Tamla publish Marvin Gaye’s ‘Trouble Man,’ a soundtrack album (1972)

Marvin Gaye‘s ‘Trouble Man’ is a soundtrack album released on December 8, 1972.

Track Listing : 1.Main Theme From Trouble Man (2) (Marvin Gaye) – 02:30 . 2.’T’ Plays It Cool (Marvin Gaye) – 04:27 . 3.Poor Abbey Walsh (Marvin Gaye) – 04:13 . 4.The Break In (Police Shoot Big) (Marvin Gaye) – 01:57 . 5.Cleo’S Apartment (Marvin Gaye) – 02:10 . 6.Trouble Man (Marvin Gaye) – 03:49 . 7.Theme From Trouble Man (Marvin Gaye) – 02:01 . 8.’T’ Stands For Trouble (Marvin Gaye) – 04:48 . 9.Main Theme From Trouble Man (1) (Marvin Gaye) – 03:52 . 10.Life Is A Gamble (Marvin Gaye) – 02:32 . 11.Deep-In-It (Marvin Gaye) – 01:25 . 12.Don’T Mess With Mister ‘T’ (Marvin Gaye) – 03:04 . 13.There Goes Mister ‘T’ (Marvin Gaye) – 01:37

Musicians : Marvin Gaye – Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizers . Trevor Lawrence – Alto, Tenor And Baritone Saxophone . Dale Oehler – Horns . Eli Fountain – Alto Saxophone . Marty Montgomery – Soprano Saxophone . Gene Page – Strings . Bob Ragland – Piano, Strings . James Anthony Carmichael – Horns

Production : Produced By Marvin Gaye . Dale Oehler, Marvin Gaye, Gene Page, Jack Hayes, J.J. Johnson

Arrangements : Dale Oehler, Marvin Gaye, Gene Page, Jack Hayes, J.J. Johnson

Package : Jim Britt – Photography . Steven Ivory – Liner Notes . Chihiro Nozaki – Art Coordinator

Recorded In 1972 At Hitsville West Los Angeles, California, U.S..

Released On December 8, 1972 By Tamla.

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Rolling Stone
He lacks the Hayes double-punch but avoids his heavy-handedness. While there’s no attempt to make a song-score like that of Superfly — “Trouble Man,” the title song, is practically the only cut with lyrics and even these are spare — Gaye, like Mayfield, has created a score strong enough to be completely independent of the film. […]

40 Years Since Marvin Gaye‘s Forgotten ClassicThe film fell well short of blockbuster status. It was even included on one critic’s list of the 50 worst films of all time. But it did leave quite a legacy in at least one aspect, the music. That’s because the filmmakers made an inspired choice to hire Motown legend Marvin Gaye to write the score […]

” After listening to a couple instrumental tracks, the vocals pleasantly jump out at you. While the beginning of the album is marked by diverse instruments, on “‘T’ Stands For Trouble” Marvin adds a synthesizer that augments the album’s funk undertones. Part Miles Davis-cool, part melancholy, Trouble Man covers jazz, funk, blues and R&B with ease. […]


Tamla publish Marvin Gaye’s ‘Trouble Man,’ a soundtrack album (1972)

Thanks to the musicians : Brandon Lee . Louie Malvessi Music


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