Columbia release Marvin Gaye’s final album : ‘Midnight Love’ featuring ‘Sexual Healing’ (1982)

Marvin Gaye‘s ‘Midnight Love’ is his final album to be released (on October 1, 1982) before his death by Columbia.


Columbia release Marvin Gaye’s final album : ‘Midnight Love’ featuring ‘Sexual Healing’ (1982)

1 . Sexual Healing (- Official Video)

2 . Turn On Some Music / Just Like Music

Track Listing : 1.Midnight Lady (Marvin Gaye) – 05:17 . 2.Sexual Healing (Odell Brown, Gaye, David Ritz) – 3:59 . 3.Rockin’ After Midnight (Marvin Gaye) – 06:04 . 4.’Til Tomorrow (Marvin Gaye) – 04:57 . 5.Turn On Some Music (Marvin Gaye) – 05:08 . 6.Third World Girl (Marvin Gaye) – 04:36 . 7.Joy (Marvin Gaye) – 04:22 . 8.My Love Is Waiting (Gordon Banks) – 05:07

Musicians : Marvin Gaye – Vocals, Drums, Fender Rhodes Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, Bells, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Finger Cymbals, Bongos, Congas . Gordon Banks – Guitar, Bass, Background Vocals, Drums, Fender Rhodes Piano . James Gadson – Drums On (1) . Bobby Stern – Tenor Saxophone, Harmonica . Joel Peskin – Alto & Tenor Saxophone . David Stout And The L.A. Horn Section – Horns . Harvey Fuqua – Backing Vocals On (2)

Production : Produced By Marvin Gaye . Mckinley T. Jackson – Horn Arrangement . John Kovarek – Engineer . Henri Van Durme – Engineer . Harvey Fuqua – Editing, Mixing . Mike Butcher – Engineer, Mixing . Brian Gardner – Mastering . Alan Zentz – Mastering

Package : Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Michael Heeg – Photography

Recorded December 1981-August 1982 At Studio Katy, Ohain, Belgium; Devonshire Studios, Los Angeles, California; Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California; Arco Studios, Munich, Germany.

Released On October 1, 1982 By Columbia.

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Rolling Stone
In a period when most performers are content to stake out a narrow corner of the marketplace, Marvin Gaye demands center stage and is determined to hold it. That Gaye not only commands our attention so forcefully but that he commands it so effortlessly should remind us that he has been one of our most underrated musical forces for a long time. […]

I personally think that sort of sound got in the way of some excellent songs that would have been better served by different production tactics and arrangements. […]

What a pity a legendary talent like marvin had to go out with this tawdry,cheesy slice of over produced disco shite . Only “midnight lady” and the utter perfection of “sexual healing” are anything close to worth a play. […]


Columbia release Marvin Gaye’s final album : ‘Midnight Love’ featuring ‘Sexual Healing’ (1982)


Columbia release Marvin Gaye’s final album : ‘Midnight Love’ featuring ‘Sexual Healing’ (1982)

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Marvin Gaye‘s ‘Midnight Love’


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