Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest

Released in August 2014, “Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest” is a rerecording of her debut album “Sing to the Moon” featuring the Metropole Orkest.

Track Listing : 1.Make Me Lovely (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 05:51 . 2.Like The Morning Dew (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 03:37 . 3.Can’T Live With The World (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 05:37 . 4.Sing To The Moon (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 04:23 . 5.Is There Anybody Out There? (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 05:16 . 6.Flying Without You (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 03:49 . 7.She (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 04:04 . 8.Father, Father (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 06:18 . 9.I Don’T Know What The Weather Will Be (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 03:54 . 10.Green Garden (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 04:12 . 11.Diamonds (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 03:30 . 12.That’S Alright (Steve Brown, Laura Mvula) – 03:26

Musicians : Laura Mvula – Vocals . Metropole Orkest – Orchestra . Jules Buckley – Conductor

Production : Produced By Laura Mvula . Jonathan Allen – Engineer

Recorded 2013 – 2014 At Abbey Road Studios .

Released On August 11, 2014 By Sony Music.

(Source Laura Mvula with Metropole Orkest | Laura Mvula Official Site)



The Telegraph
Laura Mvula interview: the supply teacher turned reluctant starIt was Mvula’s love of communal music that led her to work with the Metropole, known for historic collaborations with Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie.

The extraordinary orchestral accompaniment and backing vocals add a nostalgic feel to every song meaning that every song is graceful and calming. Laura has managed to create a true masterpiece whilst the rerecording of her phenomenal debut album is great I can’t help wishing there was some new material on this album. I’m not saying get rid of the old tracks, but mix some new music into it.

Whether her audience will prefer it is debatable…. In smoothing off the edges, though, it loses its mechanical funk, becoming the Laura Mvula album your aunt might own.




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