Columbia publish Leonard Cohen’s fourteenth and final album : ‘You Want It Darker’ (2016)

Leonard Cohen‘s “You Want It Darker” is his fourteenth studio album, released on October 21, 2016 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.You Want It Darker (Leonard Cohen) – 04:44 . 2.Treaty (Leonard Cohen) – 04:02 . 3.On The Level (Leonard Cohen) – 03:27 . 4.Leaving The Table (Leonard Cohen) – 03:47 . 5.If I Didn’T Have Your Love (Leonard Cohen) – 03:35 . 6.Traveling Light (Leonard Cohen) – 04:22 . 7.It Seemed The Better Way (Leonard Cohen) – 04:21 . 8.Steer Your Way (Leonard Cohen) – 04:23 . 9.String Reprise / Treaty (Leonard Cohen) – 03:26

Musicians : Leonard Cohen – vocals . Bill Bottrell – electric guitar, pedal steel guitar . Michael Chaves – keyboards, bass guitar, drum programming . Adam Cohen – classical guitar . Patrick Leonard – keyboards, organ, piano, bass synthesizer, bass guitar, percussion, drum programming . Brian Macleod – drums . Zac Rae – guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, keyboards, Mellotron, celesta, piano, Wurlitzer, floor tom, octophone

Package : Sammy Slabbinck – Design . Dianne V. Lawrence – Illustration . Adam Cohen – Photography

Production : Produced By Adam Cohen .

Recorded 2015-2016.

Released On October 21, 2016 By Columbia.

(Source Leonard Cohen‘s “You Want It Darker” | The Official Leonard Cohen Site)


The Telegraph
Leonard Cohen‘s You Want It Darker is a bleak masterpiece – reviewSomething between defeat and defiance has crept into his tone, which has dropped to a half-spoken bass whisper, a grumble and sigh filtered through a weary frailty that makes his pearly couplets shine even brighter. […]

The Atlantic
The Deadly Certainty of Leonard CohenWritten down, the words “you want it darker” could read like a question or an accusation. From Leonard Cohen, they’re a simple statement of fact, no judgement implied. […]

A.V. Club
Leonard Cohen examines his life and details his laments on You Want It DarkerSo while on some level the title You Want It Darker feels like a sly wink toward his penchant for mortality meditations—or an acknowledgment that such ruminations are appreciated by his devotees—it’s also flipping the bird to expectations. […]


Columbia publish Leonard Cohen’s fourteenth and final album : ‘You Want It Darker’ (2016)


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