Leonard Cohen releases his tenth album : ‘Ten New Songs’ featuring ‘In My Secret Life’ (2001)

Leonard Cohen‘s ‘Ten New Songs’ is his tenth studio album, co-written and produced by Sharon Robinson and released on October 9, 2001 by Columbia.


Leonard Cohen releases his tenth album : ‘Ten New Songs’ featuring ‘In My Secret Life’ (2001)

1 . In My Secret Life

2 . Alexandra Leaving (w/ Sharon Robinson, Helsinki, 2012)

3 . Boogie Street

Track Listing : 1.In My Secret Life (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 04:55 . 2.A Thousand Kisses Deep (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 06:29 . 3.That Don’T Make It Junk (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 04:28 . 4.Here It Is (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 04:18 . 5.Love Itself (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 05:26 . 6.By The Rivers Dark (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 05:20 . 7.Alexandra Leaving (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 05:25 [(Based On The God Abandons Antony, A Poem By Constantine P. Cavafy] . 8.You Have Loved Enough (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 05:41 . 9.Boogie Street (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 06:04 . 10.The Land Of Plenty (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 04:35

Musicians : Leonard Cohen – Vocals . Sharon Robinson – Multi Instruments, Vocals . Bob Metzger – Guitar

Production : Produced By Sharon Robinson . Leanne Ungar – Engineer, Mixing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering . David Campbell – String Arrangements

Package : Bob Ludwig – Photography . Nancy Donald – Art Direction . Leonard Cohen – Cover Photo

Recorded Late 1999–Mid-2001.

Released On October 9, 2001 By Columbia.

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Leonard Cohen


And this is where I remember why I listen to him: Cohen says these words as if he heard them on top of a mountain. Maybe he heard them from some Zen master who doesn’t have to live in our worldand must have realized their meaning while meditating, transcended from pain, but soaked in wisdom. […]

Overall, it’s a terrible place to be introduced to Cohen – try his ‘Greatest Hits’ for more stylishly-arranged bedsit grief – but nevertheless, beneath the plasticky politeness is the same old wry fatalism that the likes of Smog continue to strive for. […]

Rolling Stone
It’s been nine years since we last heard from Leonard Cohen — an absence that’s sent his rabid cult spiraling into poetically suave withdrawal. […]


Leonard Cohen releases his tenth album : ‘Ten New Songs’ featuring ‘In My Secret Life’ (2001)


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