Last week In Visual Artists 25

Anders Petersen, Andy Baybutt, Francis Lawrence, Michael Muller , Ruby Mazur, Sam Brown, Spike Lee, Iain McKell, John Ricard, Rocky Schenck, Thom Zimny, Timothy Fielding. They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 246 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Anders Petersen – Retrospektive (by Marta Herford)

Lifted from : “Rain Dogs” Tom Waits’ ninth album

2 . Andy Baybutt – The Band Aid Story (by Andy Baybutt)

Lifted from : “Urban Hymns” The Verve’s third album

3 . Francis Lawrence – The interview / Red Sparrow Trailer (by Christian Dior / Trailer City)

Lifted from : “Beautiful Garbage” Garbage’s third album

4 . Michael Muller – Behind the Scenes with Alex Honnold (by Outside)

Lifted from : “Libra” Toni Braxton ‘s fifth album

5 . Ruby Mazur – At the Bill Wyland Gallery (by Shoots Productions)

Lifted from : “The Cry of My People” Archie Shepp’s album

6 . Sam Brown – Costa Coffee ‘Coffee Heads’ / Strongbow ‘Earn It’ (by millchannel / Stash Creative)

Lifted from : “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” Foo Fighters’ sixth album

7 . Spike Lee – 1992 Nike / “Headwear Game” (by Jean-Sebastien Blondel / LIDS)

Lifted from : “Diamonds and Pearls” Prince’s thirteenth album

8 . Iain McKell – Showreel (by iainmckell165)

Lifted from : “World Machine” Level 42‘s sixth album

9 . John Ricard – Beauty Lighting Technique (by John Ricard)

Lifted from : “Libra” Toni Braxton ‘s fifth album

10 . Rocky Schenck – Photography (by Glossolalia7)

Lifted from : “Dirt” Alice in Chains’ second album

11 . Thom Zimny – “The Promise” / Elvis Presley : The Searcher (by Bruce Springsteen / Netflix HBO Tv Series)

Lifted from : “Magic” Bruce Springsteen’s fifteenth album

12 . Timothy Fielding – No panties No wall No bad photos (by Los Angeles Tours)

Lifted from : “Funk This” Chaka Khan’s eleventh album


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