Led Zeppelin release ‘Physical Graffiti,’ their sixth album featuring ‘Kashmir’ (1975)

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Physical Graffiti’ is their sixth (and a double) studio album recorded between 1970 and 1974 and released on February 24, 1975 by Swan Song.

Track Listing : 1.Custard Pie (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:13 . 2.The Rover (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 05:37 . 3.In My Time Of Dying (John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 11:04 . 4.Houses Of The Holy (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:02 . 5.Trampled Under Foot (John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 05:37 . 6.Kashmir (Bonham, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 08:32 . 7.In The Light (John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 08:46 . 8.Bron-Yr-Aur (Jimmy Page) – 02:06 . 9.Down By The Seaside (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 05:13 . 10.Ten Years Gone (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 06:32 . 11.Night Flight (John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 03:36 . 12.The Wanton Song (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:10 . 13.Boogie With Stu (John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Plant, Ian Stewart) – 03:53 . 14.Black Country Woman (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:24 . 15.Sick Again (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:42

Elliot Erwitt

Musicians : Led Zeppelin – Band . John Bonham – Drums, Percussion . John Paul Jones – Bass Guitar, Organ, Acoustic And Electric Piano, Mellotron, Guitar, Mandolin, Vcs3 Synthesiser, Hohner Clavinet, Hammond Organ, String Arrangement . Jimmy Page – Electric, Acoustic, Lap Steel And Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Production . Robert Plant – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar On (13) . Ian Stewart – Piano On (13)

Production : Produced By Jimmy Page . George Chkiantz – Engineer . Barry Diament – Mastering . Keith Harwood – Engineer, Mixing . Andy Johns – Engineer . Eddie Kramer – Engineer , Mixing . Ron Nevison – Engineer

Package : Mike Doud – Artwork . Elliot Erwitt asterisques RVM – Photography . B. P. Fallon – Photography . Roy Harper – Photography . Peter Corriston – Artwork . Dave Heffernan – Illustrations

Recorded July And December 1970, March 1971, May 1972, January–February 1974 At Headley Grange In East Hampshire, England And At Olympic Studios, London.

Released On February 24, 1975 By Swan Song.


Rolling Stone
Physical Graffiti will likely also disappoint those who prefer their rock laced with lyrical significance: Led Zeppelin no more articulates a world view than Little Richard (or Cream) did. […]

Unfortunate for the musicians they influenced who don’t get it, Led Zeppelin was more than just the aggressive salvos of guitar, bass, drum and caterwauls of a singer with a blonde mane in tight jeans. Physical Graffiti shows that like no other, light and shade can be accomplished—deftly. […]

Physical Graffiti is a massive sprawl of music genres and styles, a melting pot of gold, of brilliance and immense talent. The best Zeppelin album behind IV, it truly showcases their unique and unsurpassable musical capacities. […]



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