Lou Reed releases ‘The Blue Mask,’ his eleventh album (1982)

Lou Reed’s ‘The Blue Mask’ is his eleventh studio album recorded in New York City and released on February 23, 1982 by RCA.

Track Listing : 1.My House (Lou Reed) – 05:25 . 2.Women (Lou Reed) – 04:57 . 3.Underneath The Bottle (Lou Reed) – 02:33 . 4.The Gun (Lou Reed) – 03:41 . 5.The Blue Mask (Lou Reed) – 05:06 . 6.Average Guy (Lou Reed) – 03:12 . 7.The Heroine (Lou Reed) – 03:06 . 8.Waves Of Fear (Lou Reed) – 04:11 . 9.The Day John Kennedy Died (Lou Reed) – 04:08 . 10.Heavenly Arms (Lou Reed) – 04:47

Musicians : Lou Reed – Guitar, Vocals . Robert Quine – Guitar . Fernando Saunders – Bass, Backing Vocals . Doane Perry – Drums

Production : Produced By Lou Reed, Sean Fullan . Sean Fullan – Engineer

Recorded In October 1981 At Rca Studios, New York City.

Released On February 23, 1982 By Rca Records.


Robert Christgau
Never has Lou sounded more Ginsbergian, more let-it-all-hang-out than on this, his most controlled, plainspoken, deeply felt, and uninhibited album. Even his unnecessarily ideological heterosexuality is more an expression of mood than a statement of policy […]

Head Heritage
The Berlin Wall will fall and his music will be credited by Havel as inspirational. He will play at the White House. But you don’t know any of this yet. The only thing you can do is put the needle back to the title track. […]

Rolling Stone
In terms of economy of language, unforced aptness of expression and seemingly stray rough colloquialism burnished into poetry, Lou Reed hasn’t written this well since “Some Kinda Love” or “Pale Blue Eyes.” […]


Lou Reed’s ‘The Blue Mask’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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