Swan Song publish Led Zeppelin’s seventh album : ‘Presence’ featuring ‘Nobody’s Fault but Mine’ (1976)

Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Presence’ is their seventh studio album recorded in Munich, Germany and released on March 31, 1976 by Swan Song.


Swan Song publish Led Zeppelin’s seventh album : ‘Presence’ featuring ‘Nobody’s Fault but Mine’ (1976)

1 . Achilles Last Stand (Knebworth, 1979)

2 . Achilles Last Stand (Los Angeles, 1977)

3 . Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Knebworth, 1979)

4 . Tea For One (w/ Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, 13/Feb/1996, Tokyo, Budokan)

Led Zeppelin – Presence

Track Listing : 1.Achilles Last Stand (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 010:25 . 2.For Your Life (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 06:24 . 3.Royal Orleans (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 02:58 . 4.Nobody’S Fault But Mine (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 06:16 . 5.Candy Store Rock (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:11 . 6.Hots On For Nowhere (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 04:43 . 7.Tea For One (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 09:27

George Hardie

Musicians : Led Zeppelin – Band . John Bonham – Drums, Percussion . John Paul Jones – Four And Eight-String Bass Guitars . Jimmy Page – Guitars, Production . Robert Plant – Lead Vocals, Harmonica On (4)

Production : Produced By Jimmy Page Barry Diament – Mastering . Jeremy Gee – Engineer . Keith Harwood – Engineer, Mixing

Package : George Hardie asterisques RVM – Sleeve Design . Hipgnosis – Sleeve Design

Recorded November–December 1975 At Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany.

Released On March 31, 1976 By Swan Song.

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Rolling Stone
At their best, the riffs are clean and purifying. The two dreary examples of blooze (“Tea for One,” “For Your Life”) may stretch even the diehards’ loyalty, but make no mistake: Presence is another monster in what by now is a continuing tradition of battles won by this band of survivors. […]

Then again when a band has just delivered one of the best albums of all time you can forgive them somewhat for a slight lapse. ‘Achilles Last Stand’ and ‘Tea For One’ are essential Led Zeppelin classics but the album can feel slightly mediocre at times especially throughout its middle section. However, as Jimmy Page once boasted, Led Zeppelin‘s mediocre was better than anyone else’s best. […]

This album ranks about in the middle of all the albums that I’ve ever heard. “Achilles Last Stand” is one of the greatest songs that I’ve ever heard. The only slight negative about the song is its length, which is 10:22. If it were stolen, I would buy it again because Led Zeppelin is still immortal. […]


Swan Song publish Led Zeppelin’s seventh album : ‘Presence’ featuring ‘Nobody’s Fault but Mine’ (1976)

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