Kurt Elling records ‘Man in the Air’ his sixth album for Blue Note (2003)

Kurt Elling‘s ‘Man in the Air’ is his sixth album recorded on January 13 & 17, 2003 and released on July 22, 2003 By Blue Note.


Kurt Elling records ‘Man in the Air’ his sixth album for Blue Note (2003)

1 . Winelight (Poland)

2 . Time To Say Goodbye (w/ Metropole Orchestra, Arr. By Erica Seguine)

3 . Higher Vibe (w/John McLean, Tel Aviv)

Track Listing : 1.Minuano (Six-Eight) (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) – 07:53 . 2.In The Winelight (William Eaton, Paul Gladston, Kurt Elling) – 06:38 . 3.Resolution (John Coltrane, Kurt Elling) – 06:51 . 4.Time To Say Goodbye – (Joe Zawinul, Kurt Elling) – 06:43 . 5.The Uncertainty Of The Poet (Wendy Cope) – 01:09 . 6.The More I Have You (Kurt Elling) – 03:38 . 7.Man In The Air (Laurence Hobgood, Kurt Elling) – 05:32 . 8.A Secret I (Herbie Hancock, Kurt Elling) – 06:24 . 9.Higher Vibe (Courtney Pine, Kurt Elling) – 06:35 . 10.Hidden Jewel (Bobby Watson, Kurt Elling) – 05:45 . 11.Never My Love (Richard Addrisi, Donald Addrisi) – 03:40 . 12.All Is Quiet (Bob Mintzer, Kurt Elling) – 06:26

Musicians : Laurence Hobgood – Piano And Rhodes Electric Piano . Rob Amster – Double Bass . Frank Parker, Jr. – Drums, Percussion . Stefon Harris – Vibraphone . Jim Gailloreto – Soprano Saxophone . Paul Wertico – Drums On (1) . Brad Wheeler – Soprano Saxophone On (1)

Production : Produced By Kurt Elling, Laurence Hobgood . Bill Traut – Engineer . Dan Garcia – Engineer . Bill Airey Smith – Engineer . Dennis Tousana – Engineer

Recorded January 13, 2003 – January 17, 2003.

Released On July 22, 2003 By Blue Note.

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All About Jazz
Man in the Air is a solid, cohesive piece of artistry and vocal virtuosity. Not Elling’s seemingly inevitable masterpiece, but an inexorable step in that directionand one of the finest vocal CDs of the year. […]

Man in the Air highlights Elling’s skills as a lyricist, as he offers lyrics to a number of his favorite jazz compositions, many of them contemporary. There are some virtuoso performances, but there are also some remarkably gorgeous and emotionally charged lyrics to compositions by Pat Metheny, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancockand Courtney Pine […]

Let’s come right out and say it: Kurt Elling is the most influential jazz vocalist of our time. Mercurial but ever-lyrical, a serenader as well as a searcher, he represents the higher instincts and aspirations of a field crowded with every sort of throwback. […]


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