Loony Jazz Tunes

From ‘Frenesi’ to ‘I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby (and My Baby’s Crazy ‘Bout Me)’ , we have mixed 16 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Craziness‘. “Loony Jazz Tunes” has Stan Getz, Tito Puente, Billy May, Nat King Cole and many more.

IMAGE : Forever bound to insanity Photo by Ben Kokolas

Wapedia: “Frenesi” is a musical piece originally composed by Alberto Dominguez for the marimba, and adapted as a jazz standard by Leonard Whitcup and others. A hit version recorded by Artie Shaw (with an arrangement by William Grant Still) reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on December 21, 1940.

Telenovelas : Synopsis of “Mas que Amor… Frenesi ” Raw emotion is never far from the surface and we too will experience that emotion as the plot unfolds. We will also experience their pain as reality often comes between them and their goals.

Jazz Guitar Corner : The Red Norvo CD features the trio with the legendary Jimmy Raney on the first fifteen tracks (including “Crazy Rythm”) and Tal Farlow on the final four (to coin a college basketball phrase in much use right now) with Red Mitchell providing the bass on all the tracks.

Steve & Eydie… Through the years. : “If Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme don’t entertain you, then no one can entertain you!†. National columnist and television talkshow personality Larry King made this comment in a recent column

essortment : Getz had an amazing technique, he could play anything on the saxophone. On the album Stan Getz Quartets Getz recorded a tune called ‘Crazy Chords’. In the recording he Getz roars through some extreme key changes touching on key signatures no average sax player in his or her right mind would chose to play.

Marv Goldberg : Strangely, despite the success of The Cues in providing back-up vocal harmony to some of the most prominent artists in the Rhythm & Blues and Pop fields, they couldn’t produce a substantial hit on their own. We can probably blame Capitol for that: they had no real idea what to do with an R&B act.

Alain Wong : Sidney doing St James Infirmary is hot!!!! And yeah, I’ve got the Complete Bluenote Masters, the Proper Set, and The Fabulous Sidney Bechet… and I still can’t get enough of his stuff. My newest favorite is “Viper Madâ€.

Miami New Times : And Josephine Baker had a face to remember, a body to die for, and enough talent to ensure her name belonged in lights that would never grow dim. They called her “Bronze Venus,†“Black Pearl,†and “Creole Goddess.†To others, she was simply La Baker.

PLAYLIST : The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Frenesi (5.17) . Red Norvo – Crazy Rhythm (1.35) . Stan Getz – Crazy Chords (2.35) . Tito Puente – Loco Bossa Nova (2.15) . The Cues – Crazy Crazy Party (2.22) . Sidney Bechet – Viper Mad (3.06) . Kenny Burrell – Love You Madly (2.32) . Willie Dixon – Crazy For My Baby (2.30) . Josephine Baker – Youre driving me crazy (2.23) . Nat King Cole – It’s Crazy (But I’m In Love) (2.19) . Billy May – You’re Driving Me Crazy (2.59) . Quincy Jones and Harry Arnold – Frantic Blues (2.36) . Herbie Mann – Todos Locos (5.35) . Roy Elridge – Crazy Rhythm (5.38) . Fats Waller – I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby (and My Baby’s Crazy ‘Bout Me) (2.53) . Anita O Day – Frenesi (3.05) .


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