‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°683

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

49 . Styleto – Faut Que Tu M’aimes

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

French artist Styleto, known for her YouTube presence, released an album of Angèle, Orelsan, and Yseult covers in 2022. Her original compositions include “Se casser,” “Trop Bonnes,” and “Dans la moyenne,” reflecting her nostalgic style.
Music video directed by : Antoine Wibaux

Dans La Moyenne (2023)

48 . Armaan Malik & Calum Scott – Always

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Indian singer Armaan Malik, born July 22, 1995, in Mumbai, debuted with the album “Armaan” in 2014. His single “Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon” won multiple awards. His 2020 English single “Control” was certified platinum in India.
Music video directed by : Prashant Satyam

Tu/You (2023)

47 . Fatima Altieri – Prije M

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Haitian artist Fatima Altieri, born September 20, 1993, in Port-au-Prince, combines kompa, zouk, and rap. Known for singles like “Women” and hosting “Culture Lakay,” she co-founded the charity “It Takes Love To Make A Child Smile.”

Souvni (2024)

46 . Marvi – Darling Come To Me

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Marvi gained national fame in Timor-Leste at age fifteen, placing fourth in a 2016 international singing competition in Indonesia. She later won “The Voice Portugal.” Her victories have built a substantial following in Asia and Europe.
Music video directed by : East Trash, Tomoki Nonaka

Against All Odds (2019)

45 . Joé Dwèt Filé – Abîmé

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Joé Dwèt Filé, a French singer of Haitian descent, is renowned for blending zouk and kompa genres in albums like “À deux” (2019), “Calypso” (2021), and “Daddy 9” (2023). His single “Jolie madame” with Ronisia marked a significant SNEP chart success. Starting with Lespada, he transitioned to a solo career, releasing impactful mixtapes like #ESOLF (2018) and EP “Eira” (2020).
Music video directed by : Fanatik Prod

Fem Voyé (2023)

44 . Jassa Dhillon – Hulare

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Jassa Dhillon, a Punjabi music maestro from Haryana, crafted hits like “Pyar Bolda” and “Raule”, climbing charts with “Above All”. His lyrical genius in “Talja” and acting aspirations mark him as a versatile artist in the Punjabi music scene.
Music video directed by : Sagar Deol

Spain (2022)

43 . Esmée – Soif D’Amour

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Esmée, an emerging French singer in her twenties, is gaining recognition in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Hobo & Mojo

Memento (2023)

42 . Lasmid – Puul

Date Added : Apr 9,2024

Lasmid, a Ghanaian artist from Takoradi, won MTN Hitmaker Season 8 in 2019 and signed with Highly Spiritual Music. Known for hits like “Friday Night,” he collaborates with stars like Sarkodie and Kofi Kinaata. In 2023, Lasmid won Best New Artist and Best Hiplife Song at the Vodafone Ghana Music Award.

Friday Night (2023)

41 . Shreya Jain – Kyun?

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Shreya Jain, a singer-songwriter and producer from Nagpur, debuted in Bollywood with the film “Attack.” Known for her single “Khoobi” (2022), she blends pop and electronic music. Jain, inspired by her father, Hindustani Classical Vocalist Shyam Jain, aims to inspire women in music.
Music video directed by : Vasudha Rungta

Khoobi (2023)

40 . Boys World – Caught In Your Love

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Formed under KYN Entertainment, Boys World debuted in 2020 with “Girlfriends.” The American girl group, discovered through social media, released their EP “While You Were Out” in 2021, highlighting empowerment themes. Members include Olivia Ruby, Lillian Kay, Elana Caceres, Makhyli Simpson, and Queenie Mae Villaluz.
Music video directed by : Alexandra Gavillet

So What (2023)

39 . Telly* – Romeo Y Julieta (w/ Lil’slow)

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

French musician Biga Ranx, born Gabriel Piotrowski, specializes in ragga hip hop. Known for albums “On Time” (2011) and “Good Morning Midnight” (2013), he draws from reggae and rap influences. Uunder the pseudonym Telly*, his style blends lo-fi aesthetics with vaporwave .
Music video directed by : Mani Vision

Pace Maker (2023)

38 . Navaan Sandhu – Luv N Luv

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Navaan Sandhu, born in 1995, emerged from Punjab’s music scene with hits like “Black Life” and “2 Asle.” His debut as a singer in 2018 with “In Demand” signified his entry. Sandhu’s music combines traditional and contemporary Punjabi elements.
Music video directed by : Teji Sandhu

