‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°700

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Camilo – Una Canción De Amor Para La Pulga

Date Added : May 24,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

Vida De Rico (2020)

49 . Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23 – Cozy

Date Added : May 24,2024

Jeremy Zucker, born on March 3, 1996, in New Jersey, is known for his introspective lyrics. His breakthrough EP “Beach Island” came in 2015, and his albums 2020 “Love Is Not Dying” and 2021 “Crusher” increased his presence. Notable singles include “Comethru” and “You Were Good to Me,” with Chelsea Cutler.
Music video directed by : Paris Mumpower

You Were Good To Me (W/ Chelsea Cutler) (2019)

48 . Twinjabi – Eternal Moments

Date Added : May 24,2024

Twinjabi, an Indian-American pop duo of twin brothers Kush and Neil Nijhawan, blend pop, urban, and world music. Known for their 2019 hit “Bombay” and “Brown Magic,” they have been featured on MTV India and Rolling Stone India.

Bombay (2019)

47 . Chinchilla – 1:5 [Live]

Date Added : May 23,2024

Daisy Matilda Bertenshaw aka Chinchilla is a London-born artist.
Music video directed by : Charlie Rees

Little Girl Gone (2023)

46 . Jennifer Dias – Nha Bebé

Date Added : May 23,2024

Jennifer Dias, a Cape Verdean singer born in 1985, is known for her multilingual music, debuting with “Kel ki um kré” in 2009. Her collaborations, notably with Nelson Freitas on “Deixam em paz,” and her album “Forte” in 2013, have positioned her as a prominent figure in Cape Verdean music, singing in Creole, Portuguese, French, and English.
Music video directed by : Rod Taumata

Je T’EmmèNe (2015)

45 . Felix Jaehn – Without You (w/ Jasmine Thompson)

Date Added : May 23,2024

Felix Jaehn is a German DJ and record producer known for his 2015 remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader,” which topped charts worldwide. His debut album “I” was released in 2016, featuring hits like “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better).”
Music video directed by : Viktor Schanz

Ain’T Nobody [Loves Me Better] (W/ Jasmine Thompson) (2015)

44 . tana – Designer Thangs

Date Added : May 23,2024

tana, formerly known as BabySantana, emerges from Columbus, GA, as a hip-hop prodigy, self-taught in recording within his bedroom closet and posting on Soundcloud uploads, gaining a major boost when Lil Tecca appeared on the remix of his track “Prada.” Then came tracks like “Antisocial” and its sequel, plus “14,” and a debut mixtape, “GAULTIER,” released in 2022 under Galactic Records/Republic Records.

Antisocial (2021)

43 . Fave – Belong To You

Date Added : May 22,2024

Fave, born March 13, 2000, in Anambra State, Nigeria, blends R&B, Pop, Soul, and Dancehall. She gained fame with the freestyle over a Jinmi Abduls beat in 2020. Her 2021 single “Baby Riddim” topped Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50. Her EP “Riddim 5” includes “Mr Man” and features with Olamide and Davido.

Baby Riddim (2022)

42 . Thomas Day – Pretender

Date Added : May 22,2024

Thomas Day, born October 8, 2002, is an American singer and TikTok star. Known for his covers on TikTok and his performance on America’s Got Talent 2020, he has released singles like “Wildflower” and “Overplayed.” His music combines Top 40 sensibilities with personal storytelling.

Not My Job Anymore (2023)

41 . J.Howell – So Good

Date Added : May 22,2024

J. Howell, from Memphis, Tennessee, emerged in the R&B scene with his 2019 single “Talk.” His albums include “RedRoom” (2019) and “Honest” (2022), known for blending classic and modern R&B with soulful vocals.

Right For Me (2023)

40 . Sorn – Crazy Stupid Lovers (w/ Hong Seok)

Date Added : May 21,2024

Sorn, born Chonnasorn Sajakul on November 18, 1996, in Bangkok, Thailand, won “K-Pop Star Hunt” in 2011, leading to her debut in the K-pop group CLC in 2015. She pursued a solo career post-2021 with singles like “Run” and “Sharp Objects.” Sorn also runs the popular YouTube channel ‘Produsorn.’

