Lonnie and the Skiffle Invasion

Featuring Lonnie Donegan . Gamblin’ Man . Cottonfield . Jimmy Page . Mama Don’t Want To Skiffle Anymore . Ken Colyer . Old Riley . Nancy Whiskey . Chas McDevitt . Skiffle Group . Freight Train . Chris Barber . Over the new burying ground . London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra . The Quarrymen . Xstatix . Worried Men Skiffle Group . Glaubst i bin bled . Sonny Stewart And His Skiffle Kings Let Me Lie . Let me lie .

Lonnie and the Skiffle Invasion

The Blue In The Air : My wife has suggested an unlikely but I think viable comparison point for skiffle; the frantic but near weightless rhythm, the rhetorical/ritual repetition of phrases and gestures until fascination hypnotically takes precedence over meaning – it’s the unacknowledged grandparent of House music!

Yorkshire entertainment : Fast becoming the nation’s alternative sex symbols, the The Doghouse Skiffle Group provides a musical monologue of madness, memories and mayhem. They have a very high ’embarrassment threshold’ and watching these three, you realize there’s a careers officer somewhere with a weird sense of humour! They’re modern – in the style of a few years ago, and you need a sense of humour implant if you fail to enjoy their skiffling shindig.

McLuhan’s Garden : The Vipers biggest problem became keeping their material from Donegan, and after Lonnie had achieved higher chart placings with the Vipers’ first two hits there was no love lost between the two outfits. Unlike Lonnie, The Vipers gradually shifted away from skiffle and moved their ground closer to rock and roll- even covering Eddie Cochran material.

Ridin’ The Freight Train With : The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group made their first major appearance at the Metropolitan Theatre, Edgware Road. The show’s promoters were, Bert Ambrose the celebrated band leader and Joe Collins the impresario, father of the then starlets, Joan and Jackie Collins

mesmirization : In the early 60s, skiffle was not only a big craze in England, it hit Sweden pretty hard too. In a small town outside of Gothenburg, a 16-year old lad named Tommy Blom had just received a guitar from his parents.

Lonnie Donegan on Wikipedia : In July 1954 he recorded a fast-tempoed version of Leadbelly’s “Rock Island Line”, featuring a washboard but not a tea-chest bass, with “John Henry” on the B-side. It was an enormous hit in 1956 but ironically, because it was a band recording, Donegan made no money from this recording beyond his original session fee.

Dimmu Borghild : Due to a self inflicted injury in Thailand 5 years ago, where he fell off his “one-legged-horse” Arnie “Skiffle Joe” Norse no longer brings the monobike into his acts. Norse is a stayer, and so is his accompanying band consisting of blind man Torvinn on endless keyboard-solos and Arnie’s wife Nipaporn on tambourine.

independent.co.uk : To many people Wally Whyton was the voice of country music on British radio; to others he was the creator of the television favourites Pussycat Willum and Ollie Beak; and to record- buyers his talents spanned a wide musical spectrum: he was a leader of the short-lived 1950s skiffle movement before he moved into folk, and then he became one of the biggest sellers of children’s records.

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