Last week In Visual Artists 33

Alasdair McLellan, John Landis, Michelangelo Di Battista, Nino Muñoz, Ellen von Unwerth, Tom Huck, Anton Corbijn, John Singleton, Nigel Dick, Matthew Rolston, Overton Loyd, Xavier Dolan, . They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 208 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Alasdair McLellan – Cara Delevingne & Matt Smith / September 2017 Collection / Adriana Lima & Joan Smalls Get Hot in Havana (by Burberry / W magazine)

Lifted from : “25” Adele’s third album

2 . John Landis – The creation of “Thriller” and working with Michael Jackson / Movie Montage (by The A.V. Club / editornikki)

Lifted from : “Dangerous” Michael Jackson’s eighth album

3 . Michelangelo Di Battista – Campari Calendar 2016 / Jessica Chastain for Vogue Italy (by Campari / ManagementArtists)

Lifted from : “Girl on Fire” Alicia Keys’ fifth album

4 . Nino Muñoz – Stana Katic @ Through the lens / Gisele video for MUSE Magazine (by Stana Katic Fan Page France / dKptv2010)

Lifted from : “Girl on Fire” Alicia Keys’ fifth album

5 . Ellen von Unwerth – Do Not Disturb Photographs (by

Lifted from : “Rated R” Rihanna ‘s fourth album

6 . Tom Huck – Living St. Louis (by Nine Network)

Lifted from : “Phrenology” The Roots’ fifth album

7 . Anton Corbijn – Retrospektive (by C/O Berlin)

Lifted from : “S&M” Metallica’s live album

8 . John Singleton – shooting locations of “Boyz n the Hood” / Boyz n the Hood We Got a Problem Here? (by FoundationINTERVIEWS / Movieclips)

Lifted from : “Dangerous” Michael Jackson’s eighth album

9 . Nigel Dick – Beauty Reel 2.0 / gets emotional sharing story about Britney Spears(by nigeldick / Britney Boards)

Lifted from : “Enrique” Enrique Iglesias’s fourth album

10 . Matthew Rolston – Photographer, Director and Creative Director (by ArtCenter College of Design)

Lifted from : “CK” Chaka Khan’s seventh album

11 . Overton Loyd – Sneak Funkin’ Peek / Major Art in Progress / George Clinton Generator POP! (by overvision / joyfanatic / Tonabillity)

Lifted from : “Motor Booty Affair” Parliament’s album

12 . Xavier Dolan – Talks Adele and Movies Without Happy Endings / “It’s Only the End of the World” Trailer(by Vogue / TIFF Trailers)

Lifted from : “25” Adele’s third album


Last week In Visual Artists 33

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