RCA publish Lou Reed’s sixth solo album : ‘Coney Island Baby’ (1976)

Lou Reed’s ‘Coney Island Baby’ is his sixth solo album recorded in New-York and released on January 19, 1976 by RCA

Track Listing : 1.Crazy Feeling (Lou Reed) – 02:56 . 2.Charley’S Girl (Lou Reed) – 02:36 . 3.She’S My Best Friend (Lou Reed) – 06:00 . 4.Kicks (Lou Reed) – 06:06 . 5.A Gift (Lou Reed) – 03:47 . 6.Ooohhh Baby (Lou Reed) – 03:45 . 7.Nobody’S Business (Lou Reed) – 03:41 . 8.Coney Island Baby (Lou Reed) – 06:36

Mick Rock

Musicians : Lou Reed – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano . Bob Kulick – Lead And Slide Guitar . Bruce Yaw – Bass, . Michael Suchorsky – Drums, Percussion . Joanne Vent – Background Vocals . Michael Wendroff – Background Vocals . Godfrey Diamond – Background Vocals

Production : Produced By Lou Reed, Godfrey Diamond . Godfrey Diamond – Engineer . José Rodriguez – Engineer

Package : Mick Rock asterisques RVM – Photography


Rolling Stone
From the very end of the bench comes Old Number Nada, the Babylon Zombie, the Bionic Metal Machine, that Coney Island Baby himself — Lou Reed. […]

But as the song drifts along its elegiac six-minute arc, the idea moves from the ridiculous (Lou as linebacker?) to the sublime ….. to the unspeakably poignant: rock’s reigning iconoclast admitting that he just wanted to fit in all along. […]

The evenness of Coney Island Baby is due in part to the minimal instrumentation that runs throughout the record. Coney Island Baby is quiet and relies mainly on an acoustic guitar, drums, and bass. […]


Lou Reed’s ‘Coney Island Baby’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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