Blue Note publish ‘The Messenger,’ Kurt Elling’s second album (1997)

Kurt Elling‘s ‘The Messenger’ is his second studio album, released on April 8, 1997 by Blue Note.


Blue Note publish ‘The Messenger,’ Kurt Elling’s second album (1997)

Track Listing : 1.Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez) – 06:09 . 2.April In Paris (Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg) – 05:10 . 3.Beauty Of All Things (Kurt Elling, Laurence Hobgood) – 08:08 . 4.The Dance (Laurence Hobgood) – 01:34 . 5.Prayer For Mr. Davis (Kurt Elling, Laurence Hobgood) – 06:03 . 6.Endless (Edward Petersen) – 04:48 . 7.Tanya Jean (Donald Byrd, Kurt Elling) – 010:17 . 8.It’S Just A Thing (Laurence Hobgood, Eric Hochberg, Paul Wertico) – 04:31 . 9.Gingerbread Boy (Jimmy Heath) – 05:03 . 10.Prelude To A Kiss (Duke Ellington, Mack Gordon, Irving Mills) – 05:27 . 11.Time Of The Season (Rod Argent, Paul Atkinson, Colin Blunstone, Hugh Grundy, Chris White) – 05:53 . 12.The Messenger (Kurt Elling, Edward Petersen) – 09:03

William Claxton

Musicians : Kurt Elling – Vocals . Cassandra Wilson – Vocals On (11 -12) . Laurence Hobgood – Piano, Synthesizer . Eric Hochberg – Acoustic Bass . Rob Amster – Double Bass, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass . Edward Petersen – Tenor Saxophone . Jim Widlowski – Drums, Percussion . Paul Wertico – Drums, Percussion . Orbert Davis – Flugelhorn, Trumpet . Eddie Johnson – Tenor Saxophone

Production : Produced By Kurt Elling, Laurence Hobgood, Paul Wertico . Danny Kopelson – Engineer . Roger Heiss – Engineer, Mixing . Greg Calbi – Engineer . Ed Blalach – Assistant Engineer

Package : Kurt Elling – Art Direction . Patrick Roques – Design . Neil Tesser – Liner Notes . William Claxton asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded July 1994 – December 1996.

Released On April 8, 1997 By Blue Note.

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This is one of the most interesting jazz vocal sets to be released in 1997. Kurt Elling covers a wide range of music, continually taking chances and coming up with fresh approaches. […]

For flat-out scat, check out the roller coaster ride through ‘Ginger Bread Boy,’ a manic chase in which Elling’s cannonades are answered by furious barrages by Laurence Hobgood and drummer Paul Wertico. On the stylistic flip-side, Elling, with a gorgeous intro by veteran Chicago tenor player Eddie Johnson, waxes lyrical with a richly-embossed ‘Prelude to a Kiss.’ […]

To really enjoy this album, you have to really enjoy Elling — all of him, from his scat singing to his hipster pose. In the wrong mood he can sound insufferable but open yourself to his style and accept all its eccentricities and he can be wonderful. […]


Kurt Elling‘s ‘The Messenger’


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