Mavis Staples releases her eleventh album : ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ produced by Ry Cooder (2007)

Mavis Staple‘s ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ is her eleventh studio album produced by Ry Cooder and released on April 24, 2007 by Anti- Records.


Mavis Staples releases her eleventh album : ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ produced by Ry Cooder (2007)

1 . Down In Mississippi

2 . Eyes On The Prize

3 . Eyes On The Prize

4 . We Shall Not Be Moved (BCN, 2012)

5 . Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (Sala Apolo, 4 Novembre, 2012)

Track Listing : 1.Down In Mississippi (J. B. Lenoir) – 04:57 . 2.Eyes On The Prize (Traditional) – 04:06 . 3.We Shall Not Be Moved (Traditional) – 04:31 . 4.In The Mississippi River (M. Jones) – 04:26 . 5.On My Way (Traditional) – 04:10 . 6.This Little Light Of Mine (Ry Cooder, Traditional) – 03:22 . 7.99 And 1/2 (Ry Cooder, Mavis Staples, Traditional) – 04:46 . 8.My Own Eyes (D. Bartlett, Ry Cooder, Mavis Staples) – 07:18 . 9.Turn Me Around (Traditional) – 03:52 . 10.We’Ll Never Turn Back (Bertha Gober) – 04:06 . 11.I’Ll Be Rested (Ry Cooder, Joachim Cooder, Mavis Staples) – 05:44 . 12.Jesus Is On The Main Line (Mavis Staples, Traditional) – 06:31

Musicians : Mavis Staples – Vocals . Joachim Cooder – Percussion . Ry Cooder – Guitar, Mandolin . Mike Elizondo – Bass, Piano . Jim Keltner – Drums . Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Background Vocals . Charles Neblett – Background Vocals . Betty Fikes – Background Vocals . Rutha Harris – Background Vocals

Production : Produced By Ry Cooder . Bernie Grundman – Mastering . Martin Pradler – Engineer, Mixing

Package : David Bartlett – Photography . Chris Strong – Portraits . Susan Titelman – Photography . Rep. John Lewis – Liner Notes

Recorded In 2007.

Released On April 24, 2007 By Anti- Records.

(Source Mavis Staples ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ | Official Site)


All round, it’s a successful fusion of tradition and modernism. As Rutha Harris’s high-pitched howl takes on the disembodied quality of a rave sample, it’s hard not to be won over by the project’s eerie majesty. […]

. Though Staples struggles to use her gritty voice and dark lyrics to make this point, the album’s sound is so easy on the ears that it is extremely tempting to let it drown out the challenging sentiments of her words. I mean, who wants to think about enduring racism when they can just enjoy some good tunes over a latte at the local Starbucks? […]
Several of the songs here are well-known civil rights-era anthems, yet in Staples’ s caring hands, there’s nothing dusty or distant about selections such as “This Little Light of Mine.” On several songs, such as the spare “Jesus Is on the Main Line,” Staples contributes additional lyrics, giving them even deeper poignancy. […]


Mavis Staples ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’


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