‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°702

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

55 . Axel Merryl – Zone (w/ Kim)

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Axel Merryl, a Beninese comedian, gained popularity through YouTube with his humorous videos. Known for parodies and gender-related jokes, he’s been acknowledged by celebrities and won a YouTube award. His content, mixing French and Fon, showcases his culture and comedic talent.

Kimi (2023)

54 . M.G.L. & Erika Isac – Voila

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

M.G.L., born Mătăsaru Leonard George in 2001 in Galați, Romania, gained recognition with the single “Galați” (2021). Signed to Virgin Records in 2022, his track “Mood” became a viral hit. Known for combining New York drill with Romanian influences, he collaborates with artists like Nosfe.
Music video directed by : Frnk & Sanziana Pantazi

Gin (W/ Idk) (2023)

53 . Lycinaïs Jean – Danje (w/ Rdydy & Jazzykey)

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Lycinaïs Jean is a French singer-songwriter of Guadeloupean and Martinican descent. Her hit single “Aimer” (2014) marked her breakthrough. Known for blending Caribbean pop, zouk, reggae, and R&B, her album “Mèche Reb’l” (2020) continued her success. Popular songs include “Mwen enmé’w,” reflecting her diverse musical influences.

Entre Nous (2017)

52 . Asagwile – Ndoa

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Asagwile, born Asagwile Mwasongwe, is a Tanzanian singer known for his breakout single “Ndoa” after competing in Bongo Star Search 2018. He won Bongo Star Search All Stars in 2022. His music, spanning gospel and contemporary African genres, includes hits like “Safari” and “Asante Baba.”
Music video directed by : Pacha Gfx7

Leo (2023)

51 . Butrint Imeri – Tu Menu

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Butrint Imeri, a Kosovo-Albanian singer, rose to fame with singles like “Ki me lyp” and “Merre zemrën tem.” His debut album “Nese Do” (2018) solidified his place in the Albanian music scene. Popular singles include “Phantom” (2020) and “Delicious” with Eleni Foureira, showcasing his blend of R&B and Albanian musical elements.
Music video directed by : Sekuence

Diskoteka (2023)

50 . Babasha – Amo Amo

Date Added : Jul 4,2024

Babasha, born Vlad Babașa, is a Romanian singer from Bacău known for the manele genre. He gained fame in 2023 with the viral single “Păi Naa,” which topped Romania’s trending charts on YouTube. His music blends traditional Romanian folk with contemporary pop and Balkan influences.
Music video directed by : Tatuatu

Aoleu (2024)

49 . Young Jonn – Bahamas

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

Nigerian artist Young Jonn, born February 16, 1995, in Ibadan, transitioned from a producer at YBNL Nation to a solo artist. His 2022 EP “Love Is Not Enough” features the hit “Dada,” and he signed with Chocolate City Music. Known for blending Afro pop, hip hop, and Afrobeats.

Xtra Cool (2023)

48 . Koffi Olomide – Embouteillage (w/ Jr33)

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

Koffi Olomidé, born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba in 1956, is a renowned Congolese singer, hailed as the “King of Ndombolo”. His third studio album, “Diva,” released in 1985, catapulted him to fame while introducing his signature Tcha Tcho style, a slower, sensual variant of Soukous.
Music video directed by : Jephte Ibuka – Song featured on the album : Platinium Vol 2

Loi (2014)

47 . KJ Spio, Sarkodie, Loick Essien & Ambré – Jealous

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

KJ Spio is a Ghanaian-British musician known for blending Afrobeats and contemporary R&B.

Undress You (W/ Oxlade, Sarkodie) (2023)

46 . Remy Bond – Summer Song

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

Remy Bond, born March 27, 2004, in New York City, is an actress and singer known for her role in “30 Rock” and her single “Summer Song” with Air.