Run (2021)

39 . Jay Melody – Wa Peke Yangu

Date Added : May 21,2024

Tanzanian artist Jay Melody, real name Sharif Said Juma, broke through with “Namwaga mboga” and has hits like “Goroka,” “Nakupenda,” and “Zeze.” Signing with Epic Records Tanzania, his songwriting collaboration on Nandy’s “Kivuruge” showcases his influence in East African music.Song featured on the album : Therapy

Sawa (2023)

38 . Diesel Gucci – Doser (w/ Hiro)

Date Added : May 21,2024

Diesel Gucci, born Moufouta Borly Jean Rey, is a Congolese artist who gained initial recognition as a dancer, being voted the best dancer in Congo in 2010. Since then, he has become a prominent figure in urban music, characterized by a mix of modern and traditional sounds.
Music video directed by : Pharaforeal

Flex (2021)

37 . Zack Tabudlo – Feel This Way

Date Added : May 19,2024

Zack Tabudlo, born December 6, 2001, from the Philippines, gained early fame on “The Voice Kids.” A skilled songwriter and producer, his singles like “Nangangamba” showcase his R&B-infused alt-pop style while addressing themes of love and heartache.
Music video directed by : Joel Lim

Binibini (2021)

36 . Huddy – Love Bites

Date Added : May 19,2024

Cole Chase Hudson, aka Huddy, is an American singer and social media personality born May 15, 2002. Known for co-founding Hype House, his music career includes the album “Teenage Heartbreak” (2021) and singles like “Slowly Healing” (2023), blending pop, punk, and alternative sounds.
Music video directed by : Phil Chester, Sara Byrne

All The Things I Hate About You (2022)

35 . Meiitod – Pour La Vie

Date Added : May 19,2024

Meiitod, born Adrien Abdullahi in Strasbourg, France, debuted with the album “Pansement” in 2021. Known for singles like “Tes Yeux,” he blends pop and rock, gaining traction since 2012. He founded Warasay label and has a strong YouTube and Instagram presence, promoting music in Mahorais.
Music video directed by : Hulk

Adieu (2023)

34 . Monet192 – Obsession

Date Added : May 19,2024

Swiss rapper Monet192, with roots in Macedonia and Tunisia, gained recognition with “Medical Heartbreak” in 2020. Known for the hit “Nokia,” his music blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop. Monet192 won the Best Talent at the 2020 Swiss Music Awards and is noted for his emotive style.
Music video directed by : Popsiclemane & Luca Di Marco

Nokia (2019)

33 . Stephen Sanchez – Baby Blue Bathing Suit

Date Added : May 17,2024

Stephen Sanchez is an American singer-songwriter from Sacramento, California, known for his viral TikTok hit “Lady by the Sea” and the 2021 multi-platinum single “Until I Found You.” He released his first studio album “Easy on My Eyes” in 2022 and “Angel Face” in 2023.
Music video directed by : James Chappell

Until I Found You (2023)

32 . Akwaboah & Strongman – Forever

Date Added : May 17,2024

Ghanaian artist Akwaboah, a vocalist and keyboardist, began his career in 2009. Known for his album “Matters of the Heart” (2018) and collaborations with Sarkodie.

31 . Dibekulu – Tikur Engdaye

Date Added : May 17,2024

Dibekulu Tafesse, known as Dibekulu, is an Ethiopian vocalist, drummer, and songwriter, formerly of Jano Band. He began his solo career in 2010, blending Ethiopian rhythms with R&B and soul. He has been nominated twice at the AFRIMA music awards.

