Maternal Instincts?

From ‘Bye bye baby’ to ‘Baby C’est Vous’, we have mixed 18 ‘Cool Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Women and their “Babies”‘. It has Nancy Sinatra, Helen Merrill, Helen Reddy, Marilyn Monroe and many more.

IMAGE : Nice place Photo by Marcio Ramalho

The African American Registry: The approach clicked, both commercially and artistically: “Baby I’m Yours” and “Make Me Your Baby” were both big hits, and both among the best mid-’60s girl-group style productions.

Filmbug : Camille Javal is the birth name of the French actress Brigitte Bardot (born September 28, 1934) in Paris. Also known simply as BB, she is considered the embodiment of the 1950s sex kitten.

Nena Anderson on MySpace : “several of my jazz songs were released last year in poland, turkey, russia, greece, and most recently south korea and parts of asia. these cuts were featured on cd compilations with artists such as ella fitzgerald, jamie cullum, dave brubeck, and cesaria evora”

Red Hot Jazz : She frequently sang with Fletcher Henderson during the early 1920s, but by the mid-1920s Waters had became more of a pop singer.

Helen Reddy : She has dined on her birthday with the Prince of Wales, danced in the White House with the President of the United States, and had a tulip named after her in Holland.

Rev-Ola : Henri Rene, as a backroom music exec in the early modern period, he’s big news in the history of the biz. In our world he is more acclaimed as one of the originators of innovations like what is today known as Space Age Bachelor pad music.

Helen Merrill : Without much fanfare, Mercury released a jazz album titled simply “Helen Merrill” . It was an instant success and has remained so to this day, more then 45 years later. The album, including one of the most acclaimed versions of the song, “What’s new?” has been reissued and repackaged scores of times on various labels around the world.

RFI Musique : After a three-day train journey, the Vartans (including Sylvie) arrived in Paris in the middle of Christmas festivities and were dumbfounded by the abundance of fine food on sale. Georges Vartan got a job as a night porter and the family stayed in a hotel – where they went on living for several years cramped in a single room.

PLAYLIST : Peggy Lee – Baby, Don’t Be Mad at Me (3.01) . Marilyn Monroe – Bye bye baby (3.26) . Eartha Kitt With Henri Rene & His Orchestra – Santa Baby (3.26) . Mina – One For My Baby (4.40) . June Hutton – My Baby Just Cares For Me (3.31) . Ethel Waters – I just couldn’t take it, baby (3.05) . Sylvie Vartan – Baby C’est Vous (2.42) . The Supremes – Baby Love (2.33) . Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (2.40) . Dinah Washington – Baby Won’t You Please Come Home (2.07) . Helen Reddy – Angie Baby (3.27) . Barbara Lewis – Baby im yours (2.31) . Bette Midler – Baby mine (2.27) . Helen Merrill – Baby Ain’t I Good To You (2.49) . Brigitte Bardot – Everybody Loves My Baby (2.12) . Nina Simone – I Love My Baby (4.08) . Nena Anderson – Gee Baby Aint I Good to You (3.52) . Etta James – I Want To Ta Ta You, Baby (5.56) .


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