45 . Aaron Frazer – Dime (w/ Cancamusa)

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

Aaron Frazer, recognized for his work with Durand Jones & The Indications and for his solo album “Introducing…” produced by Dan Auerbach in 2021, combines soul, gospel, and doo-wop influences, addressing themes of love and societal challenges.
Music video directed by : Paco Ibarra – Song featured on the album : ‘Into The Blue

Bad News (2021)

44 . Clever – Candlelight

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Clever, born Joshua Tyler Huie, is an American singer and rapper from Gadsden, Alabama. Known for his emotive style, his feature on Juice WRLD’s “Ring Ring” gained him significant attention. His debut album “Crazy” (2021) includes popular singles like “Rolls Royce Umbrella” featuring Chris Brown.
Music video directed by : Opus Mercury

Loyalty (2019)

43 . Elgit Doda & Emra Brah – Dite E Natë

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Elgit Doda is an Albanian singer and producer known for his hit singles and the album “The Best of Elgit Doda” (2018). His popular single “Nuk Je” and collaborations with other prominent Albanian artists have established him as a figure in the Albanian music scene.

Larg (2022)

42 . Jimin, 지민 – smeraldo Garden Marching Band (w/ Loco)

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Jimin, a member of BTS, hailing from South Korea, began his journey with a passion for dance, joining BTS in 2013. He’s achieved solo success with tracks like “Lie” and “Filter,” and his album “Face” in 2023 hit number one. Jimin‘s academic pursuits in business complement his artistic achievements.
Music video directed by : Samson

Like Crazy (2023)

41 . Ali Gatie – Therapy

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Ali Gatie, an Iraqi-Canadian pop and R&B singer born in Yemen,rose to fame with the 2019 song “It’s You” amassing over 650 million streams and achieving international chart success.
Music video directed by : Jaketheshooter

What If I Told You That I Love You (2020)

40 . Omar Apollo – Done With You

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Omar Apollo, an American singer-songwriter from Indiana, blends R&B, pop, and Latin music, drawing on diverse influences. His debut album “Ivory” in 2022, including the hit “Evergreen,” showcases his genre-blending talent. Featured as Apple Music’s Up Next artist, he has received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and collaborated with C. Tangana.
Music video directed by : Mitch Ryan – Song featured on the album : God Said No

Evergreen [You Didn’T Deserve Me At All] (2023)

39 . Sasha Keable, Destin Conrad – Auction

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Sasha Keable, a British singer-songwriter with Colombian roots, gained recognition from her collaboration with Disclosure on “Voices”. She has released EPs like “Black Book” (2013) and “Intermission” (2021), exploring themes of heartbreak and self-love under Polydor Records.
Music video directed by : Ben Cole

Killing Me (W/ Jorja Smith) (2022)

38 . Ya Levis – Ne Doute Pas

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Ya Levis, born Prince Nemiala on September 9, 1994, is a Congolese singer-songwriter. Known for ndombolo and African rumba, he gained fame with “Libala” (2018) and “Katchua” (2018). His albums include “El Mayalove” and “LCLM:Prélude.”
Music video directed by : Matthieu Allard

Ya Leviskatchua (2018)

37 . Dhanda Nyoliwala – Mia Cara

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Dhanda Nyoliwala, an Indian artist from Haryana, blends traditional and contemporary music. His 2018 single “Chhora Jaat Ka” became a viral hit, bringing him widespread recognition. Dhanda’s music reflects his regional roots and modern influences.
Music video directed by : Parneet Josan

Afgan (W/ Matty) (2021)

36 . Wooda – Last Message

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Wooda is an up-and-coming American artist.

Fouled Out (W/ Sturdyyoungin & Ohthatsmizz) (2023)

35 . Mawar De Jongh, Jaz – Bukan Dengan Dia

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Mawar Eva de Jongh, born on September 26, 2001, in Haarlem, Netherlands, is an Indonesian actress and singer. She gained fame with her role in “London Love Story 2” (2017) and starred in “Bumi Manusia” (2019). Her hit single “Lebih Dari Egoku” topped Indonesian charts.
Music video directed by : Bernardus Raka

Lebih Dari Egoku (2020)

34 . MC Solaar & Marie-Flore – Okay

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

MC Solaar, born Claude M’Barali on March 5, 1969, in Senegal, is a pioneering French rapper. His debut single “Bouge de là” and album “Qui Sème le Vent Récolte le Tempo” were major successes. Known for complex lyrics and philosophical themes, his album “Géopoétique” won the 2018 Victoires de la Musique for best album.
Music video directed by : Mateo Da Silva – Song featured on the album : Triptyque : Éclats Cosmiques

Caroline (1991)

33 . Twin Strings – Woh Tum Ho (w/ Hansika Pareek)

