‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°656

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

52 . Dadju & Tayc – I Love You

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Dadju Djuna Tsungula, known as Prince Dadju or simply Dadju, is a French singer with Congolese descent, famous for blending R&B, pop, and African rhythms. His breakthrough came with the duo Shin Sekaï before his successful solo career took off with albums like “Gentleman 2.0” and “Poison ou Antidote.”
Music video directed by : Alexinho Mougeolle – Song featured on the album : Heritage

Jaloux (2018)

51 . Canaan Cox – Don’t Wanna Wake Up

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Canaan Cox, a North Carolina native, emerged as a country music artist with a blend of pop and R&B elements. Moving to Nashville in 2016, his career accelerated after a 2021 appearance on the Bobby Bones Show, highlighting his single “As You Leave.”

When It Comes To You (2019)

50 . Vanès – Kiss Me Slow

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Vanès, hailing from Germany, has crafted a unique space in Alt Pop, drawing inspiration from Banks, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey. Her music features a blend of dark bass, angelic choirs, and catchy melodies.
Music video directed by : Huy Tran, Vanès

Brain (2020)

49 . Aṣa – Odo

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Aṣa, born Bukola Elemide in Paris and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, blends soul, pop, folk, and reggae, drawing from rich musical influences like Marvin Gaye and Fela Kuti. Her albums, including “Beautiful Imperfection” and “Lucid,” have garnered critical acclaim, showcasing her unique voice and storytelling ability.

Ocean (2022)

48 . Santi Francesi – L’Amore In Bocca

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Santi Francesi, an Italian duo from Ivrea, gained fame with their X Factor Italia season 16 win. Known for singles like “Giovani favolosi” and “Non è così male,” they’ve released the EP “In fieri” and album “Tutti manifesti.” Their music, featured in Netflix’s “Summertime,” blends pop with Italian storytelling, marking notable festival participations including Sanremo 2024.
Music video directed by : Nicoló Bassetto

Non È Così Male (2022)

47 . Dax – Narcissist (w/ Phix)

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Rising from janitor to viral sensation, Dax, a Nigerian-Canadian poet turned rapper, born Daniel Nwosu Jr. in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, is a versatile creative force melding introspection with musical prowess, poignant storytelling with country music elements​​​​​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Logan Meis

Cash Me Outside (2017)

46 . Aezaddy – Layli

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Blending traditional Moroccan sounds with modern music, Aezaddy, Moroccan artist Achraf Boutigdad, stands out in the music scene with singles like “BABA (feat. Kouz1)” and “Layli.”

Andale (2020)

45 . Jassie Gill – Jadugarriya

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Jassie Gill, Indian singer and actor, debuted with “Batchmate” (2011) and gained fame with hits like “Lancer.” His acting debut in “Mr & Mrs 420” (2014) and Bollywood entry with “Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi” (2018) showcase his versatility. Gill’s music, spanning Punjabi and Hindi films, has earned him critical acclaim and a solid fanbase.
Music video directed by : Agam Mann & Azeem Mann

Oye Hoye Hoye (2021)

44 . Zara Larsson – You Love Who You Love

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Zara Larsson, born December 16, 1997, in Sweden, gained fame with “Uncover” from “Introducing” EP. Her albums “1,” “So Good,” “Poster Girl,” and “Venus” blend R&B with dance-pop. “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You” with MNEK are hits.

Lush Life (2015)

43 . Ayliva – Lieb Mich

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Ayliva (Elif Akar), born April 4, 1998, in Germany, broke through with her chart-topping single in 2021 and her album “Schwarzes Herz” (2023).
Music video directed by : Niko Kaouris

Only You (2017)

42 . Lil Darius – In Love

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Known for his compelling singles like “Feelin Like Rylo,” “Small Town Hero,” “Rubi Wayda,” and “Murder 2.0,” and a strong presence on TikTok, Lil Darius hails from Athens, Georgia, and is currently based in Atlanta.

Feelin Like Rylo (2022)

41 . Ric Hassani – I.L.U [I Love You]

Date Added : févr 9, 2024

Ric Hassani, born January 6, 1989, in Nigeria, blends soul, reggae, and pop. Known for “The African Gentleman” and “Only You,” Hassani has received multiple AFRIMA and Headies nominations, reflecting his impactful storytelling and gentleman persona.

