Let’s Go Between!

From ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ to ‘Preso Entre o Sono e o Sonho’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz, and More MusicsLatin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Between‘. It has Stan Getz, Dionne Warwick, Irma Thomas, Barb Jungr and many more.

IMAGE : This Little Piggy… Photo by Tristram Brelstaff

All About Jazz: Sensual and dignified, sophisticated and warm, Lee Wiley has inspired outbursts of sheer poetry from many a captivated listener. Her sound induces a “marvelous,” “ticklish” sensation, akin to “running your hand over a piece of fine Harris tweed,” marveled producer Dave Garroway.

The Persuaders : The Persuaders ® has come to be recognized as one of the greatest and most popular R&B vocals groups of all times since the 1971 release of there immortal classic “Thin Line Between Love and Hate.”

Irma Thomas : “I received an Offbeat Award, A Blues Music Award, Big Easy Award, a Family Services Award (for my Husband and me), The Mo Jo Magazine of London England Legends Award, and the year is not over. I am so blessed.”

FMM Sines : Twenty years of artistic career have made Uxía one of the most popular and valued voices in Galicia. Her songs are always tinged with the touch whether latent or explicit of traditional music, to which she gives her personal and innovative touch. Her passion for mixing cultures results in a union and fusion of voices, instruments, rhythms, sounds, that becomes a magnet for talent as it is apparent in her role as artist director in the creation of the Festival Internacional de Lusofonía ‘Cantos na Maré’, a show conceived as a meeting point for artists from the Portuguese speaking world where the stage turns into a multicultural celebration where the best voices from Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, etc are brought together.

5000 records : Honolulu Playboys “between drinks” : All a good retro cocktail needs. Mixed and shaken in Londons Studio 5000; sixties beats, hot hammond organ, mellow bass and sharp guitar. Greetings from Jimmy Smith!

Barb Jungr : She moved to London in the mid 1970’s and became part of the early alternative cabaret circuit performing and recording with the cult vocal harmony group The Three Courgettes after which she formed a 12 year song writing and musical partnership with the blues guitarist, songwriter and singer Michael Parker.

Vocal Group Hall of Fame : The Chordettes were one of the more popular white female groups of the ‘50s, but unlike most of their counterparts who needed record successes to get into TV and radio, they established themselves over the air and on the small screen years before ever cutting their first record. Formed in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the quartet of Dorothy Schwartz (lead), Jinny Lockard (tenor), Carol Buschman (baritone), and Janet Ertel (bass) practiced their barbershop-style harmony to perfection in the late ‘40s.

Sophie Milman on MySpace : “Almost all the songs deal with the ambiguity of love and life,” Sophie says. “Some are more hopeful, some are more melancholy and others deal with the gray areas – indecision, unrequited yearning, self-preservation and the aftermath of a break-up. Love is analogous to life. To me, beyond the romantic connotations, the songs reflect my understanding of the world and my relationship with myself.”

PLAYLIST : Lee Wiley – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (3.00) . Barb Jungr – The Space in Between (3.14) . Honolulu Playboys – Between Drinks (4.21) . Julio Jaramillo – Entre humo y alcohol (2.17) . Aceves Mejia – Entre Copa Y Copa (2.43) . Edith Piaff – Entre saint-Ouen & Clignancourt (3.05) . Vicente Fernandez – Aca Entre Nos (3.14) . Uxia – Entre Nos (2.37) . Stan Getz – Entre amigos (3.00) . Irma Thomas – In Between Tears (2.34) . Jazzanova – Place in Between (1.22) . The Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets (5.39) . The Persuaders – Thin Line Between Love And Hate (3.26) . Dionne Warwick – In Between The Heartaches (2.52) . Sophie Milman – Something In The Air Between Us (4.12) . The Chordettes – Just Between You And Me (2.09) . Frank Sinatra – I Can Read Between the Lines (2.48) . AnaMoura – Preso Entre o Sono e o Sonho (2.53) .


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