Mahavishnu Orchestra records the album ‘Visions of the Emerald Beyond’ for Columbia (1975)

Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s ‘Visions of the Emerald Beyond’ is an album recorded in December 1974 and released in February 1975 by Columbia.


Mahavishnu Orchestra records the album ‘Visions of the Emerald Beyond’ for Columbia (1975)

Track Listing : 1.Eternity’S Breath, Pt. 1 (John McLaughlin) – 03:10 . 2.Eternity’S Breath, Pt. 2 (John McLaughlin) – 04:50 . 3.Lila’S Dance (John McLaughlin) – 05:37 . 4.Can’T Stand Your Funk (John McLaughlin) – 02:10 . 5.Pastoral (John McLaughlin) – 03:41 . 6.Faith (John McLaughlin) – 02:01 . 7.Cosmic Strut (Narada Michael Walden) – 03:29 . 8.If I Could See (John McLaughlin) – 01:17 . 9.Be Happy (John McLaughlin) – 03:33 . 10.Earth Ship (John McLaughlin) – 03:43 . 11.Pegasus (John McLaughlin) – 01:48 . 12.Opus 1 (John McLaughlin) – 00:25 . 13.On The Way Home To Earth (John McLaughlin) – 04:45

Musicians : John McLaughlin – Guitars, Vocals . Jean-Luc Ponty – Violin, Vocals, Electric Violin, Baritone Violin . Ralphe Armstrong – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Contrabass . Narada Michael Walden – Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Clavinet . Gayle Moran – Keyboards, Vocals . Carol Shive – 2Nd Violin, Vocals . Russell Tubbs – Alto And Soprano Sax . Philip Hirschi – Cello . Bob Knapp – Flute, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals, Wind . Steve Kindler – 1St Violin

Production : Produced By Ken Scott And Mahavishnu John McLaughlin . Ken Scott – Engineer

Package : Ashok Chris Poisson – Illustrations . Howard Mandel – Liner Notes

Recorded From December 4 Until December 14, 1974 At Electric Lady Studios, New York City.

Released In February 1975 By Columbia.

(Source Mahavishnu Orchestra – Visions of the Emerald Beyond | Official website)


Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews
Since most of this album is jazz-fusion/avant-garde, this is not for everyone. … Also it’s not the best place to start with the band. I can’t say this is any more impressive than their previous studio albums. […]

All About Jaz
Michael Walden’s “Cosmic Strut’ opened up side two of this album on the original vinyl release. Talk about FUNK! This tune envelops you in it. Walden, who has gone onto to become a superstar producer, was a great fusion writer. […]

Overall, this Mahavishnu edition is more refined and not as aggressive as the first — although they could charge ahead pretty hard, as “Be Happy” and “On the Way Home to Earth” demonstrate — yet they were still capable of making memorable electric music. […]


Mahavishnu Orchestra records the album ‘Visions of the Emerald Beyond’ for Columbia (1975)

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