Philadelphia International release Lou Rawls’ ‘All Things in Time’ (1976)

Lou Rawls‘ ‘All Things in Time’ is an album released on June 7, 1976 by Philadelphia International.


Philadelphia International release Lou Rawls’ ‘All Things in Time’ (1976)

1 . You’re the one (Muppets w/ Dr.Teeth & Electric Mayhem)

2 . You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (1976)

3 . Groovy People (1977)

4 . From Now On

5 . This Song Will Last Forever

Track Listing : 1.You’Re The One (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 05:19 . 2.You’Ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 04:26 . 3.Time (Jack Faith, Allan Felder) – 02:54 . 4.Groovy People (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff) – 03:19 . 5.Need You Forever (Bunny Sigler) – 04:33 . 6.From Now On (Bunny Sigler) – 04:56 . 7.Pure Imagination (Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley) – 03:40 . 8.This Song Will Last Forever (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff, Cary Gilbert) – 05:05 . 9.Let’S Fall In Love All Over Again (Robert Martin) – 03:59

Musicians : Lou Rawls – Vocals

Production : Produced By Jack Faith, Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff, Bobby Martin, Eli Okun, Bud O’Shea, Bunny Sigler, Dexter Wansel . Jim Gallagher – Engineer . Carl Paroulo – Engineer . Joe Tarsia – Engineer

Package : Frank Laffitte – Photography . Ed Lee – Design

Recorded 1975-76 At Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Released Released On June 7, 1976 By Philadelphia International.

(Source Lou Rawls – All Things in Time | Official Website)

Lou Rawls


. The biggest track here was the bravado-filled “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” With its subtle Latin rhythms and Rawls’ tongue-in-cheek intonations, the songs’ inherent nastiness was missed by legions of dancers. […]

When you listen to Lou Rawls album All Things In Time, you’re immediately struck by how different sounding this album is compared to many albums on Philadelphia International Records. The difference is the obvious jazz influence on the album. […]

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