Black Life (2021)

37 . B.B. Jacques – Horizon 25 & Béni

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

B.B. Jacques, pivotal in the French rap arena, released “La nuit sera calme” in 2021, a trilogy that cemented his status. Known for profound lyrics and diverse soundscapes, he followed with “Poésie d’une pulsion,” featuring tracks like “Opium.”
Music video directed by : Romain Argento

Rainbow [A Colors Show] (2023)

36 . Frank Walker – Missing You (w/ Nate Smith)

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Canadian DJ Frank Walker, known for melancholic dance hits, gained fame with “Nocturnal” EP in 2016 and a Juno Award nomination in 2020. Collaborating with artists like Astrid S, he amassed over 400 million global streams.
Music video directed by : Rafatoon

I Go Dancing (W/ Ella Henderson) (2023)

35 . Hiro – C’est Faux (w/ Warren Saada)

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Hiro Le Coq, born Dimitri Nganda on July 14, 1989, in Seine et Mame, France, is a Congolese French rapper. Starting with Bana C4, he went solo with hits like “Blinded” and “Ton pied mon pied.” Albums include “De la haine à l’amour” and “Erratum.” Founded “Millésime Musik” and released “Afro Romance.”
Music video directed by : Le Mojo & Wissiz – Song featured on the album : Âme

Pas Pareil (2020)

34 . Robin – Entre Nous (Clip Officiel)

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Robin is an upcoming French singer hailing from Bordeaux
Music video directed by : Matthieu Allard

Séquoia (2021)

33 . Yaïr – Simplement T’aimer

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Yaïr is a French R&B artist known for tracks like “Séquoia” and “Phoenix.” Blending modern R&B with classic soul, his videos for “Phoenix” and “Petit Prince” have attracted significant views, marking him as a rising talent in contemporary R&B.
Music video directed by : Steven Norel – Song featured on the album : L’Amour C’Est Comme Le Feu (Ep)

Agony (2024)

32 . Thearti$T – Love Is

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

From Newark, NJ, TheARTI$T stands out as a compelling voice in music, blending personal narratives with universal themes. Her single “Sober” exemplifies her approach, addressing life’s complexities through a lens of resilience and introspection.
Music video directed by : Jordie

Sober (2022)

31 . Fletcher – Pretending

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Fletcher, born Cari Elise Fletcher in Asbury Park, New Jersey, is a pop singer whose career took off with her single “Undrunk,” becoming her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2022, she released her debut album “Girl of My Dreams”
Music video directed by : Carissa Gallo – Song featured on the album : In Search Of The Antidote

Undrunk (2019)

30 . Daniela Darcourt & Noel Schajris – Te Amo

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Daniela Darcourt, born April 20, 1996, in Lima Region, Peru, rose to fame as a significant contemporary salsa artist after winning “El Artista del Año” in 2018. Her 2019 debut album “Esa Soy Yo” features the hit “Señor Mentira,” which reached number 13 on the Billboard Tropical Songs chart.
Music video directed by : Roberto Tapia

Probablemente (2018)

29 . Soham Naik – Heerey

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Soham Naik, an Indian musician, gained fame with “Bas Ek Baar.” Winning “Little Super Singer” in 2007, his contributions to Hindi cinema and music include playback singing and songwriting.
Music video directed by : Prashant Pandey

Jaaniya (2023)

28 . Becky Hill – Outside Of Love

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Becky Hill, an English singer-songwriter, rose to fame on “The Voice UK” in 2012. Known for blending pop, dance, and R&B, Hill’s career includes hits like “Losing” and collaborations with MK and Matoma. Her 2019 mini-album “Get to Know” and 2021 debut album “Only Honest on the Weekend,” featuring David Guetta, highlight her dynamic style​​​​​​​​.Song featured on the album : Believe Me Now?