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Twin Strings is an Indian band from New Delhi, known for fusing classical Indian music with contemporary sounds. Their viral cover videos led to their breakthrough in 2015. Their single “Tera Zikr” is popular for its soulful melodies and modern production. The band’s music features a mix of acoustic and electronic elements.
Music video directed by : Sagar Kr

Doorie (2022)

32 . Maria Campos – Amor Mio

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Maria Campos, an Argentine musician, began her career at 12 and found success in Buenos Aires’ underground scene by 18. Encouraged by Gustavo Santolalla and Cachorro López, she returned to music after a hiatus, contributing to soundtracks and ad campaigns.
Music video directed by : Hernan Corera, Mateo Yaya

Charlita Veneno (2019)

31 . Dominique Fils-Aimé – Moi Je T’aime

Date Added : Jun 28,2024

Dominique Fils-Aimé, a Canadian singer-songwriter from Montreal, gained recognition with her album trilogy exploring African-American music: “Nameless” (2018), “Stay Tuned!” (2019), and “Three Little Words” (2021). “Stay Tuned!” won a JUNO Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. Her work blends blues, jazz, and soul, addressing social issues and historical themes.
Music video directed by : Miryam Charles

Love Take Over (2021)

30 . Denimwoods – Daiso (w/ Takura)

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Denimwoods, born Abraham Mulumba Lupwishi, is a Zambian artist blending Afro-pop and R&B. His single “Home Alone” (2017) marked his debut, and he gained recognition through emPawa Africa. His song “All I Got” (2022) reflects on themes of love and relationships.
Music video directed by : Rowanin

Peanut Butter (2021)

29 . Iuly Neamtu – Nu Exist

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Iuly Neamtu, born Iulian Neamtu, is a Romanian artist known for his folk-pop music. His singles “Un pas mai incolo,” “Cum sa nu te iubesc,” and the EP “Ce ne facem” have earned him recognition in Romania. He has collaborated with artists like Sonia Vassi and Lukas Graham.
Music video directed by : Ciolpan Gabriel

Ai O Fusta Cu Dulceata (W/ Costel Biju) (2020)

28 . Klymaxx – Love Me (w/ Cheryl Cooley)

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Klymaxx, an all-female pop and R&B band from Los Angeles, gained fame with their album “Meeting in the Ladies Room” (1984). Known for hits like “The Men All Pause” and “I Miss You,” they are celebrated for their pioneering role in the 1980s music scene.
Music video directed by : Richard Garay

I Miss You (2009)

27 . Jim Rama & Jmax – Non Non

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Jim Rama, a Guadeloupean artist, is known for his contributions to Zouk music. He began with the group Kanel and released solo albums like “Nuits Intimes” and “As de coeur.” His notable songs include “Sandy” and “Pani pli bel.”
Music video directed by : Jorry Geoffroy

Sandy (2012)

26 . Oswald – Ou Fém Vakabon

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Oswald, born Oswald Juste Jr., is a Haitian singer known for his blend of kompa, zouk, and R&B. His debut album “Nou Paka Separe” (2015) featured the hit single “Lanmou Fasil.” He won the “Defi Lyceen” in 2007 and has collaborated with artists like Ralph Tamar and Tanya Saint-Val.Song featured on the album : Oxygen

I Can’T Let You Go (2022)

25 . Youka – Allo (w/ Jungeli)

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Youka is a French artist from Seine-et-Marne, signed to Jatkiss label.
Music video directed by : Dabo Kadima

Johnny (2023)

24 . Nouaman Belaiachi – Bla Bla

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Nouaman Belaiachi, a Moroccan-Dutch singer, is known for his blend of Arabic and Western styles. His hit single “Mi Amor” and debut album “Dayman” have made significant impacts. The single “La Dot” has millions of views.
Music video directed by : Youness Belaiachi

Goulo Lhabibi (2022)

23 . Sergej Pajić & Edita – Rio Rio

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Sergej Pajić, born August 23, 2003, in Banja Luka, is a Bosnian-Serbian pop singer. He rose to fame after winning “Pinkove Zvezdice” and gained popularity with “Nema Te Opet.” His music blends contemporary pop with traditional Balkan influences.
Music video directed by : Luka Rec

Kabul (2023)