Yelibe Zema (2023)

30 . Irina Barros – Kanormal

Date Added : May 17,2024

Irina Barros is a South African musician and social media personality known for her TikTok videos. Her music career took off in 2019, and her popular single “Viaja” was released in 2022. She blends Afrobeat and contemporary pop in her work.
Music video directed by : Blackrose

Viaja (2023)

29 . Seventeen, 세븐틴 – spell

Date Added : May 17,2024

Seventeen, a South Korean boy band formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015, gained recognition with their debut mini album “17 Carat,” notable as the longest-charting K-pop album in the U.S. in 2015.

Left & Right (2021)

28 . Role Model – Deeply Still In Love

Date Added : May 14,2024

Role Model, American singer-songwriter Tucker Harrington Pillsbury, began his career with “Arizona in the Summer” in 2017. Signed to Interscope Records in 2018, his discography includes EPs “oh, how perfect” and “our little angel,” and the album “Rx” (2022). Pillsbury’s music, characterized as pop and bedroom pop, delves into themes of mental health and relationships.
Music video directed by : Dylan Knight – Song featured on the album : Kansas Anymore

Neverletyougo (2023)

27 . Yung Gravy – Clementine

Date Added : May 14,2024

Yung Gravy, real name Matthew Hauri, emerged with “Mr. Clean” in 2016, gaining Platinum status. His albums include “Sensational” with the Gold-certified single “Magic.” Known for blending modern trap with ’50s pop influences.
Music video directed by : The Reggies

Betty [Get Money] (2023)

26 . Bien – Sex & Marijuana (w/ Ms Banks)

Date Added : May 14,2024

Bien is a Kenyan artist who became famous on TikTok.Song featured on the album : Alusa Why Are You Topless?

25 . Jackie Jackrin – Sunshine

Date Added : May 14,2024

Thai singer Jackie Jackrin, known from groups Nine by Nine and TRINITY, has hits like “Night Light” and “Haters Got Nothing.” Starred in the drama “In Family We Trust,” earning critical acclaim in music and acting in Thailand.

24 . Shenseea – Neva Neva

Date Added : May 13,2024

Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee, is a Jamaican dancehall and rap artist known for hits like “Loodi” and “Blessed” featuring Tyga. Her heritage is a mix of Afro-Jamaican and Korean. Shenseea‘s journey started with church choirs and led to collaborations with Romeich Major. Her debut album “Alpha” (2022) includes tracks like “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Bad Alone (2020)

23 . Selin – Human

Date Added : May 13,2024

Selin Gecit, a multi-lingual indie-pop artist from Istanbul, raised in Great Britain, blends musicals, jazz, rock, and R&B. Known for “In Control” and “Cool,” her track “Cool” featured in a Spotify campaign in Times Square.
Music video directed by : Biggz

Cool (2023)

22 . RM – Come Back To Me

Date Added : May 13,2024

RM, born Kim Nam-joon in 1994, is the leader of BTS. Known for his deep involvement in BTS’s music, he released solo mixtapes including “RM” (2015). RM stands for “Real Me,” reflecting his musical identity and lyrical depth.
Music video directed by : Lee Sung Jin – Song featured on the album : Right Place, Wrong Person

들꽃놀이 (W/ 조유진) (2023)

21 . Camilo – Amor De Extranjeros

Date Added : May 10,2024

Colombian singer Camilo, born March 16, 1994, soared with “No Te Vayas.” His albums “Por Primera Vez” and “Mis Manos” spotlight hits like “Tutu,” winning him a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.Song featured on the album : Camilovevo

Vida De Rico (2020)

20 . David Dreshaj – Sonte (w/ Skerdi)

Date Added : May 10,2024

David Dreshaj, born on September 23, 1999, in Podgorica, Montenegro, is a Montenegrin-Albanian singer. Known for hits like “Sierra,” which topped charts in Albania in 2019, he participates actively in Kënga Magjike and blends dance-pop with deep house elements. His singles “Nuk e dua” and “Lonely” also charted well.Song featured on the album : David Dreshaj

Nuk E Dua (2021)

