Columbia publish ‘Mariah Carey,’ her eponymous debut album featuring ‘Vision of Love’ (1990)

Mariah Carey‘ feat. ‘Vision of Love’ is her eponymous debut studio album, released on June 12, 1990 by Columbia.


Columbia publish ‘Mariah Carey,’ her eponymous debut album featuring ‘Vision of Love’ (1990)

1 . Vision Of Love

2 . Vision of Love (Madison Square Garden)

3 . Vision of Love (MTV Unplugged)

4 . There’s Got to Be a Way (Official Video)

5 . I Don’t Wanna Cry (Official Video)

6 . Someday (Official Video)

7 . Someday (Live)

8 . Love Takes Time (Live)

9 . Love Takes Time (#1 to Infinity 6-7-16)

10 . Love Takes Time(Live 1990)

11 . All In Your Mind Live Acapella SNL 1990

12 . All In Your Mind (The Music Box Tour, 1993, NYC)

Track Listing : 1.Vision Of Love (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 03:28 . 2.There’S Got To Be A Way (Mariah Carey, Ric Wake) – 04:53 . 3.I Don’T Wanna Cry (Mariah Carey, Narada Michael Walden) – 04:48 . 4.Someday (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 04:08 . 5.Vanishing (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 04:12 . 6.All In Your Mind (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 04:44 . 7.Alone In Love (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 04:12 . 8.You Need Me (Mariah Carey, Rhett Lawrence) – 03:51 . 9.Sent From Up Above (Mariah Carey, Rhett Lawrence) – 04:05 . 10.Prisoner (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 04:24 . 11.Love Takes Time (Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies) – 03:49

Andy Morahan

Musicians : Mariah Carey – Vocals . Ben Margulies – Drums, Keyboards, Programming . Narada Michael Walden – Drums . Ren Klyce – Linn Drums, Fairlight Programming . Joe Franco – Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming . Ric Wake – Drum Programming . Omar Hakim – Drums . Jimmy Rip – Guitars . Chris Camozzi – Guitars . David Williams – Guitars . Michael Landau – Guitars . Vernon Reid – Guitars . Nile Rodgers – Guitars . Rhett Lawrence – Keyboards . Louis Biancaniello – Keyboards, Bass, Programming . Richard Tee – Piano . Marcus Miller – Bass . Walter Afanasieff – Synth Horns, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Synth Bass . Billy T. Scott – Background Vocals . The Billy T. Scott Emsemble – Background Vocals . Fonzie Thornton – Background Vocals

Arrangements : Mariah Carey, Ben Margulies, Chris Toland, Walter Afanasieff, Narada Michael Walden, Ric Wake, Rich Tancredi, Rhett Lawrence

Package : Josephine Didonato – Art Direction . Kip Meyer – Photography

Recorded 1989–90.

Released On June 12, 1990 By Columbia.

Video Director(s) : Andy Morahan asterisques RVM for “Vision of Love” . Jeb Brien & Walter Maser for “Love Takes Time” . Larry Jordan for “Someday,” “I Don’t Wanna Cry” and “There’s Got to Be a Way”

(Source Mariah Carey – debut | Official Site)

 Mariah Carey‘ feat. ‘Vision of Love’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


Only Solitaire
In any case, you might think I’m just wrecking my brain trying to think of good things to say about the record, and in a way, I am – but more because after you’ve already said this album is total shit, but the singing is magnificent it’s pretty hard to come up with anything specific than because there’s really nothing to say at all. […]

The ‘white Whitney’ whose ‘album sucks’: What critics wrote about Mariah Carey in 1990Interesting that Hunt compares Mariah to white singers. Critics would do this over and over again in early reviews: describe her as a white woman. “It seems that most people don’t know much about interracial children,” Mariah, who is black and Venezuelan on her father’s side, told USA Today in the ’90s. […]

Mariah Carey‘s Self-Titled Debut at 25: Classic Track-by-Track ReviewAfter the flash, glitz and glamor that governed ’80s pop music, the woman who would become the next decade’s biggest act seemed anything but ready to seize the spotlight as 1990 arrived. Mariah Carey, a 20-year-old from Long Island with a well-noted case of stage fright, quietly slipped her debut album out in June of that year. […]


Columbia publish ‘Mariah Carey,’ her eponymous debut album featuring ‘Vision of Love’ (1990)


Mariah Carey‘ feat. ‘Vision of Love’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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