Columbia publish Leonard Cohen’s eleventh album : ‘Dear Heather’ (2004)

Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Dear Heather’ is his eleventh studio album released on October 26, 2004 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Go No More A-Roving (Lord Byron, Leonard Cohen) – 03:40 . 2.Because Of (Leonard Cohen) – 03:00 . 3.The Letters (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 04:44 . 4.Undertow (Leonard Cohen) – 04:20 . 5.Morning Glory (Leonard Cohen) – 03:28 . 6.On That Day (Leonard Cohen, Anjani Thomas) – 02:04 . 7.Villanelle For Our Time (F. R. Scott, Leonard Cohen) – 05:55 . 8.There For You (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 04:36 . 9.Dear Heather (Leonard Cohen) – 03:41 . 10.Nightingale (Leonard Cohen, Anjani Thomas) – 02:27 . 11.To A Teacher (Leonard Cohen) – 02:32 . 12.The Faith (Leonard Cohen, Quebec Folk Song) – 04:17 . 13.Tennessee Waltz (Redd Stewart, Pee Wee King, Leonard Cohen) – 04:05

Musicians : Leonard Cohen – Guitar, Jew’S-Harp, Piano, Vocals . Sharon Robinson – Various Instruments, Vocals . Anjani Thomas – Piano, Vocals, Vocals (Background) . Roscoe Beck – Bass . John Bilezikjian – Oud . Richard Crooks – Drums . John Crowder – Bass, Vocals . Johnny Friday – Drums . Ron Getman – Guitar (Steel), Vocals . Bill Ginn – Piano . Raffi Hakopian – Violin . Garth Hudson – Accordion . Sarah Kramer – Trumpet . Paul Ostermayer – Flute . Stan Sargeant – Bass . Bob Sheppard – Sax (Tenor) . Leanne Ungar – Engineer . Mitch Watkins – Guitar (Electric), Vocals

Production : Produced By Leanne Ungar, Sharon Robinson, Anjani Thomas, Henry Lewy, Leonard Cohen . Sharon Robinson – Engineer . Ed Sanders – Engineer . Anjani Thomas – Engineer

Package : Leonard Cohen – Drawing . Michael Petit – Design . Anjani Thomas – Photography . Tina Tyrell – Photography

Recorded On July 9, 1985 And 2002–04.

Released On October 26, 2004 By Columbia.

(Source Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Dear Heather’ | The Official Leonard Cohen Site)


Dear Heather is gorgeous, quietly poignant rendering of autumnality. Only Cohen could have pulled it off. And unlike Ten New Songs, I can’t stop listening to it, which seems the ultimate justification for praise. […]

The Guardian
During Dear Heather, it becomes hard to escape the sensation that Cohen is expending all his energy on the words and losing interest in music, not least on Villanelle For Our Time and to a Teacher, which sound less like songs than poetry recitals set to vague jazz backings. […]

Look Away, LeonardIt’s stuff like this that makes me fear I’m deaf to some frequency of Cohen’s humor. But I don’t think so. I think he’s gone too many miles down a dwindling stylistic path. This record has every side of Leonard Cohen on it—his persona, his poetry, his voice—everything except the magnificent songs he’s able to create. I wish that for his next album, he’d pull a Johnny Cash and have himself recorded starkly, voice and guitar. […]


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