‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°701

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

36 . Martin Garrix & Dubvision – Wherever You Are (w/ Shaun Farrugia)

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Martin Garrix, Dutch DJ, soared with “Animals” and joined the EDM elite. Ranked #1 on DJ Mag’s list (2016-2018), he founded Stmpd Rcrds and hit singles like “In the Name of Love.”
Music video directed by : Mathias Normann

Animals (2013)

35 . Lewis Fitzgerald – Darling (w/ Libianca)

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Lewis Fitzgerald, a South London singer-songwriter, gained attention with a viral cover of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”. Influenced by Post Malone and Ed Sheeran, his pop-R&B style is evident in “Ashamed” and “Closure” from Sony Music UK.

Love Me (2022)

34 . Ceca & Željko Joksimović – Više Od Sreće [Repeat]

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Ceca, a Serbian pop-folk singer born Svetlana Ražnatović, became famous with her debut album “Cvetak Zanovetak” in 1988. Her album “Decenija” (2001) is her highest-selling to date. She has released fifteen studio albums and is known for her major concert at Marakana Stadium in Belgrade.
Music video directed by : Miloš Nadaždin

Za Kraj (2023)

33 . Says’z – Dis-Moi Oui

Date Added : Jun 12,2024

Says’z, a musician from Moroni, Comoros, gained attention with his cover of Drake’s “One Dance” in 2016. Known for tracks like “Autour d’elle” and “Descends,” he released his debut EP “XVI” in 2017.
Music video directed by : Guy Fonkui – Song featured on the album : Rouge Ep

Descends (2021)

32 . Pratyush Dhiman – Guzara

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Pratyush Dhiman is an Indian singer-songwriter from Palampur, known for his debut single “Na Jaane Kyun Tu” and the hit “Aziyat” (2020). His debut album “Aarambh” features the popular track “Saaya.”
Music video directed by : Postguru – Song featured on the album : Unloved

Aziyat (W/ Jahnavi Rao) (2020)

31 . Stanley Yau, 邱士縉 – Drunk In Love

Date Added : Jun 9,2024

Stanley Yau, born on August 23, 1992, is a Hong Kong singer, dancer, and actor, best known as a member of the boy band MIRROR. Their debut album “One & All” (2019) includes hits like “Ignited.” He also pursues solo projects and acts in TV dramas.

來不及 (2023)

30 . Natti Natasha – Quiéreme Menos

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Natti Natasha, born as Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista in the Dominican Republic, gained acclaim with her dynamic collaborations, such as “Yummy Yummy Love” with Momoland or her debut EP “All About Me”. Known for her significant presence on social media, Natasha has become an icon of contemporary Latin music via her albums “Iluminatti” and “Nattividad”

Yummy Yummy Love (2022)

29 . Sabrina Carpenter – Please Please Please

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Sabrina Carpenter gained early fame with her lead role in Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World.” Then her music career took off with her 2014 debut single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” she has since released a series of successful albums, including “Eyes Wide Open” (2015), “Singular: Act I” (2018) and the 2022 album “Emails I Can’t Send,” featuring the viral hit “Nonsense.” Song featured on the album : Short N’ Sweet

Can’T Blame A Girl For Trying (2014)

28 . Ayliva – Beifahrer

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Ayliva (Elif Akar), born April 4, 1998, in Germany, broke through with her chart-topping single in 2021 and her album “Schwarzes Herz” (2023).
Music video directed by : Bertinaxe, Hüseyin Yildirim

Only You (2017)

27 . Arjun Kanungo & Shivvyy – Maahi Ve

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Arjun Kanungo is an Indian singer, composer, and actor from Mumbai, known for the 2015 hit “Baaki Baatein Peene Baad” featuring Badshah. His debut album “Industry” (2019) showcased his versatility. He has also acted in Bollywood films and web series.
Music video directed by : Arjun Kanungo

Fursat (W/ Sonal Chauhan) (2016)

26 . Ashton Irwin – Straight To Your Heart

Date Added : Jun 6,2024

Ashton Irwin, born July 7, 1994, is the drummer for 5 Seconds of Summer. Known for albums “5 Seconds of Summer” (2014), “Sounds Good Feels Good” (2015), and solo album “Superbloom” (2020).
Music video directed by : Ryan Fleming – Song featured on the album : Blood On The Drums

25 . Josh Tatofi – Who’s That Girl?

Date Added : Jun 6,2024

Josh Tatofi is a Hawaiian singer-songwriter known for “Pua Kiele” (2016), which won two Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards. His second album, “Ua Kui A Lawa” (2019), won five Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards.