Sie Weiß (W/ Mero) (2022)

40 . Destin Conrad – Same Mistake (w/ Alex Isley)

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Destin Conrad, former social media star turned musician, debuted with “COLORWAY” in 2021. Known for his R&B sound, he collaborated with Kehlani and embarked on tours in the EU and UK. His follow-up “SATIN” further showcases his sultry style.
Music video directed by : Mia André & Gabe Phoenix

On 10 (2022)

39 . Only The Poets – One More Night

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Formed in Reading in 2017, Only The Poets blend pop rock and indie with emotional depth. Known for singles like “Ceasefire” and EPs “Speak Out” and “Our Time,” they’ve supported Louis Tomlinson and headlined tours.
Music video directed by : Jordan Daniel Logan

Every Song I Ever Wrote (2022)

38 . Davis D – My Dreams (w/ Melissa)

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Davis D, a Rwandan Afro-Pop artist, gained fame with “Biryogo” in 2015. With hits like “Ifarasi” and “Bon,” he stands out in East Africa’s music scene for his unique voice and fashion sense.
Music video directed by : Bagenzi Bernard

Bad Boy (2023)

37 . Najeeriii – Head High

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Born in 2006, Najeeriii, born Najeeri Smart, is a young and emerging Jamaican artist, known for his innovative blend of Trap and Dancehall music with songs like “Sintrap,” “Goblin,” and “GOON.”
Music video directed by : Tnonc

Paddle Boat (2023)

36 . Nikita Kering’ – Let You Down (w/ Kemena)

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Nikita Chepchumba Kering’, a Kenyan artist, born in 2002, acclaimed for songs like “Tragedy.” Recognized with multiple AFRIMA awards, including Best Female Artist in Eastern Africa (2019, 2021). Her participation in Mr. Eazi’s EmPawa Africa initiative marked a significant milestone.
Music video directed by : Rodney Wachira

Ex (2021)

35 . Zoe Gotusso – Pensando En Ti

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Argentine indie pop musician Zoe Gotusso, born in 1997, gained prominence with Salvapantallas and solo career. The duo’s album “SMS” featured Jorge Drexler, leading to Gardel Awards nominations. Her solo debut, “Mi Primer Día Triste,” won Best Pop Album at the 23rd Gardel Awards, showcasing her evolving artistry with notable collaborations and singles like “Ganas.”

Ganas (2020)

34 . Elsa Esnoult – Évidence

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

French actress and singer Elsa Esnoult, born in 1988, known for “Les Mystères de l’amour” and albums like “Pour toi,” certified gold by 2014. Participated in “Danse avec les stars” Season 10.
Music video directed by : Jean-Nicolas Tirlo – Song featured on the album : 7

Moi J’Écrirai Ton Nom (2021)

33 . Zack Knight – Pyaar Main (w/ Simran Kaur)

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

British artist Zack Knight, born in 1991, blends R&B, pop, and Punjabi music, with hits like “Bom Diggy.” He has collaborated with artists across genres and received accolades, including Best Breakthrough Act at Brit Asia TV Music Awards (2015). Knight’s music spans charts and awards, reflecting his diverse heritage.

Galtiyan (2017)

32 . Laci Kaye Booth – True Love

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Laci Kaye Booth emerged from Livingston, Texas, as a country music artist, highlighted by her top five finish on American Idol’s 17th season. Her journey led to Nashville, where she blends traditional country sounds with unique personal influences.

Shuffle (2021)

31 . Okkama – Aba Baby

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Rwandan musician Okkama, known for blending Afrobeats, RnB, and more, gained recognition with hits like “Puculi” and “Iyallah.” Educated at Ecole d’Art de Nyundo, he’s celebrated for his multilingualism and unique style.
Music video directed by : Fayzo Pro

Okkama (2022)

30 . Charles Esten – Love Ain’t Pretty

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Charles “Chip” Esten, known for roles in “NASHVILLE” and “OUTER BANKS,” began his career in the West End as Buddy Holly. Holding a Guinness World Record for releasing 54 songs in 54 weeks, he’s a regular at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and champions music and charitable causes alike.Song featured on the album : Love Ain’T Pretty

Somewhere In The Sunshine (2023)

29 . Rika & Jamie Miller – Long Shot

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

British-Indian Rika, blending pop with her multicultural heritage, gained fame with “No Need.” A Berklee College alumna, she won Best Female UK Act at the BritAsia TV Music Awards 2019, making strides in bringing Indian culture to global pop with her distinctive sound and lyricism.
Music video directed by : Elise Schatz – Song featured on the album : Conversations I’Ve Never Had

Left To Love (W/ Mickey Singh) (2020)

28 . Abeliano – Love Me Like You Say You Do

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Indonesian artist Abeliano, known as Abel, rose with “Love Me Like You Say You Do.” His music, under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, features nostalgic and fresh pop-rock elements. Earlier independent releases include “Now That You’re Gone” and “CAN I,” showcasing his evolving talent.
Music video directed by : Bernardus Raka

Now That You’Re Gone (2019)

27 . The Prophec – Locket

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

The PropheC, born Neal Chatha in Calgary, Canada, is an Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter known for merging Punjabi, urban desi, pop, and bhangra genres. His debut album “Forever” (2011) featured the hit “Sohni”. He’s released several albums, including “The Lifestyle” (2016) and “Solace” (2021).

