Tamla publish ‘Marvin Gaye Recorded Live on Stage’ (1963)

‘Marvin Gaye Recorded Live on Stage ‘ is his first live album released on September 9, 1963 by Tamla.

Track listing : 1.Stubborn Kind of Fellow (Marvin Gaye, George Gordy, William Mickey Stevenson) . 2.One of These Days (William Mickey Stevenson) . 3.Mo Jo Hanna (Andre Williams, Clarence Paul) . 4.Days of Wine and Roses (Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer) . 5.Pride and Joy (Marvin Gaye, William Mickey Stevenson, Norman Whitfield) . 6.Hitch Hike (Marvin Gaye, Clarence Paul, William Mickey Stevenson) . 7.Get My Hands on Some Lovin’ (Marvin Gaye, William Mickey Stevenson) . 8.You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell) .

Musicians : Marvin Gaye – Vocals .

Recorded during a Motortown Revue show at Chicago’s Regal Theater .

Released on September 9, 1963 by Tamla.


Soulful Detroit Forum
This is a Japanese cardboard replica CDand beautifully done. It is also SBM and it sounds terrific. It is very short timewise, but is an original replica of the 1963 Lp on Tamlaand definitely worth picking up. In time it will become quite rare. A number of the ones in this Marvin Gaye series are already sold out. […]

This came close to equaling his late ’70s live set done in London and is among the best ’60s live albums that Motown released. […]

Donna Y. T. @ Amazon
On this album, Marvin Gaye, like Aretha Franklin, shows that TRUE “soul singers” can sing the hell out of anything. This album is Marvin doing raw, down-home soul music–no pretense here, no attempts at crossing over to appease the masses. […]


‘Marvin Gaye Recorded Live on Stage ‘


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