Lee Morgan records ‘Live at the Lighthouse’ with Bennie Maupin et al for Blue Note (1970)

Lee Morgan‘s ‘Live at the Lighthouse’ is a live album recorded on July 10, 11 & 12 1970 with Bennie Maupin, Harold Mabern, Jymie Merritt and Mickey Roker and released in 1971 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Absolutions (Jymie Merritt) – 19:40 . 2.The Beehive (Harold Mabern) – 16:23 . 3.Neophilia (Bennie Maupin) – 19:05 . 4.Nommo (Jymie Merritt) – 18:00

Musicians : Lee Morgan – Trumpet, Flugelhorn . Bennie Maupin – Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet . Harold Mabern – Piano . Jymie Merritt – Electric Upright Bass . Mickey Roker – Drums

Production : Produced By Francis Wolff Dino Lappas – Engineer

Package : Bob Belden – Liner Notes . Howard Rumsey – Liner Notes

Recorded On July 10, 11 & 12 1970 At The Lighthouse Club, Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Released In 1971 By Blue Note.

(Source Lee Morgan‘s ‘Live at the Lighthouse’ | Lee Morgan @ Wikipedia)


The Jazz Daddy
The lack of attention to Lee Morgan’s Live at the Lighthouse is a real head-scratcher.Live at the Lighthouse is one of the musical touchstones from the 70’s. featuring a ferocious Lee Morgan, flanked by an equally fiery Benny Maupin who shines on every tune, blasting out passionate phrasing that echoes other tenor masters like Henderson, Traneand Wayne, etc […]

Bop And Beyond
I have often second guessed Lee Morgan’s mid-60’s output. A definite staleness crept in post-Sidewinder and Lee almost got too comfortable with his routine. It is a huge relief to hear him taking musical chances and even taking a tune like “The Sidewinder” and completely pushing its potential in live setting: […]

The rhythm section?Mabern?s grounding, full-bodied fourth chords, Roker’s polyrhythmic tripletsand supple, active bass from the composer Jymie Merritt creates a dense and sinister soundscape that reaches a sustained, violent peak behind the leader. Morgan is potent and focused, determinedly battling his career-threatening injury. […]


Lee Morgan‘s ‘Live at the Lighthouse’


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