Epic publish Luther Vandross’ ‘The Night I Fell in Love,’ his fourth album produced by Marcus Miller (1985)

Luther Vandross‘ ‘The Night I Fell in Love’ is his fourth studio album co-produced with Marcus Miller and released on March 8, 1985 by Epic.

Track Listing : 1.’Til My Baby Comes Home (Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller) – 05:31 . 2.The Night I Fell In Love (Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller) – 06:06 . 3.If Only For One Night (Brenda Russell) – 04:15 . 4.Creepin’ (Stevie Wonder) – 04:04 . 5.It’S Over Now (Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller) – 06:09 . 6.Wait For Love (Luther Vandross, Nat Adderley, Jr) – 05:16 . 7.My Sensitivity (Gets In The Way) (Luther Vandross) – 04:10 . 8.Other Side Of The World (Luther Vandross, Nat Adderley, Jr) – 05:58

Musicians : Luther Vandross – Main Vocal . Nat Adderley, Jr. – Keyboards, Synthesizers . Billy Preston – Keyboards, Synthesizers . Ed Walsh – Keyboards, Synthesizers . Doc Powell – Guitars . Georg Wadenius – Guitars . Marcus Miller – Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizers . Eluriel Barfield – Bass . Yogi Horton – Drums . Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion . Steve Kroon – Percussion . Brenda White – Vocal Backing . Paulette Mcwilliams – Vocal Backing . Darlene Love – Vocal Backing . Yvonne Lewis – Vocal Backing . Cissy Houston – Vocal Backing . Lisa Fischer – Vocal Backing . Michelle Cobbs – Vocal Backing . Phillip Ballou – Vocal Backing . Alfa Anderson – Vocal Backing

Production : Produced By Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller . Matt Butler – Assistant Engineer . Rick Butz – Assistant Engineer . Iris Cohen – Assistant Engineer . Dave Greenberg – Assistant Engineer . Alex Haas – Assistant Engineer . Garry Rindfuss – Assistant Engineer . Tom Roberts – Assistant Engineer . Bruce Wildstein – Assistant Engineer . Bob Walters – Engineer . Ray Bardani – Engineer, Mixing . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : George Corsillo – Artwork . Jeff Jones – Make-Up . Brian Hagiwara – Photography

Recorded 1984–1985 At Air Studios Montserrat (Montserrat); Media Sound Studios (New York City, New York); Minot Sound (White Plains, New York); The Power Station (New York City, New York); Westlake Recording Studios (West Hollywood, California).

Released On March 8, 1985 By Epic.

(Source Luther Vandross – The Night I Fell in Love | The Official Luther Vandross Site)


Rolling Stone
Discussing the eight tracks on The Night I Fell in Love, Vandross says, “Yeah, that’s a good album. There was something magical about the way everyone responded to it, which to this day I can’t account for.” […]

Dreamy reveries, performed by Vandross at the absolute top of his game. The Night I Fell in Love is probably Vandross’ best solo album. Although his later, mid-period material was to become increasingly more ornate, and occasionally overexcited, […]

Lejink @ RateYourMusic
Back in ’85, this album got me through some tough times for which I’ll always be grateful and I still love it today. For me it’s Luther’s most consistent set and also avoids the overblown balladry and unwelcome diva-duets of his later years. […]


Luther Vandross‘ ‘The Night I Fell in Love’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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