Kina Chir (2016)

26 . Highlyy – Honest

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Highlyy, a UK-based artist, blends English, French, and Yoruba in her Afro-pop style. Known for her single “Soldier” with Tion Wayne, her music reflects her Congolese heritage. She began in church choirs, influenced by her musical family.
Music video directed by : Sahra Zadat – Song featured on the album : +243 Ep

Soldier (2022)

25 . Jass Manak – Love & Lies

Date Added : janv 31, 2024

Jass Manak, an Indian artist, is known for Punjabi and Hindi pop hits like “Prada,” “Lehanga,” and “Suit Punjabi.” His single “Lehanga” featured on the UK Asian Music Chart. He debuted with “U-Turn” in 2017 and has since released the album “Age 19”
Music video directed by : Mahi Sandhu And Joban Sandhu

Prada (2018)

24 . Isak Danielson – Afterparty

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Isak Danielson, a Swedish singer, gained fame on “The X Factor Sweden” in 2012. Known for his emotive vocals, his albums “Yours” and “Remember to Remember Me” explore themes of love and loss.
Music video directed by : Arthur Ljunggren

Power (2018)

23 . Kllo – Affection

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Kllo, an Australian duo from Melbourne, blends 2-step garage, indie electronic, and R&B. Formed in 2014 by Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, they released acclaimed albums like “Backwater” and “Maybe We Could,” known for their dreamy electro-pop sound.
Music video directed by : Joseph Clough

Still Here (2020)

22 . Steves J. Bryan – Pour De Vrai (Feat. Charlin Bato)

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Steves J. Bryan, a Haitian Hip-Hop artist, gained fame with the “On Blast” mixtape in 2012. Known for Creole trap hits like “Poze w Piti,” he moved to Miami in 2015 to advance his career. His mixtape “Pa Gen Zuzu Nan Trap Kreyol” elevated his status in Haiti.
Music video directed by : Peter Valcin

Menaj (2022)

21 . Jelani Aryeh – I’m In Love

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Jelani Aryeh is an emerging artist in alternative R&B and rap, known for his dreamy and innovative music style. He founded the West Coast arts collective “Raised by the Internet.”
Music video directed by : Silken Weinberg

Marigold (2021)

20 . CKay – Mysterious Love

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

CKay, Chukwuka Ekweani, born July 16, 1995, in Nigeria, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Known for “Love Nwantiti,” which went viral on TikTok, he blends Afrobeats and pop. His EP “Who the Fuck Is CKay” was released in 2017, followed by “CKay the First” in 2019. CKay‘s hits include “Emiliana” and the collaborative “Beggie Beggie.”

Love Nwantiti Remix (W/ Joeboy & Kuami Eugene) (2020)

19 . DPerfect – Verity

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

D Perfect, born September 2, 1995, in Haiti, is a singer-songwriter. Gaining recognition with “Mpaka Diw” in 2015, he’s known for covers like Chris Brown’s “New Flame.” He was part of L’As and later EKIP, releasing hits like “Cheri An Ale” and “Hello.” , showcasing his versatile talent in the music industry.

Hello (2018)

18 . Destin Conrad – It’s Only You

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Destin Conrad, born June 25, 2000, in Florida, is an R&B artist and songwriter. Starting on Vine, he transitioned to music with his debut EP “COLORWAY” in 2021. He wrote for Kehlani’s album “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” and released “SATIN” in 2022. Destin has toured in Europe and the UK, collaborating with artists like Musiq Soulchild and Masego.
Music video directed by : Zev

Bill$ (2021)

17 . Andrew Rayel & Tensteps – Let Me Love You

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Andrew Rayel, born July 21, 1992, in Moldova, is a DJ and producer. Beginning his career in 2009, he’s affiliated with Armada Music and founded inHarmony Music. Known for “Aether” and albums “Find Your Harmony” and “Moments,” Rayel has performed at major festivals like Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland.

16 . St. Pedro – Dos Extraños

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

St. Pedro, from Spain, is recognized for popular songs like “Te Fuiste,” “Last Christmas,” and “25.”

Como Antes (2021)

15 . Porij – My Only Love

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

Active since 2018, Porij, a British band formed at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, blends house, garage, and lo-fi pop. Members Eggy, Tommy, Jammo, and Tom debuted with “Breakfast” in 2020.
Music video directed by : Maxi Mclachlan – Song featured on the album : Teething

Nobody Scared (2021)

14 . D-Lain – Premier Amour

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

D-Lain, born Ratolojanahary Lalaina Josia on February 14, 1987, in Madagascar, is a versatile artist who blends pop, afro, and electro influences with traditional Malagasy and African elements. He won the “Castel Live” competition in 2012, propelling his career before moving to Paris in 2013.

