Mambo With A Drop Of Rumba And A Slice Of Cha Cha

From ‘The Rumba Jumps’ to ‘Al Compás Del Mambo’, we have mixed 22 ‘Jazz & Latin Music‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Mambo, Cha Cha & Rumba‘. It has Miles Davis, Cachao Israel Lopez, Machito and His Orchestra, Art Pepper Quintet and many more.

IMAGE : Mambo Photo by zimpenfish
INFORMATIONS The Mambo dance originated in Cuba where there were substantial settlements of Haitians. In the back country of Haiti, the “Mambo” is a voodoo priestess, who serves the villagers as counselor, healer, exorcist, soothsayer, spiritual advisor, and organizer of public entertainment. However, there is not a folk dance in Haiti called the “Mambo.” (the mambo, this is magic)

The Vinyl Tourist : In 1938, a cellist, Orestes Lopez (with a little help from his brother, Cachao), composed a danzon he called “Mambo,” and in the coda Arcano (the bandleader) introduced elements from the son, a lively musical genre from Cuba’s Oriente province. As a signal to band members that they could start their solos, Arcano would call out, “Mil veces mambo!” (“A thousand times mambo!”).

Wikipedia : In 1943, a musician named Perez Prado came up with the dance for the Mambo music, the Mambo dance. He introduced it at La Tropicana night-club in Havana in 1943. He also became the first person to market his music as Mambo. After Havana, Prado moved his music to Mexico, and then New York City. Along the way, his style became increasingly homogenized in order to appeal to mainstream American listeners.

StreetDance Australia : Mambo is written in 4/4 time and therefore four dance steps to a bar of music. You don’t move on the first beat but by not moving, its still counted as a step. Most teachers count the Mambo movement as quick-quick-slow but this can be confusing to the beginner. Its probably better to think of the movement as Step, Rock, Close and Pause. The one thing that particularly characterises Mambo, is the hip movement that occur as you swap weight between feet.

Mambo Mamas : For many years, western civilization has handed down its version of the classic ideal of a dancer and of beauty. That vision; a tall, very slender, willowy, blonde haired, blue-eyed, white woman. Several years age however, that vision was shattered by the Mambo Mamas, a dance troupe founded by a short, plump, Jewish woman who has a vision of her own.

IMDB : Silvana Mangano plays a young, poor Venetian woman, struggling with an difficult life as a shop assistant when one day a young count Enrico sees her in the glass shop where she works. She gets invited to a ball where events do not turn out well till she meets Toni and her troupe of MAMBO dancers : The first serious attempt to introduce the rumba to the United States was by Lew Quinn and Joan Sawyer in 1913. Ten years later band leader Emil Coleman imported some rumba musicians and a pair of rumba dancers to New York.

Latin Dance Forever : It has also been suggested that the name Cha Cha is derived onomatipeically from the sound of the feet in the chasse which is included in many of the steps

PLAYLIST : Marion Hutton & Tex Beneke – The Rumba Jumps (4.28) . Art Pepper Quintet – Mambo De La Pinta (3.07) . Cachao Israel Lopez – Mambo cambió de swing (4.47) . Tito Puente – Mambo Herd (2.50) . Machito and His Orchestra – Mambo Is Here to Stay (4.13) . Van Alexander – Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (2.15) . Dean Martin – Cha Cha De Amore (3.36) . Miles Davis – New Rhumba (2.25) . Fonseca et ses Anges Noirs – Mambo-Locco (2.38) . Stanley Turrentine – Niger Mambo (2.16) . Noro Morales – Let’s mambo (2.19) . Dave Barbour – Mambo Jambo (2.39) . Son Cafe – Le Zumba el Mambo (3.01) . Perez Prado – Al Compás Del Mambo (5.23) . Jesusito – Mambo America (2.26) . Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers – Vietnam Mambo (2.25) . Jack Costanzo – Peter Gunn Mambo (4.03) . Yma Sumac – Gopher Mambo (5.38) . Chucho Valdez – Mambo Influenciado (4.37) . Paquito D’Rivera & Louie Ramirez – Mambo for Cal (4.17) . Orquesta Todos Estrellas – Mambo no. 1 (3.08) . Mongo Santamaria – Mambo Leah (3.21) .


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