Losing (2014)

27 . Dean Lewis – The Last Bit Of Us

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Dean Lewis, an Australian singer-songwriter born in 1987, gained fame with his platinum-certified single “Waves” in 2016. His debut album, “A Place We Knew,” released in 2019, won Album of the Year at the ARIA Music Awards. His 2022 album, “The Hardest Love,” and the multi-platinum single “Be Alright” further established his success.
Music video directed by : Sean Loaney

How Do I Say Goodbye (2023)

26 . Raavi Gill – Candles

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Raavi Gill is a Punjabi singer

Timeless (2022)

25 . Ajay Bhagta – Morning Wish (w/ Kajal Saraswat)

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Ajay Bhagta, a Haryanvi artist from India, rose to fame with “Chora Haryane Ka Ri Maa.” His 2021 hit “Maa Ki Su” and collaboration on “Suit Gulabi” with Pranjal Dahiya marked significant milestones.
Music video directed by : Meet Chuli Aala

Splendor (2023)

24 . Stela Cole – Blood Orange Wine

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

American singer-songwriter Stela Cole rose from a soccer injury to music fame. Her EP “Woman of the Hour” (2020) showcases pop sensibilities. “DIY” set records at the American Song Contest, representing Georgia.
Music video directed by : Maya Sassoon & Eliot Lee

Love Like Mine (2020)

23 . Nicky Youre – Part Time Lover

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Nicky Youre, born June 4, 1999, in Anaheim, California, achieved fame with “Sunroof” (2021), a platinum-certified hit. Starting with “Sex and Lemonade” (2020), he released the EP “Good Times Go” in 2023. Nominated for MTV VMAs’ Song of Summer (2022) and iHeartRadio’s Best New Pop Artist (2023).
Music video directed by : Austin Cieszko & Taylor Witczak

Sunroof (2022)

22 . Alexia – Peste Mari [Si Mai Departe]

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Romanian pop singer Alexia, born May 27, 2003, in Târgu Mureș, gained prominence with “Cronic” and “Pentru tine,” reaching top chart positions. Known for collaborations like “Infinity” with Mindblow, her music combines pop, dance, and electronic styles. “Interstelar” is among her popular tracks.
Music video directed by : Raluca Netca

Monocrom (2023)

21 . Flau’Jae – Love Is Blind

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Flau’jae Johnson, born November 3, 2003, in Savannah, Georgia, is a rapper and LSU Tigers basketball player. She gained fame on “The Rap Game” and “America’s Got Talent” Season 13. With music on Spotify and YouTube, Flau’jae signed with Roc Nation, continuing her career in music while honoring her late father, Camouflage.

Perfect Timing (2024)

20 . Geolier, Ultimo – L’Ultima Poesia

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Italian rapper Geolier, born Emanuele Palumbo, March 23, 2000, burst onto the scene with “P Secondigliano.” His albums, including “Emanuele” and “Il coraggio dei bambini,” feature collaborations with Sfera Ebbasta and Marracash.

Capo (2020)

19 . SiR – You

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

SiR, born Sir Darryl Farris, is an Inglewood-born artist blending R&B with soulful and contemporary elements. Signing with TDE in 2017, his albums, including “Chasing Summer,” feature collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne.

Hair Down (W/ Kendrick Lamar) (2019)

18 . Landon Barker – Over You

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Landon Barker, born October 9, 2003, gained early fame on MTV’s “Meet the Barkers.” Known for his fashion sense on Instagram, Landon has continued to develop his public persona, leveraging his early exposure and family’s entertainment background.
Music video directed by : Modsun

Friends With Your Ex (2023)

17 . Pierre Garnier – Ceux Qu’on Était

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Pierre Garnier, a French singer-songwriter, rose to fame as a contestant on Star Academy season 11.
Music video directed by : Jessie Nottola

16 . Darko US – Finding Love In A World Full Of Tragedy

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Darko US, formed by Tom Barber and Josh Miller in 2020, is a deathcore band known for blending deathcore, metalcore, and nu-metal. With albums “Darko” (2021) and “Oni” (2022), the band features collaborations with artists like Ben Duerr and Courtney LaPlante. Opting not to tour, their lyrics explore existentialism and social reform, influenced by fantasy and personal experiences.
Music video directed by : Norbert Crowfield

Donna (2021)

15 . Benson Boone – Slow It Down

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Benson Boone, born on June 25, 2002, in Monroe, Washington, is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He gained fame through TikTok and released his debut single “Ghost Town” in 2021, achieving global certifications. His music, described as contemporary pop/rock, includes singles like “Room for 2” and “Beautiful Things,” with EPs “Walk Me Home…” and “Pulse.” Boone’s “Beautiful Things” topped charts in 2024.
Music video directed by : Matt Eastin – Song featured on the album : Fireworks & Rollerblades

Beautiful Things (2024)