19 . Guru Randhawa & Raja Kumari – In Love

Date Added : May 10,2024

Indian artist Guru Randhawa, born in 1991, is known for “Patola” (2014) and “Lahore.” A significant figure in Punjabi and Bollywood music, he has collaborated with artists like Pitbull. His work in films and philanthropy has made him a global icon.
Music video directed by : K Dope – Song featured on the album : T-Series

Naach Meri Rani (2020)

18 . Hiro – Vie D’après

Date Added : May 10,2024

Hiro Le Coq, born Dimitri Nganda on July 14, 1989, in Seine et Mame, France, is a Congolese French rapper. Starting with Bana C4, he went solo with hits like “Blinded” and “Ton pied mon pied.” Albums include “De la haine à l’amour” and “Erratum.” Founded “Millésime Musik” and released “Afro Romance.”
Music video directed by : Marcus & Ezra Sierra – Song featured on the album : Âme

Pas Pareil (2020)

17 . Tegi Pannu & Navaan Sandhu – Addicted

Date Added : May 6,2024

Tegi Pannu, an Indian-Australian Punjabi musician, debuted with the single “Into You” and released two EPs, “Disturbing the Peace” and “Switchin’ Lanes.” Both topped the UK Asian Chart, featuring hit tracks like “One Question,” “On Sight,” and “Schedule,” showcasing his distinctive blend of Indian and Western musical influences.
Music video directed by : Teji Sandhu

Schedule (2022)

16 . Faiza – Kodouma

Date Added : May 6,2024

Faïza, a Malian artist born in Burkina Faso, gained recognition for her collaboration with Malakey on “Bad Girl.” Her single “Wadada” highlighted her ambition and vocal appeal through her unique blend of style, voice, and charm.
Music video directed by : Jypheal

Wadada (2022)

15 . Jonatan Sanchez – Solo Tú

Date Added : May 6,2024

Jonatan Sánchez, a Mexican-American singer, signed at age 15 with Gerencia 360. His 2014 debut single “Mi Primera Vez” led to the 2017 EP “Necesito Una Compañera,” which peaked at No. 4 on the Latin Album Sales chart. He has also opened for Noel Torres and featured in Adriel Favela’s “Mis Gustos Mis Placeres.”

Perfecta (2016)

14 . Wyatt Flores – Milwaukee

Date Added : May 6,2024

Wyatt Flores, an Americana/country singer-songwriter, gained recognition in the early 2020s with hits like “313” and “Travelin’ Kid.” Rooted in his Oklahoma upbringing, his relatable, emotional storytelling draws on folk and pop/rock influences and universal themes of love and loss.
Music video directed by : Edgar Evan

Life Lessons (2023)

13 . Scott Hoying – Mad About You

Date Added : May 5,2024

Scott Hoying, born on September 17, 1991, is a member of the Grammy-winning a cappella group Pentatonix, formed at the University of Southern California. The group rose to fame winning “The Sing-Off” (2011). Hoying is also part of the duo Superfruit, known for its pop and R&B style, accumulating over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers.
Music video directed by : Scott Hoying, Ryan Parma, Lindsey B

Four (2023)

12 . Chris MB – Toi & Moi (w/ Mo’w Kanzie)

Date Added : May 5,2024

Chris MB, an Afropop and Afrobeats artist from Burundi, made a name for himself with tracks like “Ma Reine,” “Elle Veut,” and “Nyegera,” having initially gained recognition as part of the group Like Nos Flows before pursuing a solo career.
Music video directed by : Landry Sb

Ntu Dekone (2022)

11 . Rayvanny & Gerilson Insrael – Mi Amor

Date Added : May 5,2024

Rayvanny, born Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa in 1993, is a Tanzanian artist, renowned for his contribution to the bongo flava and afro-pop genres. He shot to fame in 2016 with the release of the hit song “Kwetu”
Music video directed by : Director Kenny

Tetema (2019)

10 . D Voice – Zoba

Date Added : May 5,2024

A newcomer in the world of Swahili music, Tanzanian D Voice is the latest signee to the Diamond Platnumz’s label WCB Wasafi Record Label.

