‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°649

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . Aj Mitchell – Foolish

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

AJ Mitchell, born Aaron Fredrick Mitchell Jr. on May 17, 2001, is an American pop singer-songwriter. Known for the EP “Hopeful” and hits like “Used To Be,” he’s achieved over 1 billion streams. Signed to Insanity Records, he’s collaborated with artists like Steve Aoki and Frank Walker.

Used To Be (2017)

50 . Jul – Love De Toi

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Julien Mari, known as Jul, is a French rapper born January 14, 1990. He has risen to prominence in the French rap scene with his unique style, achieving significant album sales and chart success. Song featured on the album : Décennie

J’Ai Tout Su (2022)

49 . Avvy Sra & Danny – Ve Haaniyaan

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Avvy Sra, a Punjabi music artist, gained fame with “Banglow,” a 2020 hit in collaboration with Sukh-E. Known for his unique compositions, he’s also anticipated for his work with Karan Aujla on “White Brown Black.” Avvy Sra remains a significant figure in the Punjabi music industry.

Banglow (W/ Afsana Khan) (2020)

48 . Alex Sampson – The Girl Who Cried Love

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Sampson, known for “WANT YOU!” has made a mark with his EP “Blurry Vision.” His music, characterized by emotional depth and storytelling, showcases his distinct vocals and songwriting.
Music video directed by : Pokey Spears

Want You! (2023)

47 . Roody Roodboy – Anbago

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Roody Roodboy is a Haitian musician celebrated for vibrant tracks like “Anbago,” “Sorry To My Ex,” and “Dous Pou Dous.

An Kachet (2019)

46 . Muni Long – Made For Me

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Muni Long, an American singer-songwriter, initially known as Priscilla Renea, released “Jukebox” in 2009. She co-wrote hits for Rihanna and Ariana Grande. Her single “Hrs and Hrs” achieved Billboard Hot 100 success, leading to a Def Jam contract. Long’s work, including the album “Coloured,” has garnered several Grammy nominations.

Hrs & Hrs (2021)

45 . Uncle Austin – It’s Owkeeyy

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Uncle Austin, a Rwandan musician, singer, and Kiss FM presenter, is known for songs like “Slow Down.” His collaborations with Rwandan artists like Meddy enhanced his career.

Rambadada (2022)

44 . Taves – Eleyele

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Taves, a Nigerian artist discovered by BNXN fka Buju, gained recognition with a cover of “For Days.” His signing with Atlantic Records reflects his growing influence in African music, blending Nigerian soul and pop sounds.

43 . Platini P – Jirewu [J’Irais Ou’?]

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Platini P, a Rwandan artist and former Dream Boyz member, is known for songs like “Atansiyo.” His solo career, marked by signing with One Percent MGT, aims to introduce Rwandan music globally.

Atansiyo (2020)

42 . Kima – BBL

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Martinican artist Kima, born into a musical family, emerged as a prominent figure in the Antillean music scene. Debuting with “La Cour des Grands” in 2021, he collaborated with artists like Koba La D and Gazo. Co-founding Overseas label with manager Anthony and producer Dj Ken, Kima‘s music blends lyrical skill with street reality.
Music video directed by : Lucas Brunier & Joan Vandierdonck

La Cité (W/ Koba Lad) (2022)

41 . Amber Liu – Dusk Till Dawn

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Amber Liu, an American artist, gained fame with South Korean girl group f(x). She debuted solo in 2015 with “Beautiful.” Releasing songs in Korean, English, and Mandarin, Amber joined Steel Wool Entertainment in 2018 and Ryce Entertainment in China. Known for TV roles and collaborations, she’s a versatile artist in the international music scene.

