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Yariv Gaber, Benny Boom, F Gary Gray, Francesco Scavullo, Frank Kozik, Gil Green, Thierry Le Gouès, Spencer Susser, Kishin Shinoyama, Andres Serrano, Autumn de Wilde, Dana Lixenberg, . They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 222 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Yariv Gaber – Making off Sela 2008 Together Forever (by selaltd)

Lifted from : “Americana” The Offspring’s fifth album

2 . Benny Boom – Behind The Scenes Yo Gotti Errbody / About the Evolution of Rap Videos (by Benny Boom / VIBE Magazine)

Lifted from : “Konvicted” Akon’s second album

3 . F Gary Gray – Straight Outta Compton / The Fate of the Furious (by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment / FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras)

Lifted from : “The Predator” Ice Cube’s third album

4 . Francesco Scavullo – Margaux Hemingway outtake from Lipstick / Most Provocative Portraits(by sdpt / Sotheby’s)

Lifted from : “Chaka Khan” Chaka Khan’s fourth solo album

5 . Frank Kozik – A Toy Designer’s (by Babylon Falling)

Lifted from : “Americana” The Offspring’s fifth album

6 . Gil Green – Director Montage (by gboy305films)

Lifted from : “Konvicted” Akon’s second album

7 . Thierry Le Gouès – Sharon Stone / Lavazza, Calendar 2012 (by Thierry LE GOUES / Lavazza)

Lifted from : “As I Am” Alicia Keys’ third album

8 . Spencer Susser – The Making of The Veronicas “Lolita” Music Video (by ThEvErOnIcAs)

Lifted from : “Americana” The Offspring’s fifth album

9 . Kishin Shinoyama – John Lennon & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy (by Yoko Ono)

Lifted from : “Double Fantasy” John Lennon’s seventh album

10 . Andres Serrano – Un artista sin censura (by RFI Español)

Lifted from : “Reload” Metallica’s seventh album

11 . Autumn de Wilde – Portrait (by Reisverket)

Lifted from : “The Fall” Norah Jones’ fourth album

12 . Dana Lixenberg – Deutsche Boerse Photography Foundation Prize 2017 (by MUSEUM MMK für Moderne Kunst)

Lifted from : “My Love Is Your Love” Whitney Houston’s fourth album


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