Misenge (2021)

13 . IU – Love Wins All

Date Added : janv 25, 2024

IU, born Lee Ji-eun on May 16, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea, is a renowned singer-songwriter. She made her debut in 2008 and achieved immense success with her 2010 album “Real,” featuring the hit single “Good Day.” She’s also a respected actress with roles in popular Korean dramas, including “My Mister,” which earned her critical acclaim and award nominations.

Lilac(라일락) (2021)

12 . Warren Saada – Sans Toi

Date Added : janv 23, 2024

Afro RnB artist Warren Saada is known for hits like “Mélodie” and “Diamant.” His upcoming EP “Blessing” follows the single “Mère ya palais,” reflecting his soulful influences. Second-place in a contest by Tayc, he signed with producer Nas, showcasing his RnB and Afrobeats blend.
Music video directed by : Lane Brown Sébéloué

11 . Valiant – Love Problem

Date Added : janv 23, 2024

Valiant, real name Raheem Bowes, is a Jamaican dancehall artist who rose to fame via his viral hit “Dunce Cheque,” which sparked both attention and controversy.

Dunce Cheque (2022)

10 . Korra Obidi – Gimme Love

Date Added : janv 23, 2024

Nigerian artist Korra Obidi, born June 23, 1994, is renowned for her dancing, singing, modeling, and acting. Gaining fame from “So You Think You Can Dance” (2010), her albums include “Woman Power Series” and “Sounds From The Throne Room.” Known for “Man Like You,” “Vibration,” she also won titles like Miss Radiography.

My Way (2022)

9 . Faydee – Love You No More

Date Added : janv 23, 2024

Australian singer-songwriter Faydee, real name Fady Fatrouni, born February 2, 1987, of Lebanese descent, rose to fame with “Laugh Till You Cry.” He wrote “Set This World On Fire” for The Janoskians. Notable for “Can’t Let Go,” he won a 2012 ARIA Music Award, with albums like “Never Saw Me Coming.”

Can’T Let Go (2013)

8 . Neven & Soolking – Promesse

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Marine Neven, a singer-songwriter and artistic director, has written for artists like Soolking and Louane. Marine’s personal album, featuring modern pop and urban influences, is in development.
Music video directed by : Killian Kali / Soolking / Neven / Lina Saïdi

7 . Palaye Royale – umakemenotwannadie

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Formed in 2008 by the brothers Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig, and Emerson Barrett, Palaye Royale, a rock band from Las Vegas, draws its name from a Toronto dance hall where their grandparents met. The band is known for blending art rock, rock and roll, glam rock, and garage rock styles.

Get Higher (2013)

6 . Flav – Tout

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Music video directed by : Sardou Mercilus

5 . Mr Candy – I Do (w/ Holy Ten)

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Zimbabwean musician MrCandy, associated with Samanyanga Sounds, is known in the music scene for his song “Ruma.”
Music video directed by : Afri Art, In Bulawayo

4 . Raka – Not Ok

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Indian music director and composer Raka, known for “Amli Anthem,” started with “Jhanjra” in 2020. His music, blending Indian genres, gained popularity on YouTube. With “Phulkari” and “Boli Janda Si,” Raka has become a prominent figure in the Indian music scene.
Music video directed by : Rajan Bir

Amli Anthem (2023)

3 . Jeff Satur – Ghost

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Thai artist Jeff Satur, born in 1995, is known for his singing, acting, and graphic design. He debuted with Kamikaze in 2013 and gained fame for roles in series like “KinnPorsche.” His music, including singles like “Hide” and “Loop,” showcases his diverse talents.
Music video directed by : Prach Rojanasinwilai

Loop (2022)

2 . Lala Sadii – Love Is BS

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Social media personality Lala Sadii, born Lia Sadii in 2003 in the US, is known for her TikTok and YouTube content. Her videos, featuring family and creative talents, have garnered a significant following. Known for her humorous and relatable content, Lala continues to engage her audience with a variety of posts.
Music video directed by : Jared Kozel

1 . B-Lovee, Arden Jones – Exhausted

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

B-Lovee, born Qwayshawn Cannon on December 12, 2000, is a rapper recognized for his drill style. He gained prominence in the drill scene in 2020 with his debut single “No Hook” and released his debut EP, “Courtlandtbaby,” the same year. His 2021 hit “IYKYK,” sampling Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go,” brought wider recognition. In 2023, B-Lovee dropped the extended play “Sorry 4 The Wait,” featuring various artists.

No Hook (2020)

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