Beautiful2015 ()

40 . Michael Schulte, Norma Jean Martine – If You Love Me

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

German singer-songwriter Michael Schulte, born in 1990, rose to fame through YouTube covers and The Voice of Germany in 2012. His debut album “Wide Awake” followed, and he represented Germany at Eurovision 2018, placing fourth with “You Let Me Walk Alone.”
Music video directed by : Mightkillya

Falling Apart (2017)

39 . Nonso Amadi, Tay Iwar – Pieces

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Known for self-taught songwriting and production skills, Nigerian singer-songwriter Nonso Amadi, born in 1995, blends Afro R&B, Alté, and Afropop. Starting in 2012, he rose to prominence with “Alone” EP and “Tonight.” Song featured on the album : When It Blooms

Tonight (2017)

38 . Harrison Storm – My Way Home

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Australian singer/songwriter Harrison Storm, born in 1997, is known for his soulful vocals and finger-picked guitar playing. He gained recognition with his debut EP “Sense of Home” in 2015. Storm’s music offers a calming and emotional experience, making him a beloved figure in the indie folk music scene.Song featured on the album : Wonder, Won’T You?

37 . Ai Milly – Mi Amor

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Ai Milly: Ai Milly is a Jamaican artist known for songs like “MI AMOR,” “Paul Walker,” and “Dying To Live.”
Music video directed by : Adverb Media

Not A Strength (2022)

36 . Nessa Preppy & Freetown Collective – Sha La La

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Nessa Preppy, born in Germany around 1992 or 1993, is a ragga-soca singer of mixed heritage. She moved to Trinidad at a young age and gained attention with her 2012 track “Turn Up the Sound” and collaboration with Orlando Octave on “Nobody Like You.” At 25, her latest single “Tingo” has received significant attention.
Music video directed by : Josiah Persad – Song featured on the album : Little Miss Arima

Doh Wah Love (2020)

35 . Bannet Dosanjh – Phere

Date Added : janv 13, 2024

Bannet Dosanjh: Indian singer Bannet Dosanjh, born on July 16, 1993, in Dosanjh Kalan, Jalandhar, Punjab, gained recognition as the winner of “Rising Star” in 2017. He released songs like “Serious,” “Waheguru,” “Farak Pe Geya,” and ‘tera Sath.” Bannet holds a Master of Philosophy in Music Vocal and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Music Vocal.
Music video directed by : Mayank Gupta

Serious (2019)

34 . Akwaboah – Letter To My Spouse (w/ Txt)

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Ghanaian artist Akwaboah, a vocalist and keyboardist, began his career in 2009. Known for his album “Matters of the Heart” (2018) and collaborations with Sarkodie.

33 . Mass Of Man & Eva – Wicked Ways

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Rhode Island rapper Mass of Man, born Nico DeGiacomo, is a mental health advocate. His 2018 single “Fallen Angel” addressed depression, gaining him YouTube fame. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 1, OCD, and Anxiety, he uses music for mental health advocacy.
Music video directed by : Ben Proulx

Fallen Angel (2018)

32 . Guru Randhawa, Shehnaaz Gill – Sunrise

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Indian artist Guru Randhawa, born in 1991, is known for “Patola” (2014) and “Lahore.” A significant figure in Punjabi and Bollywood music, he has collaborated with artists like Pitbull. His work in films and philanthropy has made him a global icon.
Music video directed by : Gifty

Naach Meri Rani (2020)

31 . Riize – Love 119

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Riize, a South Korean boy group under SM Entertainment, debuted in 2023 with “Get A Guitar”. Comprising Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, Anton, and previously Seunghan, they blend talent and visuals. They’re ambassadors for Musinsa and Louis Vuitton (2023).

Get A Guitar (2023)

30 . Jay-Jay Johanson – Finally

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Swedish musician Jay-Jay Johanson debuted in 1996 with “Whiskey”, blending jazzy vocals with trip-hop. His 2000 album “Poison” was successful in France, featuring soundtrack work for “La Confusion des Genres”. Johanson collaborated with The Knife in 2006 and presented “Cosmodrome”, an installation, globally. His 2019 album “Kings Cross” includes the HBO-featured track “Hear Somebody Whistle”.
Music video directed by : Renata Litvinova

Automatic Lover  (2002)

29 . Eric Bellinger – La Perla

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Eric Bellinger, an R&B artist from Los Angeles, born 1986, is known for songwriting and singing. He co-wrote hits like Usher’s “Lemme See” and won a Grammy for Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” His 2018 album “Eazy Call” and 2021’s “New Light” showcase his style, earning a Grammy nomination for Best Progressive R&B Album.

