‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°660

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

18 . Jessica Baio – He Loves Me He Loves Me Not [Stripped]

Date Added : févr 20, 2024

American pop artist Jessica Baio, born February 1, 2002, in Sacramento, California, launched her music career on YouTube. She gained recognition with singles like “My Angel” and married Sam Jose in 2020, co-creating content on their “Sam & Jess” YouTube channel. Baio blends heartfelt lyrics with engaging melodies.
Music video directed by : Jackson Stofka

If I Never (2020)

17 . Malibu – So Far Out Of Love

Date Added : févr 20, 2024

French electronic musician Malibu released her debut EP “One Life” in 2019, showcasing an ambient and ethereal sound. Known for her soft reverbed vocals and melodic progressions, Malibu hosts the radio show “United In Flames,” exploring similar musical themes with guests.
Music video directed by : Lilian Hardouineau

Camargue (2020)

16 . Leez – If You Ever Leave Me

Date Added : févr 20, 2024

Korean music producer Leez, real name Lee Su Min, is associated with Hi-Hat Co., Ltd. He is a key figure behind Dreamcatcher’s music and part of the Super Bomb composition group. LEEZ contributes as a chorister, lyricist, composer, and arranger in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Sven Van Alboom

15 . RealestK – Thought Of Me

Date Added : févr 20, 2024

Canadian R&B artist RealestK, born Rony Kordab on June 5, 2004, in Toronto, rose to fame with “WFM” in 2021, reaching Billboard Hot 100. His debut album, “Dreams 2 Reality,” was released in 2022, with collaborations including Nav. Known for blending vulnerability with catchiness in R&B tracks.

Wfm (2021)

14 . Vilen – Sehra

Date Added : févr 20, 2024

A key figure in Hindi music, Indian artist Vilen, born Vipul Dhankher on February 7, 1995, in Delhi, blends singing and storytelling rap. His channel, Dark Music Company, hit viral success with “Ek Raat” in 2018, followed by “Ravan” and “Savan.”

Ek Raat (2017)

13 . Allison Daniels – Who What Where When Why

Date Added : févr 20, 2024

Allison Daniels, a singer/songwriter with a warm soprano tone, is known for her contributions to country music and performing arts. She performed with Keith Urban in Québec City in 2015 and has collaborated with producers like Ken Presse.
Music video directed by : Stephano Barberis

12 . Towela Kaira – I Love You (w/ Chile One)

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Zambian singer Towela Kaira, debuting with “Gold” (2019), is recognized for her Afro beats and reggae fusion. Collaborating with artists like Chef 187, she’s signed with Nexus Music Entertainment. Her track “Manana” hit over one million YouTube views.

Maria (2022)

11 . Alex Warren – Before You Leave Me

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Digital influencer Alex Warren, born in 2000 in Carlsbad, California, rose to fame as a founding member of The Hype House. Overcoming personal challenges, he built a substantial following with nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 14 million TikTok followers, showcasing his content creation skill.
Music video directed by : Hunter Moreno

Chasing Shadows (2022)

10 . Lil Young – You

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Music video directed by : E-Go Studios

9 . Rytikal – Love Infinite

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Rytikal, a Jamaican Dancehall artist, emerged from St. Thomas with hits like “Chosen.” Influenced by icons like Vybz Kartel, his music spans themes of resilience and culture. Despite legal issues, his work, including “Cookie Jar” and “Smoke My Troubles Away,” continues to resonate with fans.
Music video directed by : Neiro Media

Chosen (2021)

8 . Bnxn – Say My Name

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

Daniel Etiese Benson, known professionally as Bnxn, is a Nigerian Afro-fusion artist, born on May 14, 1997. He has collaborated with notable artists like Wizkid on “Mood” and won the Next Rated award at The Headies 2022. Bnxn has contributed to “Made in Lagos” by Wizkid, earning a Grammy nomination.Song featured on the album : Sincerely, Benson

In My Mind (W/ Buju) (2022)

7 . Yammi, Lexsil & Ziibeats – Love Crazy

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

Tanzanian artist Yammi rose from TikTok to release her debut EP “3 Hearts”, marking a new wave in the Bongo Fleva scene with her unique Baibuda style.

Namchukia (2023)

6 . Luana – Bisschen Liebe (w/ Haller)

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

Luana Knöll started her career at 16 with Nickelodeon’s “Spotlight” as “Toni.” She’s known for “Das Internat” and “Sex, Zimmer, Küche, Bad.” A trained stage dancer and teacher, she combines acting and singing talents.
Music video directed by : Kolja Pribbernow

Allein (2022)

5 . Nyv – Comme Ceux Qui S’aiment

Date Added : févr 14, 2024

NYV, born Mirella Nyvinne Pinternagel, is a Luxembourg-born, Italy-raised composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her debut album “Low Profile” mixes soulful vocals and beatboxing, with “Blues d’Alcool” exploring her Moroccan roots.
Music video directed by : Jim Trebes

Borderline (W/ Bob Sinclar) (2022)

4 . CKay – Is It You?

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Nigerian artist CKay, known for “Love Nwantiti,” broke through with “CKay the First” EP. Signed to Chocolate City, Warner Music South Africa, and Atlantic Records, he’s a significant figure in the Afrobeats scene.

Love Nwantiti Remix (W/ Joeboy & Kuami Eugene) (2020)

3 . Nhance – I Do

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Jamaican artist Nhance, born Kenneil Lawrence, channels personal struggles into emotionally rich music. Breaking into the scene in 2020, his tracks like “Monster” resonate on social media, reflecting his ambition for international acclaim and guided by the support of his musical mother, Sheba.

Monster (2023)

2 . Dina Ayada – Love Me

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Dina Ayada, a Moroccan-Belgian artist based in Los Angeles, blends hip-hop and pop. Known for her EP “Superstar!,” her music addresses personal growth and societal issues.
Music video directed by : Josshflores – Song featured on the album : Superstar! (Ep)

Girls Cry 2! (2023)

1 . Ben Human – Night In Paris

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Ben Human, a Tamil indie pop artist from Kanyakumari, India, now in Denmark, is known for hits like “Kannama.” A self-taught singer, his music reflects a unique blend of cultural and modern musical styles.
Music video directed by : Marcki Sai

Kannama (2022)

‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°660


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