Leonard Cohen releases his seventh album : ‘Various Positions’ featuring ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’ and ‘Hallelujah’ (1984)

Leonard Cohen’s ‘Various Positions’ is his seventh studio album (featuring ‘Hallelujah’) recorded with Jennifer Warnes and released on December 11, 1984 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Dance Me To The End Of Love (Leonard Cohen) – 04:38 . 2.Coming Back To You (Leonard Cohen) – 03:32 . 3.The Law (Leonard Cohen) – 04:27 . 4.Night Comes On (Leonard Cohen) – 04:40 . 5.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) – 04:36 . 6.The Captain (Leonard Cohen) – 04:06 . 7.Hunter’S Lullaby (Leonard Cohen) – 02:24 . 8.Heart With No Companion (Leonard Cohen) – 03:04 . 9.If It Be Your Will (Leonard Cohen) – 03:43

Musicians : Jennifer Warnes – Vocals . John Lissauer – Piano, Backing Vocals . John Crowder – Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar . Sid Mcginnis – Guitar . Richard Crooks – Drums . Anjani Thomas – Backing Vocals . Crissie Faith – Backing Vocals . Erin Dickins – Backing Vocals . Lani Groves – Backing Vocals . Merle Miller – Backing Vocals . Ron Getman – Backing Vocals . Yvonne Lewis – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By John Lissauer . Leanne Ungar – Recording, Mixing . Lee Friedman – Assistant Engineer

Package : Leonard Cohen – Photography (Polaroid Shot)

Recorded June 1984 At Quadrasonic Sound, New York.

Released On December 11, 1984 By Columbi.


Thought Catalog
The Songs of Leonard Cohen might be considered somewhat of an anomaly for its time, because the Bob Dylan folk craze had already endedand Dylan had radically changed his sound a few years before and pissed off a lot of his loyal fans. […]

This is often the way with Leonard Cohen‘s music. People at first mistake it for depressing and sad. But there is much optimism and humor in Leonard Cohen‘s songs. (In “Hallelujah” he rhymes “hallelujah” with “what’s it to ya.”) […]

Draconysius @ RateYourMusic
Leonard Cohen is one of those few artists on my palate that can do no wrong. William Cooper used to play him all the timeand that’s where I got introduced to his music. […]


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