Obsession (2022)

28 . Lewis Fitzgerald – Unlovable

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Lewis Fitzgerald, a South London singer-songwriter, gained attention with a viral cover of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”. Influenced by Post Malone and Ed Sheeran, his pop-R&B style is evident in “Ashamed” and “Closure” from Sony Music UK.

Love Me (2022)

27 . Ali Gatie – I’m Sorry

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Ali Gatie, an Iraqi-Canadian pop and R&B singer born in Yemen,rose to fame with the 2019 song “It’s You” amassing over 650 million streams and achieving international chart success.

What If I Told You That I Love You (2020)

26 . Jassa Dhillon – Hasdi

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Jassa Dhillon, a Punjabi music maestro from Haryana, crafted hits like “Pyar Bolda” and “Raule”, climbing charts with “Above All”. His lyrical genius in “Talja” and acting aspirations mark him as a versatile artist in the Punjabi music scene.Song featured on the album : Bombaa

Spain (2022)

25 . Stan – Epi W Souri (w/ Bobby Last One)

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Stan is a Haitian singer

24 . Colouring – Love To You, Mate

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Colouring is an indie rock band from London, formed in 2015. Known for alternative and indie rock with electronic influences, the group includes Jack Kenworthy, Sean Reilly, Dom Potts, and Alex Johnson

23 . Jeremy Renner – Wait

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Jeremy Lee Renner, an American actor born on January 7, 1971, gained fame with roles in “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town,” earning Academy Award nominations. Known for portraying Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his diverse filmography includes “Mission: Impossible” and “Wind River,” along with the series “Mayor of Kingstown.”
Music video directed by : Evan Hara

22 . Bebe Cool – Only You

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali, born September 1, 1977, in Uganda, is a renowned reggae and ragga musician. Starting his career in 1997, he has released hits like “Maisha” and collaborated across Africa. A recipient of multiple music awards and an HIV/AIDS awareness ambassador, Bebe Cool is also a philanthropist and family man.

Nkuliyo (2019)

21 . Naaz Aulakh – Illusion Love

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Naaz Aulakh, a Punjabi singer born in 1996, gained fame with songs like “Pyar Naiyon Mileya.” A graduate of Guru Nanak Dev University, she’s collaborated with artists like Danish Alfaaz and Singga.
Music video directed by : Naaz Aulakh

20 . Honormosity – Love

Date Added : janv 4, 2024

Layton ‘Honormosity‘ Simms is a Jamaican dancehall artist.

19 . Mavokali – Hamjasema

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Tanzanian singer Mavokali, noted for his single “Commando,” blends Bongo Flava and Afropop.
Music video directed by : Ambros

Commando (2022)

19 . Steve B – Anything For You

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

American artist Steve B. Isaac is a music producer, TV composer and now an upcoming singer.

18 . Admiral T & Phyllisia Ross – Intouchable

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

French musician Admiral T, from Guadeloupe, made his mark in dancehall with albums like “Mozaïk Kréyòl” and several albums on Universal Music, while also venturing into fashion.
Music video directed by : Vlogger

La Mafia (2022)

17 . Yammi – Upepo

Date Added : déc 30, 2023

Tanzanian artist Yammi rose from TikTok to release her debut EP “3 Hearts”, marking a new wave in the Bongo Fleva scene with her unique Baibuda style.

Namchukia (2023)

16 . Yung Bleu – Vent

Date Added : déc 27, 2023

American rapper Yung Bleu, from Mobile, Alabama, emerged in 2013 with “Investments.” His 2020 hit “You’re Mines Still,” remixed by Drake, reached Billboard’s top 20. His albums “Moon Boy” and “Tantra” feature collaborations with renowned artists.

Ice On My Baby (2018)

15 . Lit Killah – Facetime

Date Added : déc 27, 2023

Argentine rapper Lit Killah gained fame in the freestyle scene and with hits like “Apaga el Celular.” His 2021 debut album “MAWZ” features collaborations with Argentine talents. Known for his dynamic style, Lit Killah‘s popularity has soared on YouTube.