22 . Jahyanai & Rdydy – Ganyen

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Jahyanai, born Yanis Alfonso, is a French-Guianese dancehall artist known for the hit “Dweet So” (2013). His debut album “Mode Avion” (2019) features popular tracks like “Who Mad Again.” Notable collaborations include Bamby on hits like “Run Di Place.”
Music video directed by : Directedbynono

Who Mad Again (W/ Bamby) (2018)

21 . Lacrim – No Lo Se

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Lacrim, born Karim Zenoud in Paris, reshapes French rap with his Algerian roots. Debuting with “Faites Entrer Lacrim” in 2012, his platinum hits like “Traîtres” blend gritty lyrics with magnetic beats. Song featured on the album : Veni Vidi Vici

Sablier (2015)

20 . Ali Zafar – Yaar Di Akh

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Ali Zafar, born May 18, 1980, in Lahore, Pakistan, is a renowned singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. His debut album “Huqa Pani” (2003) sold over 5 million copies. Known for hits like “Channo,” he has also made significant contributions to Bollywood with films like “Tere Bin Laden” and “Dear Zindagi.”
Music video directed by : Joel Wicecarver & Nouman Khan

Main Nahi Hoon (2023)

19 . Brantley Gilbert – Over When We’re Sober (w/ Ashley Cooke)

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Brantley Gilbert, born January 20, 1985, in Jefferson, Georgia, is an American country singer known for blending country and rock. His album “Halfway to Heaven” (2010) produced hits like “Country Must Be Country Wide.” Known for “Bottoms Up,” he has toured extensively and released several successful albums.

Bottoms Up (2014)

18 . Houari – Vanillée (w/ Jul)

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Houari, also known as Kamel Jdayni Houari, is a French rapper from Marseille. Part of the 13’Organisé collective, their hit “Bande Organisée” (2020) topped French charts. Song featured on the album : C’Est De La Cali

Freestyle R100R Pt 3 (2022)

17 . Jenna Davis – 6Ft Nothing

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Jenna Davis, born May 5, 2004, in Plano, Texas, is an actress, singer, and social media influencer. Known for her roles in “Chicken Girls” and “Raven’s Home,” she has also voiced in the film “M3GAN.” Davis gained significant recognition on YouTube for her music covers, including Sia’s “Cheap Thrills,” and has millions of followers on social media.
Music video directed by : Chase Denton

Dicaprio (2023)

16 . Calema, Tayc – Dis-Le Moi

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Calema, a duo from São Tomé and Príncipe with Portuguese roots, mix electronic and Kizomba music. Known for their album “A Nossa Vez,” they rose to fame in Portugal after winning “Luso artist” and collaborating with Anselmo Ralph.
Music video directed by : Mateo Da Silva

A Nossa Vez (2017)

15 . Capo Plaza – Fino All’Alba

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Capo Plaza, born Luca D’Orso, is an Italian rapper from Salerno, known for his debut album “20” which topped the FIMI Albums Chart. His music, a mix of rap and trap, features collaborations with artists like Sfera Ebbasta and hits such as “Tesla.” His 2021 album “Plaza” includes tracks with Gunna, Lil Tjay, and A Boogie wit da Hoodie.
Music video directed by : Peter Marvu

Capo Plaza (2021)

14 . Dei V – VNKLF

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Dei V, real name David G. Juarbe from Carolina, Puerto Rico, entered the scene with “Hustlin” in 2020. His track “VVS” gained traction, and “On Fleek” solidified his presence. He collaborates under his label, Under Water Music.

Vvs (2023)

13 . VannDa – Baby Mama

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Cambodian rapper Vannda, born Mann Vannda on January 22, 1997, is known for blending Khmer and English in his music. He rose to fame with “J+O” and the hit “Time to Rise,” featuring Master Kong Nay. Albums include “$kull the Album” and “SKULL 2: SEASON 1,” showcasing his unique style.
Music video directed by : Daniel Omens

Time To Rise (W/ Master Kong Nay) (2021)

12 . Parth Srivastava – Sahiba

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Parth Srivastava, an Indian musician from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is known for his versatility across classical, contemporary, and fusion music. His debut album “Echoes of Tradition” (2016) features the popular single “Raga in the Rain,” blending traditional Indian ragas with modern instrumental techniques.
Music video directed by : Mitali Solanki, Sourav Das

Hai Zindagi (2023)

11 . Naza – Une Histoire (w/ Tiakola)

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

French rapper Naza, born Jean-Désiré Dimitri Sosso Dzabatou, released “Incroyable” (2017) and “Gros bébé” (2020), both achieving gold status in France. Known for “Jolie bébé” featuring Niska.
Music video directed by : Artduclip – Song featured on the album : Nazaland

Loin De Moi (2020)

10 . Khalid – Adore U

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Khalid, an American singer-songwriter, gained fame with “Location” and the multi-platinum album “American Teen” in 2017. Known for blending soul, R&B, and pop, his top hits include “Young Dumb & Broke” and collaborations like “Love Lies” with Normani.

