Leonard Cohen records ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ featuring ‘Avalanche,’ ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ and ‘Joan of Arc’ (1970)

Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ is his third album recorded partly between September 22 and 26, 1970 in Nashville and released on March 19, 1971 By Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Avalanche (Leonard Cohen) – 05:07 . 2.Last Year’S Man (Leonard Cohen) – 06:02 . 3.Dress Rehearsal Rag (Leonard Cohen) – 06:12 . 4.Diamonds In The Mine (Leonard Cohen) – 03:52 . 5.Love Calls You By Your Name (Leonard Cohen) – 05:44 . 6.Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen) – 05:15 . 7.Sing Another Song, Boys (Leonard Cohen) – 06:17 . 8.Joan Of Arc (Leonard Cohen) – 06:29

Musicians : Leonard Cohen – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals . Ron Cornelius – Acoustic And Electric Guitars . Charlie Daniels – Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Fiddle . Elkin “Bubba” Fowler – Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass Guitar . Bob Johnston – Piano, Production . Corlynn Hanney – Vocals . Susan Mussmano – Vocals . The Corona Academy, London – Children’S Voices . Michael Sahl – Strings On Third Verse Of (2) . Paul Buckmaster – String And Horn Arrangements, Conductor

Production : Produced By Bob Johnston . Robin Geoffrey Cable – Engineer . Bill Donovan – Concert Sound Engineer, Engineer . Ed Hudson – Engineer . Ed Kollis – Concert Sound Engineer, Engineer . Neil Wilburn – Engineer . Vic Anesini – Mastering

Package : John Berg

Recorded September 22–26, 1970 At Columbia Studio A In Nashville, Trident Studios In London And The Isle Of Wight Festival On August 30, 1970.

Released On March 19, 1971 By Columbia.

(Source Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ | The Official Leonard Cohen Site)


Rolling Stone
And short — he shouldn’t be straining the frail but frequently quite lovely melodies to five and six minutes, as he does on Songs of Love and Hate. But this record, alas, goes back to all the trash that cluttered up the first album — schlock horns, schlock strings, schlock chorus — as if to make of it a style. […]

It’s also a more blatantly depressive album than the first two, lacking hopeful equanimityand does indeed reflect a period of great depression and uncertainty in Cohen’s life. […]

But if you are not afraid of dangling over the edge of the metaphorical pit in your soul, then grab ‘Songs of Love and Hate‘ with both handsand let yourself swim in Cohen’s sea of melancholia. […]


Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Songs of Love and Hate’



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