Wake Me (2020)

14 . Marho – Femme Claire

Date Added : déc 27, 2023

Nigerian artist Marho, known for “Femme Claire” and “Atto Lago,” blends local styles in his music. His tracks have made significant appearances on Nigerian music charts.
Music video directed by : Steven Awuku

13 . Eric Bellinger, Omarion – Waiting 4 You

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Eric Bellinger, an acclaimed American artist, grand son of famous ’60s singer Bobby Day, started songwriting in 2010, creating hits like “Lemme See.” He’s won a Grammy for Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” and released albums like “The Rebirth.”

Type A Way (W/ Chris Brown & Og Parker)  (2019)

12 . GSD Singh – In Love

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

GSD Singh, a Punjabi singer influenced by Sufi music, has released songs like “Marjawange Tere Bin.” With a background in playing tabla and inspired by maestros like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, he’s performed at major events and collaborated with labels like T-Series.
Music video directed by : Sudhanshu

Tere Karke (W/ Sartek) (2019)

11 . Calema – Perfume

Date Added : déc 23, 2023

Calema, a duo from São Tomé and Príncipe with Portuguese roots, mix electronic and Kizomba music. Known for their album “A Nossa Vez,” they rose to fame in Portugal after winning “Luso artist” and collaborating with Anselmo Ralph.

A Nossa Vez (2017)

10 . Kusah – This Love

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Kusah, a Tanzanian musician, has made a mark in the bongo flava genre. His song “Hujanikomoa” and others like “I Wish” have topped charts, earning him a wide fan base and award nominations.

I Wish (2021)

9 . Gotus – Without Your Love

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Swiss band Gotus, formed by Mandy Meyer and Pat Aeby, blends hard rock with members’ rich rock history. Their 2024 debut album “Gotus” features a mix of classic and new tracks like “Take Me To The Mountain”Song featured on the album : Gotus

8 . Raghav Chaitanya, Pritam – Hua Main

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Raghav Chaitanya, an Indian playback singer, gained fame with “Ek Tukda Dhoop” from “Thappad.” He’s versatile in various genres and has won a Filmfare Award.

Tere Bin (2021)

7 . Yverry – Over

Date Added : déc 22, 2023

Yverry, a Rwandan singer, stands out in Afropop and Afro-soul. His songs like “Njyenyine” and “Love You More” showcase a blend of contemporary and traditional Rwandan sounds.

Njyenyine (2023)

6 . Florence El Luche – 4 am (w/ Charlin Bato)

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Miami-born Florence El Luche, a Haitian entertainer, soared with “Sitè Non’m” in 2020. Balancing music with entrepreneurship, she’s a philanthropist and “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star.

Dekonekte (2021)

5 . Mabantu & Zedrim – Promise

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Tanzanian Bongo Flava duo Mabantu is formed by cousins Muuh and Twaah Mabantu. Their musical bond, formed at Tanzania House of Talent, led to hits like “No Love No Stress”. Their EP “No Stress” blends modern and traditional Tanzanian sounds.

Maokoto (W/ Navy Kenzo) (2023)

4 . Elijah Woods – If You Want Love

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Since the 2010s,Canadian pop artist Elijah Woods has been charming Spotify listeners with hits like “Ain’t Easy”. His latest album, “Bright Orange Everglow”, a heartfelt ode to his fiancé, showcases his deep romanticism through songs like “Last Girl”.
Music video directed by : Shamlo Faek – Song featured on the album : Bright Orange Everglow

3 . Majeeed – Cry [Shayo] (w/ Lojay)

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Born Ekeh Chiaka Joseph, Nigerian artist Majeeed‘s journey from a Lagos band to stardom is peppered with soulful hits like “Gbese” featuring Tiwa Savage or his breakout single “Yawa No Dey End” from “Bitter Sweet” EP.Song featured on the album : Cheers To Life

Gbese (W/ Tiwa Savage) (2023)

2 . b.minor – Irionora [이리오너라]

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Nathan von Cho, known as b.minor, fuses British, German, and Korean influences on social media. An ENFP, he enthralls TikTok followers with his diverse musical and personal content.
Music video directed by : Timur Almazov

1 . InsideOut – Io

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Since 2013, founders of Resonance Entertainment, Fiji’s InsideOut, a reggae-pop band, have been pivotal in Fiji’s music scene, balancing band life with supporting emerging artists.

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