Last week In Visual Artists 15

Andy Earl, James Grashow, Gary Heery, Linder Sterling, Steve Barron, Ricky Powell, Roman Coppola, Wayne Isham, Terry O’Neill, William Claxton, Danny Clinch, Michael Putland. They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 221 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


Last week In Visual Artists 15


Last week In Visual Artists 15


1 . Andy Earl – EOS 5D MkII (by Dave Haigh)

Lifted from : “That’s Right” George Benson‘s album

2 . James Grashow –

Lifted from : “Stand Up” Jethro Tull‘s second album

3 . Gary Heery – Meet Gary Heery (by Cohen Handler)

Lifted from : “Madonna” eponymous debut album

4 . Linder Sterling – On Art and Punk Rock (by Tate)

Lifted from : “Your Arsenal” Morrissey’s third album

5 . Steve Barron – interview (by Mike Bassett)

Lifted from : “Madonna” eponymous debut album

6 . Ricky Powell – The Beastie Boys’ Honorary Fourth Member Takes Us Through New York’s Golden Era Hip-Hop Haunts (by Highsnobiety)

Lifted from : “Paul”s Boutique” Beastie Boys’ second album

7 . Roman Coppola – In Front of the Camera (by Associated Press)

Lifted from : “Is This It” The Strokes‘ debut album

8 . Wayne Isham – MVPA Lifetime Acheivment Award (by obscurevideoguy)

Lifted from : “Celebrity” NSYNC’s fourth album

9 . Terry O’Neill – Photographer of David Bowie and Frank Sinatra (by Christie’s)

Lifted from : “Live at the London Palladium” Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli’s album

10 . William Claxton – Jazz Seen (by Ovation)

Lifted from : Chet Baker Sings” Chet Baker‘s album

11 . Danny Clinch – In Focus: Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography Icon, Danny Clinch (by American Photo

Lifted from : “The Rising” Bruce Springsteen‘s twelfth album

12 . Michael Putland – “The Music I Saw” BOOKtrailer (by LullaBit)

Lifted from : “The Breeze (An Appreciation of J.J. Cale)” Eric Clapton‘s album


Last week In Visual Artists 15

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