Perfect To Me (2021)

24 . Maurane Voyer – Vire Fey (w/ Matieu White)

Date Added : Jun 6,2024

Maurane Voyer is a French Caribbean singer known for singles like “T’inquiète” (2014) and “Doudou” (2014). She has eleased albums “Bazar” (2020) and “BBW” (2022), featuring hits like “Sentimental” and “On Time” with Bamby.
Music video directed by : Mauve & Steeven Gromat – Song featured on the album : Bbw Deluxe

Moli (2022)

23 . Ziggy Alberts – New Love

Date Added : Jun 6,2024

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter known for albums “Land & Sea” (2014) and “Laps Around the Sun” (2018). His popular singles include “Runaway” and “Love Me Now.”
Music video directed by : Bradley Cauchy

Together (2020)

22 . Papa Jay – Hard 2 Find

Date Added : Jun 6,2024

Papa Jay, born Thaddeus J Mixson, is a young R&B artist from Chicago. He achieved the number one song on Chicago’s largest radio station at age 13.
Music video directed by : Big Tee & Jason Green

I Ain’T Playin (2023)

21 . Melanin Boy – Isezerano

Date Added : Jun 4,2024

Melanin Boy is an emerging artist from Burundi, known for his blend of Afrobeat and contemporary rhythms. His popular tracks include “No Force in Love,” “Elena,” and “Alinoonya,” which highlight his ability to combine traditional Burundian sounds with modern influences.

20 . Isak Danielson – Sweat

Date Added : Jun 4,2024

Isak Danielson, a Swedish singer, gained fame on “The X Factor Sweden” in 2012. Known for his emotive vocals, his albums “Yours” and “Remember to Remember Me” explore themes of love and loss.
Music video directed by : Patricia Aliaga Devall & Hedvig Moberg

Power (2018)

19 . Arjan Dhillon – Lil Bit

Date Added : Jun 4,2024

Arjan Dhillon, born December 14, 1994, is an Indian singer and rapper known for his contributions to Punjabi music. His hits include “Bai Bai,” “My Fellas,” and “Gutt.” He released his debut album “Awara” in 2021 and his second album “Jalwa” in 2022.

Long Back (2023)

18 . GildCoustic – Seneng

Date Added : Jun 2,2024

GildCoustic, an Indonesian band founded in 2017 by Gilga Sahid, Indra Setiawan, and Sufyan Baihaqi, blends Javanese pop with modern acoustic elements. Known for their viral hits “Nglarani Ra Kiro-Kiro” (2022) and “Nemen” (2023), the band gained popularity for their emotional and distinctive sound.
Music video directed by : Gilga Sahid & Mackin

Manot (2023)

17 . Leto – Tout Gâché

Date Added : Jun 2,2024

Leto, born Henoc Pierrick Bofenda, is a French rapper known for his solo work and involvement with PSO Thug. His mixtapes “Trap$tar” and “Trap$tar 2” gained attention, and his collaboration with Ninho on “Tes parents” became popular. His album “100 Visages” (2020) features the hit “Train de vie” with PLK.
Music video directed by : Chérif No Color Films

Tes Parents (W/ Ninho) (2020)

16 . Alex Warren – Carry You Home

Date Added : Jun 2,2024

Digital influencer Alex Warren, born in 2000 in Carlsbad, California, rose to fame as a founding member of The Hype House. Overcoming personal challenges, he built a substantial following with nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 14 million TikTok followers, showcasing his content creation skill.
Music video directed by : Bk Barone

Chasing Shadows (2022)

15 . Otile Brown & Barakah The Prince – Umenipendea Nini

Date Added : Jun 2,2024

Kenyan R&B artist Otile Brown‘s debut album “Best of Otile Brown” featured the hit “Imaginary Love” with Khaligraph Jones. He earned a Soundcity MVP Awards nomination in 2020 and was recognized by Billboard as Kenya’s most-watched homegrown artist in the same year.Song featured on the album : Grace

Asante (W/ Rayvanny) (2023)

14 . Sachet Tandon, Parampara Tandon – Kho Jaana

Date Added : Jun 2,2024

Sachet Tandon, born on August 17, 1989, in Lucknow, India, is a playback singer and composer. Known for the hit “Bekhayali” from “Kabir Singh” (2019), he forms the duo Sachet-Parampara. They debuted with “Subah Ki Train” (2017) and composed songs for Bollywood films like “Saaho” and “Street Dancer 3D.”
Music video directed by : Mudassar Khan

Malang Sajna (2023)

13 . Darren Waller – Who Knew [Her Perspective]

Date Added : Jun 2,2024

Darren Waller, born on September 13, 1992, in Landover, Maryland, is an NFL player and emerging hip-hop artist. His music, reflecting personal struggles with substance abuse, includes the debut single “Faith Test” from the album “The Ripple Effect.” He has collaborated with Sy Ari Da Kid and Euroz.
Music video directed by : Arod2Up

Faith Test (2024)

12 . Maki – Dilaw

Date Added : May 29,2024

Maki is a Filipino R&B and pop artist known for his 2023 debut EP “Tanong,” featuring the hit single “Saan?” His music reflects themes of love and loss, with popular tracks like “Halaga” and “Para Sa Buwan.” He was scouted by Tarsier Records after numerous audition rejections.
Music video directed by : Jaydee Alberto

Saan? (2023)

11 . Passy Kizito – Golo

Date Added : May 29,2024

Passy Kizito is a Rwandan Afrobeat artist known for vibrant tracks like “BASI SORI” featuring Chriss Eazy and “Mbaye Wowe” featuring Butera Knowless. His music combines traditional African rhythms with modern elements.