0 (0)

9 . John Blaq – Commander

Date Added : May 5,2024

John Blaq, a Ugandan artist from Jinja, blends dancehall, afrobeat, and hip-hop styles in tracks like “Tukwatagane” (2018) and “Obubadi,” before releasing his debut album African Blaq (2019).
Music video directed by : Zyga Phix

Follow (2022)

8 . Ravyn Lenae – Love Me Not

Date Added : May 4,2024

Ravyn Lenae is an American singer-songwriter and producer known for the EPs “Moon Shoes” (2015, 2016) and “Crush” (2018), featuring the single “Blossom Dearie” and collaborations with Steve Lacy. She blends R&B, soul, and electronic music, often working with artists like Noname, Smino, and Monte Booker.
Music video directed by : Ravyn Lenae

Skin Tight (W/ Steve Lacy) (2023)

7 . kenzie‘>kenzie, ASTN – close to you

Date Added : May 4,2024

American artist Kenzie Ziegler, known for “Dance Moms,” released albums “Mack Z” (2014) and “Phases” (2018). Collaborating with Johnny Orlando, she’s also known for her acting and significant online presence.
Music video directed by : Mom – Song featured on the album : kenzie‘>kenzie,+ASTN++biting+my+tongue+album&tag=radiovideomus-20′ target=’_blank’ rel=”noopener”>Biting My Tongue

Anatomy (2023)

6 . Darkoo – Favourite Girl (w/ Dess Dior)

Date Added : May 4,2024

Darkoo, a British rapper and singer, gained prominence in 2019 with “Gangsta” featuring One Acen. Her debut EP, “2 in 1” (2020), blends drill, Afrobeat, and dancehall, and the hit “Gangsta” has millions of streams.

Gangsta (W/ One Acen) (2020)

5 . Lisandro Cuxi – Tolo [Faut M’Oublier]

Date Added : May 4,2024

Lisandro Cuxi, a French-Portuguese singer-songwriter, won “The Voice: la plus belle voix” in 2017. His debut album “Ma bonne étoile” (2019), featuring the single “Eva,” received acclaim. His first single, “Danser” (2018), reflects his pop, R&B, and Afrobeat influences.
Music video directed by : Hamza Traoré

Karma (2023)

4 . Nene – All To Myself

Date Added : May 3,2024

Nene, also known as Pornnappan Pornpenpipat, is a Thai artist born on June 25, 1997. She gained fame as a singer and actress, finishing fifth in “Produce Camp 2020” and joining BonBon Girls 303. Following the group’s disbandment in 2022, Nene released her solo single “Promise.” She has acted in series like “Teenage Mom” and “2gether: The Series,” and in the film “Lat Mat 3.”

3 . Essiyas – Run Away

Date Added : May 3,2024

Essiyas, a Canadian singer-songwriter from Vancouver, collaborates with producer Aryabeats, creating music known for its dark and ethereal qualities. He gained recognition with singles “Overdrive” and “Show Me” in 2023.

Show Me (2023)

2 . Spice Diana – Forever (w/ Anko Ronie)

Date Added : May 3,2024

Spice Diana, a Ugandan singer-songwriter, debuted in 2014 with “Onsanula.” Known for collaborations with Pallaso and Harmonize, she’s received awards like Best Female Breakthrough Artist (2015 HiPipo Music Awards) and Female Artist of the Year (Zzina Awards, 2018 and 2019). Her notable singles include “Anti Kale” and “I Miss You.”

Siri Regular (2023)

1 . Pop Stunna – What Happened [Ooh Baby]

Date Added : May 3,2024

Pop Stunna, a hip-hop artist from Nigeria now based in Austin, Texas, released his debut album “Youth” in 2023. Known for energetic raps and melodic beats, the album discusses themes like mental health and personal growth. The lead track “Youth” features rapid flows and synth-heavy production, reflecting his cultural experiences from Nigeria.Song featured on the album : Good Riddance To Bad Love

Roccsta (2023)

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