Recorded In 2002 – 2003.

Released On March 11, 2003 By Warner Bros.

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Kenny Garrett‘s ‘Standard of Language’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


All About Jazz
Drummer Chris Dave’s hip hop roots definitely show through on tracks like “Kurita Sensei” and “Chief Blackwater.” Both tunes would otherwise be boring Rollins-esque hard bop if not for Dave’s funk-laden timekeeping. […]

The energetic pianist Vernell Brown appears always ready with the appropriate harmonic underpinning and bassist Charnett Moffett works perfectly in synch with Dave in creating that unyielding drive. This album is destined to be among a lot of folks’ favorites this year. […]

The Guardian
But though much of the music is urgent and intense, Garrett’s melodic gifts do not desert him in the composing, and at least two-thirds of the album features typically compelling themes. […]


Kenny Garrett‘s ‘Standard of Language’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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