MCA Records publish Larry Carlton’s live album : ‘Last Nite’ (1986)

Larry Carlton‘s ‘Last Nite’ is a live album recorded in 1985 at The Baked Potato In North Hollywood and released on February 17, 1986 by MCA Records


MCA Records publish Larry Carlton’s  live album : ‘Last Nite’ (1986)

1 . So What (1997)

2 . B.P Blue (Blue Note, Tokyo, 1993)

3 . Emotions Wound Us So

4 . Emotions Wound Us So (Bluenote, Tokyo, 1993)

Larry Carlton – Last Nite

Track Listing : 1.So What (Miles Davis) – 07:57 . 2.Don’T Give It Up (Larry Carlton) – 05:32 . 3.The B.P. Blues (Larry Carlton) – 07:53 . 4.All Blues (Miles Davis)- 08:18 . 5.Last Nite (Larry Carlton) – 07:57 . 6.Emotions Wound Us So (Larry Carlton) – 06:17

Musicians : Larry Carlton – Guitar . Alex Acuña – Percussion . Abraham Laboriel, Sr. – Bass . John “J.R.” Robinson – Drums . Terry Trotter – Keyboards

Production : Produced By Larry Rosen . Rik Pekkonen – Engineer

Recorded 1985 At The Baked Potato In North Hollywood, California.

Released On February 17, 1986 By Mca Records.

(Source Larry Carlton – Last Nite | Official Website of Mr. 335)


Carlton is heard throughout at his very best, making one wonder why he has recorded so few albums of a similar spontaneous nature in his career. […]

Glenn W. Kalte @ Amazon
The seemimg simplicity and emotional depth of some of his riffs – man alive! This is one of the finest jazz-fusion albumns I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. It’s one of those albumns make’s me wish I’d taken up knitting instead of the guitar… can anyone be that good? I can’t stop listening to it! […]

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