14 . Role Model – Oh Gemini

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Role Model, American singer-songwriter Tucker Harrington Pillsbury, began his career with “Arizona in the Summer” in 2017. Signed to Interscope Records in 2018, his discography includes EPs “oh, how perfect” and “our little angel,” and the album “Rx” (2022). Pillsbury’s music, characterized as pop and bedroom pop, delves into themes of mental health and relationships.
Music video directed by : William Desena & Tucker Pillsbury

Neverletyougo (2023)

13 . Isras Mello – Corazon (w/ Afrique)

Date Added : Mar 22,2024

Isras Mello, born Israël Muhindo in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an emerging singer.
Music video directed by : Fayzo Pro

Sitaki Stress (W/ Ft Agressivo Nyandoro) (2023)

12 . Rockheads Nepal – Dhun

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Rockheads, formed in Nepal in 2010, transitioned from Thamel gigs to mainstream Nepali-rock by 2020.
Music video directed by : Abhi Sampang Rai

Ranga (2022)

11 . Veev Mw – Love Me (w/ Saint Realest)

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Veev Mw is a Malawian female artist.

Nthawi (2023)

10 . Kaka – Heel

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Kaka, born April 5, 1994, in Punjab, India, debuted in 2019 with “Scene 4”. Hits like “Keh Len De” and “Teeji Seat” propelled him in the Punjabi music scene. His work spans singing, lyric writing, and music composition.
Music video directed by : Sahil Baghra & Jerry Batra

Mitti De Tibbe (2023)

9 . Culita Sterp & Georgiana Lobont – Câte Zile-S În Calendar

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Culiță Sterp, a Romanian pop singer, rose to fame with hits “Gura ta” and “Fetele ma vor.” His participation in Survivor Romania in 2021 boosted his profile. With over 950,000 Instagram followers and a vibrant YouTube channel, Sterp shares his music and life, captivating a broad audience.
Music video directed by : Cătălin Chis

Colaj Gigolo (2022)

8 . Seph Schlueter – Running Back To You

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Seph Schlueter, a Catholic musician, gained fame with “Counting My Blessings,” which topped Spotify Brazil’s Viral Playlist. His work, including participation in Damascus Worship, showcases his faith-driven music.

Stay (2023)

7 . Momo – Charo (w/ Ash)

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Timothé Roussety, known as Momo from Rodrigues, blends seggae, reggae, and zouk, marked by hits “Malhonnête” and “Gagne Twa Bonne.” His music reflects his Mauritian roots and broad genre influences, resonating widely in Mauritius.
Music video directed by : The Dreamer

Gagne Twa Bonne (W/ Denzel, Avi S, Ejilen Faya & Sish) (2022)

6 . Humble Jizzo – Ifi

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Humble Jizzo, a member of Rwanda’s Urban Boys, contributes to Hip Hop, Pop, and Afrobeats.
Music video directed by : Hirwa Sincerite

Ikomeje Urugendo Rwayo (2017)

5 . Mahmood, Angèle – Sempre / Jamais

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Milanese Mahmood, born Alessandro Mahmoud, blends Egyptian and Sardinian heritage. He rose to fame with his win at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2019 with “Soldi” and again in 2022 with “Brividi” alongside Blanco.
Music video directed by : Attilio Cusani

Soldi (2019)

4 . Mustafa – Imaan

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Mustafa, a Canadian artist of Somali and Egyptian descent, debuted with “When Smoke Rises” (2021). “Air Forces” highlighted his poetic and melodic prowess, making a significant impact with introspective narratives.
Music video directed by : Mustafa Ahmed & Nabil Elderkin

The Hearse (2021)

3 . Yosamin Davlatova – Devona

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Yosamin Davlatova is a Tajik singer

Gharm Dara (2023)

2 . Max – Stupid In Love (w/ Huh Yunjin)

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Max Changmin, a member of TVXQ from Seoul, debuted in 2003, contributing to TVXQ’s success as Asia’s leading boy band. He launched his solo career with the album “Close to You” in 2015, and “Chocolate” in 2020.
Music video directed by : Miles Murphy

Devil (2021)

1 . Chris Young – What She Sees In Me

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

American country artist Chris Young debuted in 2006, winning “Nashville Star.” With albums like “The Man I Want to Be,” and hits including “Gettin’ You Home,” Young secured multiple chart-toppers. His work, including “Losing Sleep,” has earned him Grammy nominations.

I’M Comin’ Over (2015)

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