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Michael Spencer Jones, Chris Cunningham, Dean Karr, Marc Baptiste, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Nigel Dick, Joseph Kahn, Paul Hunter, Shynola, Tim Pope, Sølve Sundsbø, . They are the 11 Visual Artists selected among the 229 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Michael Spencer Jones – Morning Glory Photo Shoot (By Sonic Editions)

Lifted from : “Be Here Now” Oasis’ third album

2 . Chris Cunningham – Making All Is Full Of Love (2003) (By Filmkolumne)

Lifted from : “Dummy” Portishead’s debut album

3 . Dean Karr – Made By Music (By House Of Guvera)

Lifted from : “Songs for the Deaf” Queens of the Stone Age’s third album

4 . Marc Baptiste – How I Made It (By Styleblazer)

Lifted from : “The Miseducation of Lauryn HillLauryn Hill‘s debut solo album

5 . Michael Lindsay-Hogg – The Beatles Revolution (By The Beatles)

Lifted from : “Tattoo You” The Rolling Stones‘ sixteentth album

6 . Nigel Dick – Gets Emotional Sharing Story About Britney Spears (By Britney Boards)

Lifted from : “Be Here Now” Oasis’ third album

7 . Joseph Kahn – Beautiful Behind The Scenes (By Mariah Carey)

Lifted from : Christina Aguilera” eponymous debut album

8 . Paul Hunter – Making The Video: “Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution” (By Aaliyah)

Lifted from : “Idlewild” OutKast’ s sixth album

9 . Shynola – Work Mash-Up (By Destiny Bro)

Lifted from : “Songs for the Deaf” Queens of the Stone Age’s third album

10 . Tim Pope – The The’S Pioneering Infected Film/Video Album (By Jake Bickerton)

Lifted from : “The Head on the Door” The Cure‘s sixth album

11 . Sølve Sundsbø – Love Magazine Issue 11 (By Anders Sølvsten Thomsen)

Lifted from : “A Rush of Blood to the Head” Coldplay’s ‘second album


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