Sony publish The Mahavishnu Orchestra’s album : ‘The Lost Trident Sessions’ recorded in 1973 (1999)

The Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s ‘The Lost Trident Sessions’ is a studio (it would have been their third) album recorded in 1973 and released on September 21, 1999 by Sony.

Track Listing : 1.Dream (John McLaughlin) – 011:10 . 2.Trilogy (John McLaughlin) – 09:33 . – The Sunlit Path . – La Mere De La Mer . – Tomorrow’S Story Not The Same. 3.Sister Andrea (Jan Hammer) – 06:47 . 4.I Wonder (Jerry Goodman) – 03:10 . 5.Steppings Tones (Rick Laird) – 03:11 . 6.John’S Song #2 (John McLaughlin) – 05:53

Musicians : John McLaughlin – Guitar . Jan Hammer – Electric Piano, Synthesizer . Billy Cobham – Drums . Jerry Goodman – Electric Violin, Viola, Violow (Custom Viola With Cello Strings) . Rick Laird – Bass . Mahavishnu Orchestra – Band

Production : Produced By Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bob Belden . Ken Scott – Engineer . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : John Carr – Design . Ian Cuttler – Design . Warren Faidley – Photography . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . David Gahr – Photography

Recorded On June 25–29, 1973 At Trident Studios In London.

Released On September 21, 1999 By Sony.

(Source The Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s ‘The Lost Trident Sessions’ | John McLaughlin – Official Site)

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However, since the band is almost entirely improvisational, the music that appears is incredible. Mahavishnu never cease to amaze with their virtuosity, strange rhythmic conceptionsand outstanding solos. Their career ended all too soon, yet they left one of the largest imprints on fusion history ever. […]

All About Jazz
The record is a must for any fusion fan; critics who insist on dismissing its quality or importance should be court-martialed post haste! […]

A.V. Club
The Lost Trident Sessions, a 1973 stab at a third album that never officially materialized, was rediscovered while remastering the first two albums, which have found new fans among hippies, tech-headsand heavy-metal fans alike. […]


The Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s ‘The Lost Trident Sessions’



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