Last week In Visual Artists 23

Marcus Haney , Kinga Burza, Alex Grey, Cameron Crowe, Dominic Sena, Elliott Landy, Helmut Newton, Julien Temple, Neil Zlozower, Sam Taylor Wood, Tim Bret Day, Tom Tomorrow. They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 257 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Marcus Haney – Talks ‘No Cameras Allowed’ (by [V])

Lifted from : “Babel” Mumford & Sons’ second album

2 . Kinga Burza – Girls Cant Catch On Blue (by Hopedaily)

Lifted from : “Honeymoon”Lana Del Rey’s fourth album

3 . Alex Grey – Kundalini Visualization (by Nikolas Stark)

Lifted from : “In Utero” Nirvana’s third and final album

4 . Cameron Crowe – The Films Of Cameron Crowe (by Madworld1427)

Lifted from : “Backspacer” Pearl Jam’s ninth album

5 . Dominic Sena – The Amazing Chase Sequence From “Swordfish” (by Support Film Art)

Lifted from : “Rhythm Nation 1814” Janet Jackson’s fourth album

6 . Elliott Landy – Book Of The Band (by Elliott Landy)

Lifted from : The Band” their eponymous second album

7 . Helmut Newton – On Gear / Tribute With Natacha Atlas “Man’S World”(by Morgan Moller / Lips Loung)

Lifted from : “The Id” Macy Gray’s second album

8 . Julien Temple – London The Modern Babylon (by Bfitrailers)

Lifted from : “Rhythm Nation 1814” Janet Jackson’s fourth album

9 . Neil Zlozower – On The Movie “Rockstar” / Zloz Fridayz!! Week 4 (by Tim Phoenix / Redmonkeyla)

Lifted from : “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” AC/DC’s third album

10 . Sam Taylor Wood – Exhibition (by Parkett Art)

Lifted from : “From This Moment On” Diana Krall’s ninth album

11 . Tim Bret Day – This Is…Circus with Jodie Harsh (by Jodieharsh)

Lifted from : “Hours…” David Bowie’s twenty-first album

12 . Tom Tomorrow – Crazy Is The New Normal (by Idwpublishing)

Lifted from : “Backspacer” Pearl Jam’s ninth album


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