From ‘Maybe This Time’ to ‘Tomorrow May Never Come’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Strict Jazz with a bit of Soul‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Uncertainties‘. It has Steve Tyrell, Duke Ellington, Louis Jordan And His Orchestra, Jack Teagarden and many more.

IMAGE : road to maybe Photo by Hayden Burton-Miller

Jack Teagarden: “I was having a couple of drinks With Bud Freeman and Pee Wee Russell one evening Pee Wee began talking about a trombone player, the greatest thing he had heard in this life… Two drinks later, Pee Wee was back with the guy, who was wearing a horrible looking cap and overcoat and carrying a trombone case under his arm.”

Solid! : Considered one of the finest singers of the golden age of jazz, Ivie Anderson was a fluent vocalist who impressed many with her blues and scat phrasings. Most impressed was Duke Ellington, who kept her on as vocalist for eleven years and would have kept on for more had she not retired due to health problems.

Alex Moore on Wikipedia : Music journalist Tony Russell wrote that “Moore was so odd a performer that some newcomers to the blues have been uncertain whether to take him seriously. By the time he became moderately well-known on the international blues scene of the 1960s and 1970s; his always singular style had burgeoned into florid eccentricity, and he would reminisce tirelessly in a foggy half-shout about youthful high times in his hometown, over skipping blues and boogie-woogie piano patterns with occasional bursts of shrill whistling.

Clara Hill on Myspace : Clara is one of the leading figures of Berlin-based Sonar Kollektiv. “While the rest of the world is being buzzed awake by alarms, cinching up their ties, and rushing out the door to catch the commuter train, clara hill takes an all-together different approach to life. clara stops to smell roses….”

Dusty Groove : There weren’t many vocal albums on the Mainstream label during the early 70s, and this rare soul side is a real overlooked gem! Alice Clark has a rich soulful voice, with a style that sounds a bit like Esther Marrow, mixed with some of the lead vocalists in Voices Of East Harlem — a really right-on sort of sound that’s totally great, and way hipper than most 70s chart soul!

Julie Crochetiere on Myspace : Her passion for writing, producing and performing continues. She recently established Play it Forward, a concert series designed to raise funds for music programs across Canada and motive children to play music.

The Chantels : Being one of the taller girls in school, Arlene Smith became a member of the girl’s basketball team and, win or lose, the group would sing after each game. The choir-like quintet began doing talent shows with the Sequins (Red Robin Records) and The Crows (Rama Records) at the PS. 60 Community Center and at St. Augustine’s church.

Steve Tyrell : Every recording artist has one album that they are destined to make – an album so singularly in-sync with their sensibility and history that its’ making smacks of pure destiny. For Steve Tyrell – the distinguished Grammy winner and Emmy nominated purveyor of pop standards, as well as a behind the scenes impresario- that album is Back to Bacharach, a deeply personal collection of songs from the piano of Burt Bacharach and the pen of Hal David.

PLAYLIST : Alice Clark – Maybe This Time (3.17) . Alex Moore – They may not be my toes (3.00) . Music Unlimited – I May Be Wrong (2.03) . Ivie Anderson – Oh Babe, Maybe Someday (2.50) . Chantels – Maybe (2.52) . Lee Wiley – Maybe You’ll Be There (3.17) . Julie Crochetiere – Maybe well meet again (3.42) . Betty Roché – Maybe You’ll Be There (3.37) . Duke Ellington – Oh Babe, Maybe Someday (2.17) . Louis Jordan And His Orchestra – May Everday Be Christmas (3.11) . Eight To The Bar – Maybe Someday (4.21) . Sarah Vaughan – In The Land Of Hi Fi-Maybe (4.17) . Jack Teagarden – Devil may care (3.14) . Clara Hill – Maybe now (2.08) . Everly Brothers – Maybe Tomorrow (2.05) . Steve Tyrell – Tomorrow May Never Come (4.05) . Frank Sinatra – Maybe You’ll Be There (3.08) . Memphis Slim – Maybe i’ll loan you a dime (2.51) . Judy Garland – Maybe I’ll Come Back (2.18) . Diamonds – The Church Bells May Ring (2.18) .


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