Molo (2022)

10 . Gurpreet Marwah – Inspirational Love

Date Added : May 29,2024

Gurpreet Marwah is an Indian R&B and pop artist known for soulful singles like “Sohni Haan” and “Chan Kithe Guzari.” His song “Yalla Habibi” (2024) showcases his blend of traditional and contemporary sounds.
Music video directed by : Bharat Sharma

Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe (2023)

9 . Amalgama – Beat Of Your Heart

Date Added : May 29,2024

Amalgama, formed in Russia in 2001 and now international, has released albums like “Last Hero” in 2009 and “Back to the 80’s” in 2023. They are known for a melodic style that incorporates classic 80s rock, having toured across Europe with bands like Judas Priest and U.D.O.
Music video directed by : Adrian Meschi – Song featured on the album : Mastermind

In The Middle Of Nowhere (2023)

8 . Calvin Mbanda – Mpa Wowe

Date Added : May 28,2024

Calvin Mbanda, born January 1, 1998, in Rwanda, is a singer known for blending hip-hop and traditional African music. He gained attention with singles like “Joliki” and “Tik Tak.” He started with The Mane Music House and has collaborated with artists like Ariel Wayz and Marina.
Music video directed by : Chico Berry

Fina (2022)

7 . Malik Harris – Promise

Date Added : May 28,2024

Malik Harris, born August 27, 1997, in Germany, is a singer known for his Eurovision 2022 entry “Rockstars,” which achieved Gold certification. His singles include “Dreamer” and “Sticks & Stones.” He collaborated with Mi Casa on “WHO CARES” in 2024.
Music video directed by : Robin Karow & Marie Kobylka

Sticks & Stones (2023)

6 . Laci Kaye Booth – I Let Him Love Me

Date Added : May 28,2024

Laci Kaye Booth emerged from Livingston, Texas, as a country music artist, highlighted by her top five finish on American Idol’s 17th season. Her journey led to Nashville, where she blends traditional country sounds with unique personal influences.

Shuffle (2021)

5 . Davaidasha – Gantsara

Date Added : May 28,2024

Davaidasha, born Ariunbold Ganbold on June 1, 2001, in Mongolia, is a pop singer known for his blend of bedroom pop and emo rap. Notable works include the EP “Aesthetic” and singles like “Yag Cham Shig.” He founded his recording studio in 2021.
Music video directed by : Davaidasha

Чи Чинь Нээрээ (2021)

4 . Tekno – Wayo

Date Added : May 26,2024

Tekno, born Augustine Miles Kelechi on December 17, 1992, in Bauchi, Nigeria, is a singer and producer known for hits like “Duro” and “Pana.” His 2020 album “Old Romance” and collaborations with artists like Davido, Drake, and Ciara have earned him international recognition. He won Best New Act at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards.

Pana (2017)

3 . Camylio – Trouble

Date Added : May 26,2024

Camylio, born Cameron Coleman on July 7, 2001, is an American singer-songwriter from New York. Gaining attention through TikTok, his singles “Back to Basics” (2020) and “ghost me” (2021) were followed by the EPs “all the songs i used to love” (2021) and “before we say goodbye” (2023). He has collaborated with songwriter Toby Gad.

I Tried (2022)

2 . B Young – Man Down

Date Added : May 26,2024

B Young, born Bertan Jafer on January 12, 1995, in Hackney, London, is a British rapper and singer of Turkish-Cypriot descent. Known for his hits “Jumanji” (2017) and “079ME” (2018), he blends hip-hop and afro-swing. He has collaborated with UK rappers like Tion Wayne and Fredo.
Music video directed by : Thedirectorali

Catch Me Outside (2021)

1 . David J, Frawley – After We Broke Up

Date Added : May 26,2024

David J, born October 2, 2003, in Rotterdam, New York, is an American singer known for his viral TikTok videos. He debuted with the country EP “Lost My Heartbreak,” featuring tracks like “Because Of You.” Inspired by Justin Bieber, he transitioned from aspiring NFL player to musician at age thirteen.

Before You (2023)

‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°701



‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°701

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