Better (2019)

9 . Sanju Rathod – Gulabi Sadi

Date Added : Jun 20,2024

Sanju Rathod, born on November 24, 1998, in Dhanwad, Maharashtra, is an Indian singer-songwriter known for “Bappa Wala Gaan” and viral hit “Gulabi Sadi.” His notable tracks include “Nauwari Vaishi” and “Buletwali.” He has also ventured into directing and music production.
Music video directed by : An 5Epkhmptjm

Kaymcha (2023)

8 . Jizzle – Je T’aime

Date Added : Jun 20,2024

Jizzle, born Jerreh Jallow on August 14, 1994, in Bakau, Gambia, is an Afro-pop artist known for albums “The Next Big Thing” (2018) and “Me Vs Me” (2023). His hit singles include “Turn by Turn,” “Incase,” and “Joanna.” Jizzle performs in Fula, Mandingo, Wolof, and English.
Music video directed by : Dx Director

Abu Dhabi (2022)

7 . Sunmi, 선미 – Balloon In Love

Date Added : Jun 20,2024

Sunmi, born Lee Sun-mi on May 2, 1992, in Iksan, South Korea, is known for solo hits “24 Hours” (2013) and “Gashina” (2017). She debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007 and later released successful albums “Full Moon” (2014) and “Warning” (2018).

You Can’T Sit With Us (2022)

6 . Moha K – J’avoue

Date Added : Jun 20,2024

French-Moroccan rapper Moha K, born in 2000, rose to fame with the album “Dernier Souffle,” featuring the hit “Vroum Vroum.” Known for blending raï and urban pop, he also released singles “Goodbye” and “Allo” in 2024.
Music video directed by : Wissiz

Vroum Vroum (2021)

5 . Vegedream, Singuila – Elle Veut Jouer

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Vegedream, born Satchela Evrard Djedje on August 25, 1992, in Orléans, France, is a rapper and singer known for his 2018 hit “Ramenez la coupe à la maison,” celebrating France’s 2018 FIFA World Cup win. His albums include “Marchand de sable” (2018) and “Ategban” (2019), with the former reaching France’s top 5.
Music video directed by : Kamerameha

Ramenez La Coupe A La Maison (2019)

4 . Tony Fika – Buta Pagal (w/ Oudjí)

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Tony Fika, born António Da Veiga Semedo, is a Portuguese singer known for his album “Acredita” (2019) and the single “Nca Ta Skeci Di Bo” (2022). He blends traditional Portuguese sounds with contemporary music stylese.
Music video directed by : Anonims Makers

Forti Tchora (W/ Lavvy) (2023)

3 . Stephen Wilson Jr. – Grief Is Only Love

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Stephen Wilson Jr., from Seymour, Indiana, gained attention with his EP “bon aqua” (2019). Known for the single “The Devil,” his music blends Americana, folk, and rock influences, often exploring themes of life, love, and the passage of time.Song featured on the album : Søn Of Dad

Father’S Søn (2023)

2 . Vyroota – Maria

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Vyroota, born Musigazi Abdulaziz on May 9, 2003, in Kireka Kira Wakiso, Uganda, is known for his fusion of dancehall, reggae, Afrobeat, and R&B pop. Guided by his friend TheBwoy_Walu, Vyroota collaborated with producers like Aban Beats and Nexo Ku Ngooma.

Risk (2023)

1 . Soegi Bornean – Mantra Puja

Date Added : Jun 19,2024

Soegi Bornean, an Indonesian indie pop band from Semarang, debuted with the EP “Atma” (2020). Known for the hit single “Asmalibrasi,” they blend pop, folk, and acoustic genres with Javanese cultural sounds. They released the album “Langkah Rupa” in 2024.

Pijaraya (2020)

‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°702



‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°702

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