‘L’Amour Toujours’ New Music Videos – N°703


‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°703

Here are the brand new worldwide love songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

12 . Clever – Sandcastles

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Clever, born Joshua Tyler Huie, is an American singer and rapper from Gadsden, Alabama. Known for his emotive style, his feature on Juice WRLD’s “Ring Ring” gained him significant attention. His debut album “Crazy” (2021) includes popular singles like “Rolls Royce Umbrella” featuring Chris Brown.

Loyalty (2019)

11 . Kaka – Neend

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Kaka, born April 5, 1994, in Punjab, India, debuted in 2019 with “Scene 4”. Hits like “Keh Len De” and “Teeji Seat” propelled him in the Punjabi music scene. His work spans singing, lyric writing, and music composition.
Music video directed by : Robby Singh Padda

Mitti De Tibbe (2023)

10 . Landrick – Babete

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Landrick, born Lando Ndombele on November 11, 1989, in Luanda, Angola, is an Angolan R&B and Afro-pop musician. Known for hits like “Me Agarra Só Uhm” from his 2015 album “Mr. Confuso,” Landrick has won awards such as Top of the Most Loved Of Radio Nacional de Angola and Top Rádio Luanda. His second album, “Zolana,” includes the hit “Kuyuyu.”
Music video directed by : Felitcheck

Jeito Dela (2020)

9 . Elijah Kitaka – Dawa

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Elijah Kitaka, a Ugandan drummer and singer, blends reggae with diverse genres. Known for “Muliro” and “Right or Wrong” (2019), Kitaka has performed at major festivals like Nyege Nyege. His collaborations with artists like Maurice Kirya highlight his contribution to Uganda’s music scene.

Kontrol (2023)

8 . Marvin – Jusqu’Au Bout Du Monde (w/ Léa Churros)

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Marvin, a singer from Réunion, gained fame with his 2006 album “Mon Univers” featuring the hit “On va s’ambiancer.” Known for blending Zouk and R&B, his notable albums include “By Marvin” (2009) and “Metissé” (2012).
Music video directed by : Maiky

Le Coup De Soleil (2014)

7 . Tanishk Bagchi – Suhagan

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Tanishk Bagchi, an Indian music composer and producer, gained prominence with “Banno” from “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” (2015). Known for recreating classic Bollywood songs, his hits include “Humma Humma” from “OK Jaanu” and “Dilbar” from “Satyameva Jayate.”

6 . Axel Merryl – Zone (w/ Kim)

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Axel Merryl, a Beninese comedian, gained popularity through YouTube with his humorous videos. Known for parodies and gender-related jokes, he’s been acknowledged by celebrities and won a YouTube award. His content, mixing French and Fon, showcases his culture and comedic talent.

Kimi (2023)

5 . M.G.L. & Erika Isac – Voila

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

M.G.L., born Mătăsaru Leonard George in 2001 in Galați, Romania, gained recognition with the single “Galați” (2021). Signed to Virgin Records in 2022, his track “Mood” became a viral hit. Known for combining New York drill with Romanian influences, he collaborates with artists like Nosfe.
Music video directed by : Frnk & Sanziana Pantazi

Gin (W/ Idk) (2023)

4 . Lycinaïs Jean – Danje (w/ Rdydy & Jazzykey)

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Lycinaïs Jean is a French singer-songwriter of Guadeloupean and Martinican descent. Her hit single “Aimer” (2014) marked her breakthrough. Known for blending Caribbean pop, zouk, reggae, and R&B, her album “Mèche Reb’l” (2020) continued her success. Popular songs include “Mwen enmé’w,” reflecting her diverse musical influences.

Entre Nous (2017)

3 . Asagwile – Ndoa

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Asagwile, born Asagwile Mwasongwe, is a Tanzanian singer known for his breakout single “Ndoa” after competing in Bongo Star Search 2018. He won Bongo Star Search All Stars in 2022. His music, spanning gospel and contemporary African genres, includes hits like “Safari” and “Asante Baba.”
Music video directed by : Pacha Gfx7

Leo (2023)

2 . Butrint Imeri – Tu Menu

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Butrint Imeri, a Kosovo-Albanian singer, rose to fame with singles like “Ki me lyp” and “Merre zemrën tem.” His debut album “Nese Do” (2018) solidified his place in the Albanian music scene. Popular singles include “Phantom” (2020) and “Delicious” with Eleni Foureira, showcasing his blend of R&B and Albanian musical elements.
Music video directed by : Sekuence

Diskoteka (2023)

1 . Babasha – Amo Amo

Date Added : Jul 4,2024

Babasha, born Vlad Babașa, is a Romanian singer from Bacău known for the manele genre. He gained fame in 2023 with the viral single “Păi Naa,” which topped Romania’s trending charts on YouTube. His music blends traditional Romanian folk with contemporary pop and Balkan influences.
Music video directed by : Tatuatu

Aoleu (2024)

‘L’Amour Toujours’  New Music Videos – N°703


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