Giant Records publish Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s debut album : ‘Ledbetter Heights’ (1995)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s ‘Ledbetter Heights’ is his debut album (at 17 years old), released on September 19, 1995 by Giant Records.


Giant Records publish Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s debut album : ‘Ledbetter Heights’ (1995)

Track listing : 1.Born With a Broken Heart (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Danny Tate) – 05:56 . 2.Déjà Voodoo (Mark Selby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tia Sillers) – 06:09 . 3.Aberdeen (Bukka White) – 04:15 . 4.Shame, Shame, Shame (Joe Nadeau, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 06:05 . 5.One Foot on the Path (Mark Selby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 03:49 . 6.Everybody Gets the Blues (Angel Michael) – 05:58 . 7.While We Cry (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 06:17 . 8.I’m Leaving You (Commit a Crime) (Howlin’ Wolf) – 04:16 . 9.(Let Me Up) I’ve Had Enough (Joe Nadeau, Mark Selby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 02:43 . 10.Riverside (Kevin Bowe) – 03:46 . 11.What’s Goin’ Down (Joe Nadeau, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 05:30 . 12.Ledbetter Heights (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 06:11 .

Musicians : Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Guitar [Lead], Vocals . Corey Sterling – Lead Vocals . Will Ainsworth – Bass . Kevin Smith – Drums . Joe Nadeau – Guitar [Rhythm] . Jimmy Wallace – Keyboards, Percussion .

Production Produced by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, David Z. James “Left Of” Senter – Engineer . Tom Lord-Alge – Mixing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering .

Recorded 1994–1995 .

Released on September 19, 1995 by Giant Records.

(Source Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s ‘Ledbetter Heights’ | Official Site)

Many people regard this as his best release and, outside of “10 Days Out”, I would be inclined to agree. While dismissed by the critics as a young gun protege’ with lots of style but no soul, the fans took to it without issue. […]

It may still be a while before he says something original, but he plays with style, energyand dedication, which is more than enough for a debut album. […]

Al_Lien @ RateYourMusic
As much as I like Shepherd’s playing, though, it’s rather sad that this white-boy with no dues paid outsells 100s of people who’ve played the blues after having lived them. […]


Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s ‘Ledbetter Heights’


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